Do You Have the Special Sauce?

When I’m doing a bad job posting on this blog Dr. Sandy always comes in clutch. This might be one of my favorite blogs she has ever written. Enjoy!!!!!

I was fortunate to go back to my hometown of Niles Ohio this past weekend. It was amazing catching up with family and friends…some who I have not seen for way too long.  When I saw Aunt Phyllis, my godmother and younger sister to my mom, Justin Timberlake came to mind.  My mom has been using TNS essential serum for years.  My mom (known affectionately at JD as “Mama Jo”) considers TNS-ES as the secret sauce.  My mom and her family immigrated from Italy when she was a young girl.  To us, sauce is an important ingredient in food and in life.  She has tried to get her sister to use this TNS-ES sauce but has been unsuccessful.  Aunt Phyllis really only uses sun block (important) and moisturizer (aka the juice).  She has never really bought in to the importance of the ingredients that I advise.  (Tangent:  Aunt Phyllis was a premier beautician in town and many people thought that as a dermatologist I would join and possibly take over her business when I finished with my long training.  They were disappointed to find out I was not coming back to Niles and that I would not be able to cut hair—what was my training good for?)


Anyway, I love my Aunt Phyllis but I was really surprised when I first saw her because her skin looked so much older, wrinkled and duller than my mom’s skin. This really surprised me because all of my life, Aunt Phyllis was always known as the beautiful younger sister.  I have decided it is time to convince Aunt Phyllis to start using the TNS-ES sauce.


Those of you who know me know that I encourage everyone at a  minimum to use TD&R and retinol.  I love TD&R because it is a broad spectrum sunblock protecting against UVA, UVB, and infrared radiation in addition to repairing damage caused by radiation and the environment.  Even my mom agrees this is a single product that does it all.  My mom uses the tinted TD&R because it also acts as her makeup foundation.  As for retinol, I would bet that EVERY dermatologist uses it in some form or fashion.  Topical Vitamin A is the ingredient that has the most science to support its use to prevent aging, acne, and cancers of the skin.    One cannot argue with science and results.


I must admit however that I understood the science of TNS-ES and growth factors but have not promoted it to everyone.  I know it is one product that has not changed its formulation in about 15 years. I know that once people start using this product, they continue to use it.  It is not an overnight success story like a moisturizer (remember juice is temporary).  By now hopefully you know that it takes at least 2 skin cycles  or 2 months to create real change and improvement in the skin.  Any product (not counting in office procedures) that  promises results in less than 2 months is just a moisturizer or colored cosmetic.  Real change takes time.  If you don’t believe me, just think about any diet or exercise program—if you lose more than a few pounds in a week it is just water weight and will come right back—real weight loss takes time, dedication, and good food/ingredients.  Real changes to your skin take time, dedication, and good ingredients.  Juice is temporary but sauce is forever.


After seeing the difference in skin tone, texture and brightness between my mom and Aunt Phyllis, I am going to advise everyone to add the secret sauce of TNS-ES to their regimen twice a day.  In fact, I am going to send Aunt Phyllis some TNS-ES today since I love her that much.  The   combination of growth factors and antioxidants in TNS-ES is unrivaled.  Online, TNS-ES has a 5 star rating and a 92% satisfaction rate.  If you want to learn more about this product, come see one of our skin care experts for a complimentary consult.  If you want to order some TNS-ES  from us but do not want to come to the clinic, you can purchase it on our online store  If you order it online, you will always get free 2 day shipping and gift with purchase.  You can also sign up for a subscription service and save 20%.  You can also order TNS-ES with some other of my favorite products in a package system.


Together, let us enjoy some sauce together and stay skintastic with an old Italian toast that I learned from my Aunt Phyllis:

May your life be like a good wine… tasty, sharp, and clear.  Like a good wine, may it improve with every passing year.  Salute!




I forgot to post this last week!! What is wrong with me? We did an awesome collaboration with Hanging City Supply Co. yesterday and it reminded me to post this! If you haven’t shopped the boutique before go now, green pointe shopping center in Fort Smith!

I have spent the past five days at a Dermatology conference in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s alway great to learn what’s new and changing in Dermatology. It’s crazy how much changes in such a short period of time in healthcare. It’s always fun to learn but one of my favorite things to do at these conferences is networking. Shocker, I know. I love getting to talk with the different companies about where they are taking things with their drugs or devices. I love talking to other NP’s  and PA’s about how they do things. Sometimes I learn more from them than I learn from all the speakers and slide decks. One of my favorite people said to me this week, “I’m an extrovert but you make me look like an introvert”. I took it as a compliment. How great is it that God made us each different. We all can learn and improve so much by getting to know each other. The world really is full of good people. On my way to Colorado I met a man at DFW that was traveling to Colorado to surprise his friend that he served over seas with for years. While in Colorado I met so many great people that taught me so many new ways to help my patients. I had an uber driver stationed in Colorado that taught me all sorts of military FAQs that made me a better American.  On the way home I met the most inspiring woman in the airport. She was a welder working in a mans world and making the workforce more diverse. She is a serious boss babe who taught me how to be more fierce professionally in a short time at the bar over a glass of wine. My point is this: the more people you allow to influence you, the better life is! God made us all different in part so that we could make an awesome team. Together our world is better. So for those of you that don’t feel comfortable meeting new people or maybe new conversations are awkward for you this is the one blog you need to read. These are my tips on networking and meeting people.

  1. Don’t hesitate to smile. Most people will introduce themselves after a simple smile. If I was walking past a booth I wanted to learn more about at the conference I would simply make eye contact and smile. That usually shows you have interest in engagement and the other party does the inviting. Seems simple but it works! 
  2. Have a go-to. Everyone is different but if you find that one thing to say that feels natural for you and you’re prepared to approach people with it then meeting someone is easy. For example, at the airport I always say “where you headed?”. At the conference I always say, “Are you enjoying the conference?”. At work I always meet new patients with “Thank you for trusting me, welcome!”. Whatever feels comfortable to you use it. Then use it. Then use it again because practice makes perfect. The more times you use it the more natural it feels and the easier it is to strike conversation. 
  3. Fear loneliness. Instead of fearing someone won’t want to talk to you or think you are weird or be annoyed by you fear what would happen if you didn’t say hello. Would I rather sit in an airport on my phone having zero interaction or would I rather get to know a little something about somebody that makes me cooler? Obvious choice! Fear the right things.
  4. Surround yourself with extroverts. My husband has never met a stranger. I joke when we travel he talks to other people more than me! When we went to Vegas to get married he almost asked a couple at our hotel pool to come to our wedding(I vetoed it thinking my parents would be offended that strangers were at my wedding and they weren’t). If someone else has the gift to gab then ride their coattails! Let them be the icebreakers and you can be introduced and reap the benefits.
  5. Make people feel like they are special. Tell someone you love their hair. Tell someone you think meeting them changed you a little. Tell people their company makes your life better. The more positivity you spread the more positivity will come back to you. Be nice. And don’t worry about alternative motives when being nice. People worry too much about making the wrong impression when being nice. 
  6. Realize how short life is. Do you want to limit yourself in this short time we spend on earth? Do you want to shut someone out because of fear? The best thing about life is the people in it. If you have this realization it will conquer all fears.
  7. Accept different. Some people will reject you. Some people will annoy you. Some people you will wish you didn’t meet. But who cares? Maybe you can learn from those differences. Maybe you won’t, but honestly, first world problems. Worse is happening everyday.

Or don’t network. Don’t socialize. Don’t meet the world. You will never know what you are missing. But that’s a whole other blog. 

Whatever you do, please! Please! Stay Skintastic, Nina


With Father’s Day right around the corner we are celebrating men the entire Month of June. I personally find it much easier to convince a woman she needs good skincare than a man. I’m sure all men have their own reasons for not having a daily skincare routine but these are the ones I most commonly hear.

  1. It feels gross. Men say this to me all the time. Unlike women who can’t remember what it’s like not to put skincare on their face. This is one of the reasons a powder sunscreen is so easy for me to convince men to use.
  2. It runs in my eyes because I’m so hardworking. Oh I forgot, women don’t sweat or swim or work hard. Men! You too can find a luxury product that won’t sweat into your eyes boys! Probably just been picking the wrong products. I know it’s hard to believe that the sunscreen you picked up in the gas station on your way to the lake wasn’t an educated choice.
  3. I’m a man’s man. Some men want to feel like a lumberjack, bear hunter, NFL quarterback or anything else that’s major masculine. They feel like using skincare makes them more feminine. I’m here to tell you that some of the most masculine men I know use skincare. I have a patient in his 70’s that cuts his own firewood, only wears cowboy boots and could likely go Mike Tyson on half the 40-something men I know and he has a dang good skincare routine. It is 2018, men wear pink and tight jeans! Plus, Deion Sanders is a Botox Rep for goodness sake. Taking care of your skin is for everyone these days!

I’m sure most men that don’t have a good skincare routine could find multiple excuses as to why they don’t but the fact is that skin is our largest organ. We should all take care of our skin. If men don’t step up to the skincare plate they are going to look older than women in general. They will have more brown spots, more wrinkles and more skin cancers(if we can get these women out of tanning beds).

Now comes the good part. SkinMedica (my own personal favorite skincare line) has developed a regimen just for men. It is made to help with razor bumps, redness, discolorations, wrinkles….. okay everything, it literally does it all. It is TSA friendly and comes in a man’s man travel case. It’s easy, no 22 steps for the men. They think they don’t have time for that. Well, ain’t nobody got time for that but that’s a whole different post. It’s 4 steps in the AM and 3 steps at night. The first step is cleansing so I feel like it doesn’t count. I mean if you don’t at least already wash your sweaty face at night we have other issues to discuss( BO 101). Here are the products included in the kit and what they do.

  1. Facial cleanser. It’s gentle and gets the job done. That’s all you need to know.
  2. Recalibrate applied all over face and neck. This is a new product to SkinMedica and real powerhouse of the regiMen. It’s potent ingredients target the needs of men. It helps with post shave irritation, ingrown hairs, oil production and overall healthy look of skin. It feels weightless and when I rubbed it on my hand I felt a cooling effect. I’m not gonna lie, I might have put some on my bikini line after shaving and it was so calming. Not that I wear a string bikini or anything, just for home scientific research. When I recommend a product, not only does it have to have the science to back it up but I have to like it. So when you are testing a product for men, you get creative. What can I say? This will be most men’s favorite!
  3. HA5! Ladies, how many of you have husbands stealing your HA5?!?!? It is the best feeling product on Earth, hands down. It makes your skin look flawless. I can’t leave the house without it on because it gives you a dewy, matte look. How is that possible? I don’t know. Just try it, it speaks for itself. It smooths the skin over time with its secret weapon algae and vitis flower extracts. It smooths it almost immediately with 5 different hyaluronic acids(the stuff in Juvederm fillers). Best thing to rid his wrinkles…… until you get him on the Brotox bandwagon anyways.
  4. Sunscreen. SkinMedica did a lot of research to find men’s favorite sunscreen. This one is for oily skin (men tend to be more oily than women). It’s lightweight, won’t run in their eyes nor get stuck in the scruff! A sunscreen men won’t complain about?!?!? Count me in!

The night regimen is steps 1-3.

This is a great gift for Dads and will retail for $225 but don’t miss the introductory price of $199. And if you are an Elite member get 10% off that! And did I mention you can use your brilliant distinction points? Or how about signing up for a subscription of the stuff in clinic and get 20% off! We will ship it to you free at the interval of your choice! You can delay shipments anytime and cancel whenever! Could we have made it any easier or any more cost effective?!?!? I think not. Click Here to purchase now….. just trust me.

SkinMedica says regiMen is “the mans answer to skin that wins”. Ummm okay. You know what I say? “Man up, take care of your skin or before you know it people will start thinking you are your wife’s Dad. Who will be the masculine man when that happens?” (Dr. Sandy helped me with that, obviously).

Lots of specials for men at the clinic this month. E-mail to learn more about regiMen. E-mail to find out how men are getting $500 off UltraShapePower for permanent fat destruction this month!

Stay skintastic, Nina


It’s finally here! I am days away from turning my mind’s focus back to its usual routine of skin, skin and skin!!!! As you all know the primary election is Tuesday, May 22nd. My husband and I feel nervous, excited and tired. Jarrard running for Sheriff has been an experience that has been great for our family. Although I complain about it frequently, I honestly believe it has been a wonderful experience. With a 3 year old, five year old, full time job and a husband running for Sheriff I have had events most nights of the week. I think I am averaging a baby sitter 4 nights per week the past few months. But I believe God puts us through trials to teach us something about ourselves, others and Him(Thank you Pastor Will Harmon for speaking those words into my heart a few weeks ago at Church, shout out to Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist, join the Copeland’s any time!). That is exactly what has happened. I have learned that Jarrard has more good in him than I even knew possible as his wife. I have learned that I strive on new experiences. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things and no matter how much time it consumes, I enjoy that. I have learned that when you want to curse someone and pray for their demise God gives you peace and patience when you least expect it and shows you how you should be praying. So win or lose on Tuesday, I’m thankful Jarrard put himself out there and got our family into politics. With that being said, boy I hope we win {insert laughing emoji}. This blog post will not teach you about skin. It will, however, teach you why I am voting for my husband for Sheriff and why you should too.

  1. He is a family man. He retired sooner than he wanted to after 25 years at the Fort Smith Police Department because I asked him to retire. He had already spent years on the night shift losing time with his sons. After 25 years of service working nights, weekends, holidays and being on call I thought he earned time to help me raise our little girls. He did, reluctantly, he retired. Any man that puts his family before his career is a man you want leading a department. You can sleep at night knowing he understands the importance of family to those officers. Because no man can go out at night and put his life on the line successfully and at his best without a supportive family behind him.
  2. He is the only name you knew before the campaign started. That’s not a brag. It’s the way Jarrard has policed for 25 years. He has been helping the community. He has made his presence known and let Fort Smith citizens know he is a cop who was there to help. He has never put his ego or authority before his duty to serve the citizens. He made me jump into a freezing cold pool for the polar bear plunge to raise money for Special Olympics when we were dating 12 years ago. He has always been a servant to Fort Smith, that’s what the county needs, proven dedication.
  3. He is a natural born leader. He has leadership skills you can’t teach. He leads by example. Being married to him I understand what officers say when they tell me he motivates them to be good. He is the kind of person you want to follow. I wish I had a penny for every time someone said “oh you’re married to the chief of police”. No, not the chief, just a leader without the title.
  4. I am his wife. I often joke, “why didn’t we make shirts that said to vote for Nina Copeland’s husband”. Honestly, we are married, we are a team. If you like me, you will love him. If you vote for him, you are voting for me. Plus, I will make sure the Sebastian County Sheriffs Office is sunsmart and Skintastic! Duh
  5. He has the experience and a new vision. Have you ever worked a puzzle for hours and get stuck? Your spouse walks by, takes one glance, grabs a puzzle piece and snaps it right into place. It’s not because they are smarter than you. It’s because they got a fresh look at things. The SCSO has not had someone from outside the agency voted as Sheriff in more than 50 years. He has law enforcement experience that gives him tools to understand the department plus that new vision which might just be the refreshment the SCSO needs right now.
  6. He listens. We have had countless citizens and employees of the SCSO in our home telling us what they would like to see happen if Jarrard is elected. If he has spent hours listening before he is even elected that proves the open door policy he will continue for his employees and citizens of Sebastian County.
  7. He has the experience. He has more experience than any other candidate in working homicides, theft, kidnapping and every other crime for which the FBI keeps statistics. You already know how well he does as public information officer after years of watching him on the local news. He  has supervised multiple departments at the FSPD so successfully that his former employees and co-workers with the Fraternal Order of Police have endorsed him.
  8. He is good looking and charming. I mean he has to be the best looking candidate. Why wouldn’t you vote for him for his good looks?
  9. He is sunsmart! Have you seen how dedicated he is to the wide brim hat to protect his face, neck and ears from the sun. If you were one of the thousands he met going door to door I bet you saw it!
  10. He has not said one bad thing about another candidate and made sure the committee to elect Jarrard Copeland for Sheriff hasn’t either. He has made sure people are voting for him and not against his opponents because that’s the only way he wants to win.

Get out and vote! It’s important and an easy way for your voice to be heard in how our community is run. This year you can vote at any poll, the one close to your house, work or wherever! If you see me standing out with a sign stop and say hello. Or just run in, ask for the Republican ballot and vote Jarrard Copeland for Sheriff!

Stay skintastic, Nina

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Thank you to all my readers who have stuck by my side while I am on the campaign trail! Don’t forget to go vote if you live in Sebastian County (If you are voting for my husband, Jarrard Copeland, otherwise go ahead and forget). Thank you to Dr. Sandy who has so graciously been keeping all of you blog readers entertained. Thank you to Gabbi, one of our amazing lab techs who stepped up to the plate to educate you all about sun protection! We are so blessed to have our own lab right here in our office. Thank you lab team for all you do and thank you to Gabbi for educating us all during Melanoma Awareness Month!

When I was a kid, my mom would pour buckets of sunscreen (okay, not literally) on me during the summer because she didn’t want me to get sunburnt. I always complained, because I hated the feel of icky, sticky sunscreen (still hate the feeling of it, TBH). But my mom drilled into me that it was important to take care of my body and that meant using sunscreen.


Now, after working at a dermatology office for a while, I realized that all of those cute freckles and moles and golden tans from the sun can actually be really harmful, even fatal. As the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) says, “tanned skin is damaged skin[1].”


Mom was right. Who would have thought? 😉


But how do we best protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays? There are lots of ways, and quality sunscreen is a good place to start. But, are all sunscreens equal? When it comes to picking out a sunscreen, there are a few factors to consider. The American Academy of Dermatology, a leading expert in skin care, recommends to look for these three essentials: SPF 30 or higher, UVA/UVB protection (also known as broad spectrum protection), and water resistant[2].


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Think of SPF as armor for your skin and the sunrays as dangerous, flaming arrows. SPF compares the time it takes for your skin to burn in the sun with sunscreen compared to burning in the sun without sunscreen. The more sunscreen, the longer your skin takes to burn, the higher the SPF number. To further that thought, the higher the SPF, the more protection you have against the sun’s rays.

For example, imagine you’re paper white (like me), and your skin burns within 5 minutes in the sun. If you put on sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and you burn within 5 minutes: 5 minutes x SPF 30 = 150 minutes of sun protection. Hint: if you’re out in the sun all day, this is why you need to reapply that sunscreen, and then reapply and reapply!  This SPF factor is only accurate if you use your sunscreen as directed—which means a nickel sized amount of sunblock for the face.  If you use less than this, which most of us do then you are not getting the SPF as advertised.


Also, you want to make sure to use a sunblock that works on UVA, UVB, and infrared rays (IR). SPF refers only to UVB protection.  One of our favorite sunblocks is TD&R because it totally defends you against UVA, UVB and IR as well as repairs your skin—more than a sun block.


So how else can you guard your skin, besides a good sunscreen?


Being sun smart is more than just sunscreen. It’s a life style change. It takes conscious effort. Like putting your sunscreen by your toothbrush so you are ready to face the day with those pearly whites and that glowing, healthy skin.


Ladies, did you know that some makeup brands contain SPF in them? Look for mineral-based makeup with an SPF of at least 15; here at Johnson, we like Jane Iredale’s makeup line. Who knew you could be gorgeous and sun safe at the same time!


Here are some other ways to be kind to your skin for the upcoming summer.

  • Hats! Hats are your friends, especially wide-brimmed ones! Protect your neck, ears, and face by being stylish and sun safe at the same time.
  • Maxi dresses are great for the summertime too! They protect your legs and are light and breezy. Add a stylin’ umbrella and you’ll be a sun-smart fashionista. And what do you use for the skin exposed to the sun? *Cough* sunscreen *cough* You guys are so smart!


  • Since we gearing up for summer and those beach vacays, it’s only right that we talk about swimsuits. How cute are these swimsuits by TheSeea?! While they aren’t traditional bikinis, they are still super cute and fashionable.


Photos Courtesy of TheSeea



  • While on the topic of clothing, there are retailors who make clothes that contain an UPF, ultraviolet protection factor. This is especially important in swimsuits, since you’ll likely be in the sun a lot[3].


  • Avoid being in the sun at peak hours: between 10am and 4pm. Alternatively, if you are outside during those hours, find or make some shade! A tree, an umbrella, the side of a building, your husband, your best friend, anything that makes a barrier between you and the sun.





  • Also, when planning your outdoor activities, take a look at the daily UV index. This can help you prevent accidental overexposure to the sunlight, since there are a lot of factors that play into the UV index[4]. To find the UV index, look at the US EPA website or download their nifty app onto your phone! Your UV index is just a click away!


  • And don’t forget about your eyeballs! Arguably one of the most important sensory organs in our body, we need to protect them too. Look for sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays. Can’t be having cataracts at our age[5]! Or any age for that matter.

  • Some people swear by herbal supplements, such a niacin, to maintain healthy skin. While taking a quality multivitamin definitely has health benefits, the FDA has not approved oral supplements alone as a way to guard against the sun’s harmful rays[6]. The only form of sun protection regulated by the FDA is good sunscreen.


There you have it folks, sun protection 101! Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as me!








Stop The Spot

I am always amazed by the amount of wisdom Dr. Sandy shares with me. This weekend was the Arkansas Dermatology Society meeting. It was a perfect meeting. The speakers were amazing. I don’t know if it was because I could drive around Little Rock without seeing a single political sign(yes, when in Sebastian County I do count signs and stress about their placement and usefulness) or the amazing company that has me on a natural high. I drove home from Little Rock analyzing the meeting and reviewing in my head what I learned. Dr. Sandy then reminded me that my favorite part was the team building. The team of providers at JD really are amazing. Honey is a psoriasis expert that regularly teaches me about biologics and how to be a better person and provider. She is better than me and that’s what makes her so great to work with. Dr. Sandy, Dr. Brad and Dr.Nelson are all board certified dermatologists who help teach, work with me and make me better everyday. They care about their patients but they also care about mine, even the ones they have never met. They collaborate with me and hold me accountable to perform at the highest standards for my patients. And all these blogs from Dr. Sandy are free knowledge for you. Free advice from a board certified dermatologist right here on the skinny on skin. Knowledge is priceless so I would continue reading if I were you. From Dr. Sandy:

Stop the spot was the marketing campaign for our American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) a few years ago. This campaign was to help educate people to perform monthly self exams and have yearly full body skin exams by your dermatologist so that you can stop the spot or catch a skin cancer early while it is still easy to treat.

Most people however when they come to see us and want us to stop the spot, they are not referring to cancerous spots but are referring to brown spots. These spots are usually diagnosed as either lentigos or seborrheic keratosis. I have heard them called liver spots, age spots, wisdom spots, and many other untoward names. Whatever you call them, people want them GONE!

I thought now was the time to write a blog about stopping these spots because there is now a new product available called Eskata. It is a stick containing 40% hydrogen peroxide solution that is applied by us in the office to about 7-10 spots and costs $300. As with most treatments, more than one treatment may be needed.

We want you to know however that we have been stopping the spots at JD for a long time with at home and in office treatments. At home, we advise daily retinol, lytera and sun protection including TD&R. You can apply mentholatum (Vick’s vaporub) to the spots at home. In the office, we offer treatments aimed at treating spots with either acid, liquid nitrogen or laser. We only charge $10 per spot with a $75 minimum charge, again more than one treatment may be needed. We also offer treatments aimed at treating an area with a bunch of spots; these include chemical peels, lasers and intense pulsed light with radiofrequency. The cost for these treatments varies depending on how large of an area is treated. There is often some down time when treating these spots. These spots cannot be treated if you have any tan or recent sun exposure. Treatment is very rewarding but we need to be persistent since we continue to make more spots in the same area and other areas as we mature. Genetics play a role and since we did not pick our parents, we cannot control this. Sun exposure also plays a role so this is another good reason to be sun smart.

Anyways, make sure you keep an eye on your spots. Always have your spots checked by a Dermatologist before having them treated. Email to make an appointment to see one of our providers: Dr Brad (at walk in clinic on Thursdays), Dr Nelson, Honey, Nina or myself. We can check your spots and discuss the best way to stop the spot. Stay skintastic.

Have a skintastic day, S

Thanks Dr. Sandy

Thanks Nina for letting me write a 2 part blog.  I hope you and your loyal blog readers have not been too stressed waiting for part 2.  Well wait no longer.

We already discussed the SNL skit about if you look mahhhvelous then you will feel mahhhvelous OR if you feel mahhhvelous then you will look mahhhvelous.   A music video clip that makes me giggle is  I hope each of you both looks maahhvelous and feels maahhvelous.  If you don’t look or feel maahvelous, we again encourage you to come visit us.  Until you are able to have the JD experience, here is part 2 of the blog.  The whole purpose of the blog is to remind all of us to “fake it until you make it”, “put on your big girl panties and get to work”, “suck it up”, “there’s no crying in baseball (or Dermatology or ???)”, etc so that we can approach each day looking maahhhvelous and feeling maahhhvelous.

The impetus to write these blogs is that one of my close friends is going through a very difficult time now.  She is constantly on my mind.  Maybe you are personally or you also have a good friend who is also personally going through a tough time.  Please know that you are not alone.  Your village is here for you.  When I am personally struggling, these are some of the thoughts that have helped me get through them while looking and feeling maahvelous.  These are some of the things that I keep reminding her…
1.  Eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, exercise, pray…be ready to battle.
2.  Life is more like a marathon than a sprint.  Be ready to go the distance.
3.  That person/situation is not paying rent to live in your head so evict them.
4.  Stephen Covey has taught us to make our circle of influence (control what we can) larger and our circle of concern (what we cannot control, what we fret) smaller.  This is similar to the Serenity prayer, you know…God grant me the courage to change the things I can…..
5.  Fix your hair and makeup.  Look good.  The world doesn’t need to know how you feel.  After all, if you look mahhhvelous, you will start to feel mahhhvelous.  Fake it until you make it.
6.  Surround yourself with beauty.  Start with yourself.   Focus on the good things in life.  Count your blessings.  Look your best.  Hang out with beautiful (inside beauty is more important here) people who support you and remind you how beautiful (inside and outside) you are.
7.  Pay it forward.  There is always someone better off than you are.  There is also always someone suffering or worse off than you are.  Help someone who is suffering.  Smile at a stranger.  Volunteer.  Practice the corporal works of mercy…feed the hungry, visit the sick, etc.

In summary, there will be joy and pain in life.  There will be good times and not so good times.  All of this will pass.  Remember, we are all in this world together.  Let us help make the world a little bit better for each other.  Here is to hoping you both feel mahhhvelous and look mahhhvelous.  If there is anything we at JD can do to help you feel mahhhvelous or look more mahhhvelous, we are only a visit, blog, post, etc away.

Stay skintastic aka mahhhvelous!
Have a skintastic day, S

Our Mission

By the time my husbands election is over I fear my kids will call the baby sitter Mom and y’all will call my blog Dr. Sandy’s blog. But hey, if that’s the only fear I’m dealing with life is GREAT! I thank my baby sitter and all the women at Jack and Jill (the preschool my 3 and 5 year old go to) as often as possible letting them know I appreciate their help in raising our children! If I didn’t have such amazing people to leave my children with I may not ever be able to leave them. Likewise, I worry none when Dr. Sandy writes a blog for me. She is my mentor in Dermatology and has taught me more about leadership than I’ve ever dreamed of knowing. Everything is better with a team. One brain is never as good as two. What makes Johnson Dermatology great is the team. We have the best team. Team work makes the dream work. When I was a birthday coordinator at Chuck E. Cheese all the T.E.A.M leaders knew that was an acronym for teaching everyone about making magic. Today Dr. Sandy talks about how our team at JD makes magic.

When I was a child, it was a luxury to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch SNL with my dad. One of his favorite skits was “you look mahhhhhvelous”. Billy Crystal even made a music video because it was such a hit. A link to the video is There would be some debate whether it is better to look great or feel great. The consensus would usually be that if you look good then you feel good AND if you feel good then you look good. (Classic chicken and egg Story) This skit and it’s deeper meaning ( I can’t believe I am looking for deeper meaning from SNL.) really resonated with me. I feel that my calling in life is to help people feel and look marvelous/skintastic. I am honored to live out this calling with 50 other skintastic people at JD. When you come to JD, we want you to leave even more marvelous/skintastic. We accomplish this best when we are at the top of our game and following our vision to provide the most effective, efficient, empathic and empowering care. I will summarize our 4 E’s vision in this blog. There will be a part 2 blog coming soon explaining why I have been thinking about Billy Crystal, SNL, parodies, and the importance of looking mahhvelous to help you feel mahhvelous.

Effective— we only offer treatments and recommendations that are effective and that have good scientific evidence. We enjoy feel good treatments as much as anyone but we have decided to focus only on results oriented treatments and products to help you look marvelous. We are your partner in skin care….in sickness and in health….through better and through worse. We are here to help you look skintastic.

Efficient— your time and money is valuable. We try to see people within 20 minutes of their appointment time. We try to offer products with good science and ingredients that give the best results. We offer colored cosmetics that help you look good and do not cause any issues. We respect your time and money. We want to be your skin partner in life. We offer loyalty rewards with our Elite Skinvestment club, BD, and aspire programs. We offer cost effective treatments. We are well trained. A syringe of filler in Nina or my hands will usually give much better results than a syringe by a less experienced injector. Dr Brad and Dr Nelson performed more than 2000 skin cancer surgeries last year. We have experience in all areas of skin and skin care…medical, pediatric, cosmetic, surgical, pathological, lasers, skin care, etc to help you feel skintastic.

Empathic—we care about you. We appreciate that you chose to partner with JD to look and feel skintastic. We want your inner beauty to shine through. We all have heard that beauty is skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the core. We want you to have a great experience. We want you to feel valued and appreciated so that we can help your inner beauty shine even more than your outer beauty. We try to pay it forward. We smile. We want you to know that you are important, valued and appreciated. We want you to feel cared for by the JD team.

Empowering— we want you to know that you can accomplish whatever you want, including conquering the world if that is your desire. We want you to both look marvelous and feel marvelous because of your experience at JD. We want you to love the results from the treatments performed in the clinic. We want you to feel empowered every morning and every night when you put on your skin care. We want to help you know that you are great, skintastic and marvelous. We are your partner in skin care. We are on the same TEAM. With a TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More! Here’s to hoping you feel and look mahhhvelous!

Here’s to hoping you both look mahhvelous and feel maahvelous. If there is anything we can do to help you look and feel maahhvelous with our effective, efficient, empathic and empowering care please email (Nina’s skin care coordinator i.e. your maahhvelous skin care concierge). I encourage you to check out some of our videos and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and our video. Be on the look out for Part 2 of being maahhhvelous/skintastic. Stay skintastic friends. From Dr Sandy


Dr. Sandy with the mic drop

Hello skintastic blog readers of Nina.  Yesterday, I was asked to give my opinion for a segment on KFSM Channel 5 news.  A woman had a pedicure and got an infection.  She wanted to warn others so she posted it on Facebook.  There were so many comments and shares.  It was also sent to KFSM and they were encouraged to investigate it.  That is why they contacted us at Johnson Dermatology.  As dermatologists, we are the medical and cosmetic experts of the skin, hair and nails.  If you have any issues with your skin, hair or nails then we would love to see you and try to help you become and stay skintastic.


The link to the segment is   Unfortunately you cannot hear my commentary on the segment so I thought I would write about it instead for all of you.  I would like if you would please let us know who your favorite person or place is to have your mani-pedis.  We are also interested in your other comments.  Please share this blog as well as your comments and tag us on Instagram or Facebook #johnsondermatology.  We will give one person on Instagram and one person on Facebook a free sunblock.  After all, while everyone may not want a mani-pedi, everyone needs to use sun protection every day.


Here are my comments.  I would like to say that I follow all of these rules when I get a mani-pedi but in this case, please do what I say and not as I do.  I do not always follow all of this advice.  #trueconfession

  1. Do not shave for 24 hours before your mani-pedi.  Shaving will cause small nicks in your skin that can be a portal for infection.  Also, do not get a mani-pedi if you have any cuts or breaks in your skin.  Again, infection can enter through these nicks, cuts.
  2. Choose a person or place where you can easily see their business license AND their certificate from the Arkansas State Department of Health (or your respective state).  If you really want to be thorough, research them to see if they have any prior citations or violations.
  3. Make sure their facilities are clean.  I usually like to check out the bathroom, the ceiling tiles and their sink areas.  I like to see their autoclave and sterilization equipment.
  4. Make sure they clean the sinks and all tools used. I like to see them open the sterilized bag of tools in front of me.
  5. This one may bother a lot of you AND it always upsets the person taking care of me, but…. DO NOT let them trim, push back or manipulate your cuticles in any way.  Your cuticles are there to protect your empty space between your nail plate and your skin. It also protects your nail matrix which is where your nail grows.  If you look at the picture of the nail of the woman in the story, she has lots of white lines on her nail.  This is from repeatedly damaging her nail matrix by manipulation of her cuticles.  The pus on the side of her nail is also from manipulating the lateral nail fold and allowed infection to enter.
  6. Whenever possible, bring your own tools, instruments, supplies, polish, etc.  That way you know they are clean and only used on you.
  7. If you like the care they give you, then please tip well and tell your friends.  Most of us are quick to complain or give a bad review.  Do you know that it takes on average 7-8 good comments to overcome every negative comment?  I think we can all make the world a better place by trying to use more positive language and compliment others.  My mom always told me to compliment loudly and in public; criticize or constructively comment quietly and in private.
  8. In order to have 7 positive comments to my first negative or “do not” comment, I will give some advice to keep your hands and feet skintastic.
  9. Keep a jar of Vicks/mentholatum by your sock drawer.  Apply the vicks to your feet and nails regularly before applying your socks.
  10. Keep some hand cream in your purse/murse.  Apply it after you wash your hands. Apply it before you drive.  Moisturize it into your skin around your nails to keep them well hydrated.  I try to apply a sunblock to my hands and face before driving anywhere more than 30 minutes

Hope this helps to keep you skintastic.  Remember to share the blog and your comments for a chance to win sunblock.

Stay Skintastic, Dr. Sandy!

Marketing 101

One of my favorite perfumes is Replica which I have to order from Nordstrom online. It always arrives with a TON of samples. Some of them are fragrances or make-up but a lot of them are skincare products. Even though I know I won’t start using them on a regular basis due to the ingredient list I usually try them to see what all the hype is about. Sometimes they tingle, sometimes they burn, sometimes they make my skin feel tight, sometimes I like the feelings, sometimes I don’t. None of these feelings have any bearing as to whether or not the product is “working” or delivering its promises on the package. These feelings however were placed for a reason. To make the consumer believe the product was “working” to make you “feel” something. This is a common marketing ploy to entice you to buy the product. Don’t get me wrong, I like the feeling of a luxury product. But if I have to choose between how a product feels and how it changes my skin I will chose the product that changes my skin every time. My husband will frequently say to me “well then why did they put that on the package?”. Simple, to sell it. To make you think you need it. So how do you know what to use? How do you pick what skincare is best for you? Here are my tips:

  1. Products Backed up by real science. Real evidence based research. One time a member of a pyramid scheme was hassling me on Facebook messenger so I asked her to send me the “research” she talked about. She sent me one article that wasn’t double blinded and had 26 subjects. It wasn’t what I would call good scientific research to make me believe in the product. Be careful.
  2. Trust an expert. The problem is knowing what defines expert in skincare. Is it the beauty counter, an aestitician, your primary care doctor, your dermatologist? Who do you turn to for skincare advice? I’m biased, I vote dermatologist. Derms definitely have the authority as far as specific education in skin goes.
  3. Expensive isn’t always better. Petroleum jelly is an excellent body moisturizer and it’s dirt cheap. La Mer has a moisturizer that is no better than Vaseline in my opinion and it’s over $2000 a jar!!!!!
  4. Organic isn’t always risk free. Although there are great organic products they too can irritate the skin. Poison Ivy is organic but if you rub it on your skin you get a rash. People often develop rashes after coconut oil or other natural skincare products.
  5. Keep it simple. Skincare products that have fewer ingredients tend to be more gentle on the skin. Less fragrance, less grit and less color are always more. Think plain.

Good Luck! And if you need help finding a good skincare regimen I highly recommend an appointment with Dani or Margaret for a free consult! Hope you all have a great week!

Sray Skintastic, Nina