Need a refresher?

Have you ever felt so tired you’re not even tired anymore? As if your body readjusted to the level of exhaustion you are currently at to help you survive? All you Moms out there know what I’m talking about. I have felt some degree of that this past week. My one year old spent the week with the flu. I spent my nights rocking her, jiggling her, medicating her, laying on the couch with her, laying by her crib and any other activity I could think of other than sleeping. I kept reminding myself it was harder for her than me but as I walked past a mirror on my way to bed the reflection revealed puke in my hair, mismatch pajama set and make-up smeared over half my face and I couldn’t even get the energy to go brush my teeth. I knew I needed to refresh my skin and put some life back into it before I went to see patients the next morning. Even though I firmly believe in a good skincare regimen taking months to show visible results there are tips and tricks for “faking good skin” on the fly.  So here are some tricks I use to fake it until I make it in the skin department.

  1. Use a mist. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Honestly, this week my skin care products didn’t get a lot of love. But every morning before and after applying make-up I got that dewy look I love with a little mist. Takes one second. My favorite luxury hydration spray is Pommist by Jane Iredale. It smells like pomegranate and has the perfect amount of mist distribution with each spray. My favorite drug store most is Evian. You can get it at the dollar store, it’s straight up mineral water and it does the trick!
  2. Use extra glow. When I feel drab and need a pick-me-up I use extra highlighter and less pressed powder. Try the Jane Iredale highlighting pencil in white/pink. One side is a shimmering white and the other side pink. I highlight and blush with one pencil making it a quick and easy option to add color and glow for those days you need to look energized but don’t actually have the energy. The formula is so easy to blend!
  3. Botox for brow lift and opening the eyes. Never look tired with Botox. Did you know Botox can lift the brows? I have Botox injected around my eyes to give my eyelids an open brightness more than just for crows feet lines.
  4. TNS lip plump system. When you are tired and not caring for your skin like you usually do it’s the lips that often suffer first. Dry, cracking lips are not cool. The TNS lip plump system has growth factor that hydrates and helps with lines. The system gave my lips color, fullness and life this week!
  5. HA5 for immediate rejuvenation. HA5 is a great trick for eye pick me up throughout the day. Get your hands wet and then put a very small amount of HA5 under each eye. The HA5 will pull the water into your skin giving a tighter skin appearance. I did this at lunch everyday and it almost immediately woke up my skin making me appear less tired then I was feeling.

We have so many great tips and tricks at Johnson Dermatology. If you want to learn more of our skin secrets then I highly recommend a free consult with Bridgett or Dani about everything we have to offer!

“A strong woman is one who is able to smile in the morning like she wasn’t crying last night”

Loving life, Nina


My Falsies Experience

I have a shameful new YouTube beauty addiction. I love watching all the beauty videos about make-up and beauty tips. I started watching different colleagues doing injections and such and then I met the beauty youtubers community and now I feel like we are friends. Almost every eye tutorial ends in putting on false lashes. In my opinion, I don’t need falsies because my Latisse has my lashes thicker, darker and longer anyways. But for the sake of argument I had never worn falsies and thought I should give it a try before I knock it or think my lashes are too good for falsies.

Initially I feared trying them for multiple reasons.

  1. What if I had an allergy to the glue and my lids swelled shut?
  2. I wear contacts. What if my eyes watered and burned all day from the glue?
  3. What if I am talking to a patient and one pops half way off and I look like a fool?
  4. What if the glue pulls all my great Latisse lashes right off?

But for the sake of research I proceeded.

The first step was applying lashes. I must say on you tube videos it looks pretty easy. Quite the opposite. I couldn’t get my fingers close enough to the lash line and I glued my false lashes to my real lashes at first try. Then, when I did get them on my team member had to adjust them for me. It was definitely much harder than it looks and I would say it would add at least 5 minutes to any morning routine.

Next step, simply wear them. Wasn’t so simple. At the beginning of the day I wanted to claw them off. I could see them, which was distracting. They felt like they were pulling at my lid-like I put a sticker over my eyelids. I must admit as the day went on I got used to the feeling and they felt more comfortable. One annoyance was the length of the false lashes was causing my blinking to grab my hair, pulling it into my face. At one point in the middle of the day one false lash came loose from the inner corner of my eye and I had to stop and reapply. This was more than likely a user error complication.

Last step: removal. Honestly, I couldn’t wait until I got home. As I drove to pick up my girls from daycare I grabbed those suckers and just pulled them off. I don’t recommend this technique because it was slightly painful but mainly it just felt good to get them off. If you’re a woman than you could relate this feeling to the feeling when you get to pull your underwire off at the end of the day, ahhhhh {insert elongated exhale}.

I think there are some pros and cons to false eyelashes. For me I prefer to stick with Latisse but here are my list of pros and cons.


  1. Dramatic look. You will never get that exaggerated length and fullness with Latisse. It’s like glitter eyeshadow. It’s not natural appearing at all but it still can be pretty for the right occasion.
  2. One time experience. If you only want longer, thicker, darker lashes for one event and don’t want a big investment than you could do this for $10.


  1. Slightly uncomfortable.
  2. Can cause irritation, rashes, dryness, swelling.
  3. If you want longer, thicker, darker lashes daily falsies are more expensive than latisse.
  4. False lashes are less natural. People always comment on my Latisse lashes by saying “your lashes are beautiful”. People commented more often on the falsies but it was always “are your lashes real?”. Not the attention I was necessarily looking to attract.
  5. Time consuming to apply.

I think to sum it up it’s really a personal decision. I love Latisse because it is a more cost effective, natural, daily look. It’s easy to apply two times/week to maintain. Maybe takes 60 seconds of my entire week. I also think that false eyelashes blend more naturally and appear more natural when used with Latisse lashes. If you don’t follow Johnson Dermatology on snapchat and Instagram you missed the live stream of my day with falsies. Don’t miss my next personal experiment and go there now @johnsondermatology on Instagram and jdermatology snapcode on snapchat! See you there!

Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyelids are the window treatment you see on that window. Need fresh curtains? Call JD this week to see if you are a good candidate for Latisse or our other eyelid treatments! 479-649-3376 See you there!!!

xoxo, Nina

New Year, New Us, New Best

Uggghhh you guys! I literally was about to post my blog with New Years resolutions and had an epitome and was like nope- change of plans! Just wrote this post on the fly from my heart. My very first blog post was four years ago today. I love the New Year holiday. I enjoy reflecting on the past year and thinking about what the next year will hold. How I will change, what goals I want to achieve, what I want to do more of and need to do less of- it’s fulfilling to me dreaming and brainstorming.

This year has been memorable at Johnson Dermatology. We turned 10 years old. We grew to over 50 employees with new devices(IPL, Velashape, UltraShape), new addition to the building, new fillers (Volbella is lit) and even a new dermatologist (YAY, Dr.Nelson).  We don’t plan to become stagnant in 2017. We plan to serve The River Valley and all their skin needs better and better every year. So I wanted to talk to you guys tonight about my goals at JD this Year.

2017 New Year, New Us, Best Us Resolutions

  1. Educate everyone about VelaShape and UltraShape. I consult and make anti aging recommendations for people everyday and totally forget to go below the head, neck and décolleté! Body contouring is an awesome liposuction alternative! I promise to teach you guys more about it this year!
  2. Build positivity around cosmetic procedures. Do you look down on women who color their hair or wear make-up? We all just want to feel pretty and fresh. This year I want to empower women to not feel vain for taking care of their skin. Encourage women to support each other instead of judging each other.
  3. 2017 is the year for men to join us in skincare. This means sunscreen, retinol, Botox, fillers and lasers! In 2017 I want your husband to come with you every three months for your Botox. Men shouldn’t feel feminine for wanting to care for their skin. Moisturizing is masculine might be my motto.
  4. Pale is the new tan needs to be cool. I want kids, teenagers and college students to put sunburns and cigarettes in the same category of carcinogens they don’t like. In 2017 I want to spread the word on fashionable sun protective clothing better. If you have any ways I could reach this goal let me know because this is hard for me.
  5. Increase skin cancer checks for the River Valley. Since Dr. Nelson has joined our team he has been going out into the community and offering skin cancer screenings at events. In 2017, I want to do my part to let people know they should get a full body skin check at least once per year! Get in your birthday suit and get to the clinic! Do you have an event coming up that you can help spread the word? E-mail and see if your event would be something Dr. Nelson could speak at or do exams! Or is it an event where I could bring the cosmetic team and do free consults? Let us know, in 2017 I want to get out there and get your skin needs met!

What else should we resolute this year? Lets make our skin healthier than ever this year. Lets build our relationship.  Do you have tips for JD? Do you have skin education needs I could meet for you on the blog? E-mail me! Comment! I love hearing from you guys! 2017 is a new year and I can’t wait to make it the best us, the new us!

Cheers, Nina

Myth Bustin’ Infrared

This past Thursday I talked skin care at Roots Hair Salon girls night. Go follow them @allaboutroots on Instagram now if you don’t already. They have the BEST GNO events with local boutiques and the hair/make-up tips are priceless (if you see me with wing eyeliner this week don’t be surprised-they dropped that trick in my toolbox Thursday night).  It’s just a friendly, fun environment and you don’t want to miss the next one.

I get so excited talking skin care and products. I love educating people about skin and mixing that with beauty is what makes my heart happy. At these type of events I usually spend about half the time debunking skin tip myths people ask about. It’s hard work filtering through good sound advice and marketing these days.

One of the things my patients have asked about a lot lately that also came up at the event was infrared light treatment for anti-aging purposes. Recently lots of gyms and tanning salons are getting “red light tanning beds” that advertise anti-aging effects instead of giving you a tan.

This confuses people because the sunscreen I use protects against infrared. It’s called total defense and repair and the science behind it proves that infrared rays from environmental sun exposure cause sunDAMAGE to the skin. Did you know that we used to only think UVB rays damaged the skin (1960’s)? Then we discovered later that UVA rays also damaged the skin(1977). Most recently brought to light (pun intended) are infrared rays that also damage the deeper layers of the skin. This is one of the many reasons I chose to use SkinMedica total defense and repair. Although other sunscreens have tried to duplicate the infrared protection claims, there have been no studies to prove those claims that I am aware of and you know I like to have science back me up.

The confusion comes when you hear about a red light tanning bed making you more collagen. Did you know I’ve actually recommended light for skin conditions? You can pick your jaw up off the floor. Controlled narrowband UV light three times per week is something we offer at the clinic for people suffering with psoriasis, occult pruritus, vitiligo and more! I don’t let those patients get a tan, there is a difference. Sometimes benefits of treatments outweigh the risk of that treatment. There is research out there that supports infrared light therapies to treat wound healing, protect muscles from stress (see references at end of blog if you want to geek out in research) and more. The difference in these infrared rays is time of exposure, intensity and heat production during exposure. Simply said, in a tightly controlled environment we can use red light for good causes but when coming from the sun and other uncontrolled devices it causes damage to the skin.

What does all this mean to you? Ask your dermatologist before you decide on treatments for your skin. Whether it’s a facial, a product, a device or an injection you should first consult a dermatologist. It’s a very complicated world out there and I think if you are reading this blog you are smart enough to know some people are padding their pockets first and foremost. Don’t be a victim of marketing ploys. Consult an expert who took an oath to first do no harm.

We are honored if you trust us with your skin at Johnson Dermatology. If you read this blog and don’t have a dermatologist I highly recommend you find one. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it should be in the hands of someone who is an expert on skin.

“A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one.”      -Henry Ford

Merry Christmas, Nina

P.S. For those of you into science here ya go…..

a. Grether-Beck et al, Photoderm Photoimmunol Photomed 2014: review on photodamage from sun exposure other than UV
b. Robert et al., Skin Pharmacol & Physiol 2015: effect of IR-A on extracellular matrix
c. Schroeder et al, J Invest Dermatol 2008: infrared radiation increases MMP1

Great Advice

We go to Branson as a family every year at Christmas time. Our annual trip was this weekend and it was a doozy. Saturday morning my 20 month old little darling puked all over the breakfast table.  The smell was so bad the waitress brought me a washcloth and a bucket of water with the advice “napkins won’t take care of that”. I stayed in and snuggled her until she felt better that evening and then we headed to Silver Dollar City to see the lights-she wasn’t better, she puked there too. We left early and missed the parade. On the way home my 3 year old told me she needed to pee while we were in bumper to bumper traffic. I begged her to hold it and denied her request to “get out and go in the grass”. While stuck in traffic my one year old started to vomit. I crawled into the back seat to try to catch some of it and console her. My husband remained in the front seat where he gagged from the smell. He kindly rolled down the back seat windows to let the smell out and the freezing cold wind in to blow against our soaked in puke clothing. At this point my three year old yelled out the window “someone help us”. I said a little prayer that no one would call the police to check on the situation. We finally made it back to our home away from home where my three year old could no longer “hold it”. As we all sat there soaked in a variety of body fluids I laughed and cried hysterically, simultaneously. There is not one single parenting book or piece of advice that could prepare me for that moment. Thats life, Mom life to be exact. The kids went to bed and the adults stayed up playing cards, just hours later we were all laughing so hard about it our bellies ached. Talking about how no parenting advice can prepare you for those moments.

I give skin advice everyday. Whether with my patients, friends, family or blog readers. What makes you take my advice? Do you weigh the benefits versus the risks? Do you take into account my licensure or certifications and their value? I am thankful for those of you that trust me and take my advice on skin care. Often times people don’t take my advice because there is a cheaper option, easier option, less time consuming option or just simply because they disagree from personal experience. Today I want to share tips that people often don’t follow but in my opinion should be taken seriously. Skin advice that some people have disregarded previously.

  1. Sun protect even when you don’t think you need to. I tell people to wear sunscreen everyday and I often hear “but I don’t go in the sun”. We all go in the sun. Do you drive a car with windows? Do you see the light of day? How many parking lots do you walk through every day? If you see the light of day the suns rays see you. Even if you think you don’t need it, use sunscreen!
  2. Don’t tan to get ready for a beach vacation. I hear this all the time, like it’s okay to tan if it’s just one month per year. Would you smoke for one month per year? The best a tan could get you is an SPF of 4 which means you’re still going to burn. The American Academy of Dermatology says “Using indoor tanning beds before age 35 can increase your risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 59 percent; the risk increases with each use.” Melanoma kills people. It’s proven, researched, scientific facts- don’t get in a tanning bed if you don’t want skin cancer.
  3. Use retinol even if you think “it isn’t working”. You may not have used it long enough, you may not be using the best retinol (I use SkinMedica 1.0 Retinol) or you may be preventing more than “fixing” problems. Researchers have taken biopsies of skin and then applied retinol and taken a new biopsy and there is proven change in the skin underneath the microscope. When you are using retinol you are preventing acne, brown spots, enlarged pores, dull appearing skin and more. This is one case where if you use retinol for a year and can’t tell the difference, it’s you- not the retinol so I wouldn’t break up with it. Be married to retinol and the difference in what your skin will be in 20 years compared to what it will be without it will be mind blowing! Promise- I got the science to back that!
  4. Be gentle even if you want to “feel something happening”. I advise you guys over and over again not to scrub and use harsh products. Repeatedly I hear “but I want to feel the burn, the tingle, feel something happening”. You’re letting marketing techniques manage your skincare products instead of me. Companies know that if you feel something happening you will connect that to results. It’s a crock of poo. That ingredient that is burning or tingling your skin is actually more likely to be causing inflammation and dehydration of your skin rather than helping it. I know you are all too smart for that ploy though.
  5. Dont pop your pimples. “But Nina what do I do then when it’s full of pus and has to come out?” Answer: Apply your prescribed medicine, let me inject it, let me laser it, let me peel it, let me put it under a blu-u light! Whatever you pop out you’re popping that much in too. You’re causing inflammation and worsening of redness. You’re making it stay longer and scarring your beautiful face. It doesn’t NEED to be “popped” this is a common myth and I need you all to raise your right hand and repeat after me “I will not pop my pimples”.

The point is I give a lot of advice that people don’t like and that’s hard to take to heart. But as I sat in Branson in the worst possible Mommy situation, I had no parenting advice regrets. On the other hand, you are likely to regret ignoring the advice I have put here today. I don’t want you in my office in 20 years saying “I wish I would have worn sunscreen”. Don’t let that patient be you. Or maybe you will be that patient with skin regrets. I’m just a girl trying to save skin….. you may have different dreams and desires.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all find yourselves crying until you laugh and laughing until you cry with only those regrets that are worth learning a valuable lesson.

xoxo, Nina

The “A” Team

This week I have found an extra appreciation for the meaning of a team. I am so blessed with family, friends, a job and a great community. None of these things have been achieved all on my own. My parents molded me into an adult to pick a husband. My friends, husband and OB (shout out to Dr. Riche at Mercy) all worked very hard for 5 years through infertility before I had children. Professors, doctors, nurses, supervisors and more were part of the team that helped me become a nurse practitioner. Mayors, small business owners, outreach programs and churches are all part of the team that makes Fort Smith great. What has brought great things into my life is great team members. It takes a team in life. Friday night was our staff Christmas party. Our largest one of the five  I have attended. Looking around brought to reality just how many people it really takes to care for your skin. When you make an appointment with me (or any of our providers) your outcomes and experience are the responsibility of the entire team. From the person you talk to when you make your appointment to the member that walks you back, to the surgical tech that gives you a stitch, the laser tech that lasers your scar, the billing department that files your insurance claim, the person that checks you out and educates you about skin care. You are touched by so many people with that one appointment you made with me. That’s what makes people love Johnson Dermatology, the team.

Thank you to all my team members, the ones who have helped me achieve a beautiful family. The ones who helped me achieve my professional goals. The JD team that helps me save skin. The Fort Smith team that makes me love this community of mine. Thank you for being an active team member and making my life a better one.

I encourage all of my readers to evaluate your team. Thank your team. What you have achieved took a team. What you have not achieved yet will require a team. Do not underestimate the value of a good team. Do not take advantage of a great team.

I promise that a little humility will strengthen your role in the team and make you a stronger team member. I found some of that humility looking around at my work team Friday night and I will be a better health care provider Monday morning because of that realization.

Finally, when it comes to healthy, refreshed skin it takes a team. A dermatology office is just one part of the team. Good products, dedication and support to help compliance are all required to reach your skin goals. Be smart on who coaches your skin team. Thank you for trusting me and Johnson Dermatology as your skin coaches.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

Merry Christmas, next week I will get back to talking skin{insert wink face emoji} -Nina


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you Nina for allowing me to guest blog again to your skinny on skin readers. I am honored to write a blog of gratitude. Every year since Dr. Brad and I opened Johnson Dermatology with a team of 10 in 2006 (5 of our original 10 are still on team JD), we celebrated a month of gratitude during the month of November with our team. We especially thank our patients during the week of Thanksgiving. We hope you will join us this week at Johnson Dermatology as we once again say thank you and show our gratitude to you. Thank you to every single one of you who trust Johnson Dermatology for your skin needs and wants. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

2016 is a great year for Johnson Dermatology. Just a few of the things I am grateful for this year include:

–Dr Garrett Nelson joining our team (he is such a great Dermatologist and an even better person)
–celebrating 10 years serving our community (I hope all of you joined our anniversary party in August or at least saw our video)
–adding on to our clinic building –the only LEED certified medical clinic in the great state of Arkansas

–offering a walk in clinic on Thursday mornings
–being recognized as a Top 500 (#347) practice out of more than 37,500 practices by Allergan
–increasing the number of clinical trials we are able to offer our community–we currently are studying acne, warts, psoriasis, eczema, actinic keratosis and hidradenitis suppurativa
–adding body shaping to the services we offer. We now have more than 10 lasers, light devices and machines to make us all more skintastic
–Honey being recognized nationally for her work with psoriasis
–providing a community servant with a free full makeover valued at more than $3500
–being named a Top Core physician by Real Self –being voted again to be the Best of the Best by our community and the Times Record
–increasing our social media presence (hopefully you enjoy the Nina/Bridgett daily show on snapchat, the live Facebook videos, YouTube videos, Instagram before/after photos, Nina’s blog and our website)
–our team members growing their personal families. We celebrated quite a few weddings and births this year
–increasing the number of free skin cancer screenings we provide in our community. Our motto is “specializing in skin cancer, providing comprehensive skin care”
–increasing the number of community organizations and school groups that we partner with, contribute to and support

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please join us this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during our gratitude week. We will have extended hours Tuesday evening (cosmetic only appointments are available by emailing or Everything cosmetic is 20% off these 3 days only—products, procedures, laser treatments, peels, everything. Once again, thank you. I look forward to what 2017 brings. Thank you to all of you. Thank you Dr Brad for proposing marriage and this wonderful life 20 years ago. Thank you to my children. Thank you to my parents. Thank you to my family. Thank you to my friends. Thank you to my mentors. Thank you to my running group, we solve a lot of the world’s problems (especially mine) at 5 AM. Thank you to every patient. Most importantly, Thank you to God.

As John F Kennedy said: As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.

Candles Not Wrinkles

I follow quite a few dermatologist and plastic surgeons on social media. I’m sure you do too. Ever heard of Dr. Pimple Popper on youtube, Dr. Miami on Snapchat or Dr. Simon Ourian on instagram (a derm with 1.3 million followers)? They are some of my favorite accounts and I’m sure yours as well. Anyway, this weekend someone (I can’t remember which account, sorry) posted a photo of a birthday cake with the caption “Put candles on your cake, not wrinkles on  your face”. Think about that for a second. It’s saying prevent yourself from getting wrinkles this year. Often times we search for treatments after we have a problem. For example, instead of eating healthy and staying active to prevent high blood pressure we make an appointment to get a pill once we already have high blood pressure. It’s no different with skin, we look for creams to erase brown spots and wrinkles not necessarily to prevent them from occuring.  I always say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and it’s so true in so many aspects of life. It is a lot easier to not go to jail then to get out of jail. It’s easy to get a flu shot but miserable to get the flu. It’s easy to use birth control, it’s hard work to raise a kid. Prevention in most cases of life is just the easy way out and your skin is no different. Truth be told, we actually prevent wrinkles more effectively than we treat wrinkles. Every single day a patient tells me “back in my day no one knew to wear sunscreen, we burned all the time”. Every. Single. Day. Therefore this post is for all my readers to be able to say “someone told me to do that and I didn’t listen” or “Nina told me to start doing this years ago and I’m 29 forever”. Here are my prevention tips to keep your skin feeling fresh forever.

  1. Wear compression stockings. I promise preventing varicose veins is so easy. Once you start wearing compression stockings you won’t want to go without them because your feet feel so much better after long days standing. I wear the tubes that go from ankle to knee available at most drug stores and Academy sports.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Such an easy step to prevent premature photoaging. The texture and color of your skin will be so much more even if you apply sunscreen to your face regularly.
  3. Use Retinol. Retinol reverses any damage you get during the day. Your skin will look dewy, refreshed and new like you were 20 again. If you are 20 and want your skin to stay the way it is start using retinol now. The difference in you and your friends skin in 10 years will be remarkable. I like SkinMedica Retinol.
  4. Start Botox. Botox is for lines in motion which develop into lines at rest. People often tell me I am too young for Botox but the truth is Botox is preventing me from making wrinkles. Starting Botox at the first sign of a line will prevent you from making a deep line at rest that actually will be much harder for us to treat in the future likely requiring laser, filler and topicals.
  5. Don’t smoke. Haven’t you heard? It increases your risk for heart disease, lung cancer, high blood pressure and WRINKLES. Plus it stinks. PLUS it’s not even cool anymore.

Now is the time to start caring for your skin. Now is the time to prevent further premature aging. Aging is a beautiful thing, I’m a different person now than I was 10 or even 5 years ago(a better person in my opinion). My kids get better and better with age. We don’t want to stop putting candles on our cakes but you can slow down the brown spots, uneven texture and uneven tone on your face! Come to Johnson Dermatology and let us educate and teach you how. Free consults with Dani and Bridgett now until Gratitude week(and you get a prize). What’s Gratitude week? Oh no big deal, just our ONLY sale of the entire year where ALL our cosmetic products and procedures are 20% off. It’s a great time to try something new so make a consult with the girls and find out what you should start!

“If you don’t change direction you may end up where you are heading”  -Lao Tzu

Grateful for all my blog readers, stay skintastic, make a skin change, Nina

The NEW Volbella

I am very blessed to be a trusted injector at Johnson Dermatology. Not just because I trained under a dermatologist that slays cosmetic dermatology world wide but because of the tool belt I get to wear every day. I don’t have just one filler or one neurotoxin available to me and my patients. We are able to offer our clients every single filler and neuromodulator that is FDA approved. But we don’t stop there, we also have radiofrequency devices, lasers, the best medical grade skin care, chemical peels and more. I literally work in the candyland of cosmetic dermatology. With that being said we are always researching and testing new products. The newest filler is called Volbella. It became available for purchase October 17th (less than a month ago) and it is steadily growing into one of my favorite tools on the tool belt. Volbella is part of the Juvederm family but it a Vycross technology more like Voluma. Vycross technology refers to the gel in which the hyaluronic acid is delivered when injected. Vycross is more tightly bound which results in longer lasting results and less initial swelling when injected. Volbella is a much thinner filler which allows us to safely inject it more superficially than Voluma. Think of Volbella for those etched in lines such as perioral lines around the mouth. Volbella is a perfect filler for someone who wants the fine lines that make their lipstick run treated but don’t want fuller lips or simply don’t need more structure of the lips. I have really liked pairing it with the other Juvederm product to soften transitional curves of the face and as the icing on the cake. I think of the thicker filler products as my cake (the structure of the skin) and Volbella as the icing on the cake (the softer outer most layer of smoothing).

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I say one shoe does not fit all. Two people walking in asking for the same thing often actually need two completely different things to achieve optimal, natural, refreshing results. When it comes to our skin, less is not always more. You need Botox to help relax lines in motion and Filler to help volume loss, lasers to help with color and texture of the skin and skin care products to maintain and improve on a daily basis. If you only choose one modality then you may only be treating the upper face and not the lower face or  only focusing on the deep structure of the skin but not the top layer of the skin. If you don’t treat the big picture it’s like wearing flip flops with your wedding dress or a Harry Winston diamond with yoga pants-it doesn’t look right.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to get a cosmetic consult by an experienced expert. Make a plan that’s in your budget and a regimen that you can follow. I would be honored if you trusted Johnson Dermatology but even if you don’t please take into consideration who you let guide and manage your skin. I want the best for all my readers. I dream for fillers and botox to be represented in a positive light.

If you think Volbella might be for you and you want to learn more about my newest tool on my belt then call the clinic and make an appointment for a consult this week. I’m so grateful for all my readers and don’t forget we are showing our gratitude during the week of Thanksgiving with 20% off all things cosmetic at Johnson Dermatology so I hope to see you that week if not sooner!

Stay Skintastic, Nina

Ever had a pimple?

I’ve always had acne prone skin. I get jealous when patients say “I’ve never been someone who gets acne”. But I must say you would be hard pressed to find someone who says they have NEVER had even one pustule, acne bump or blackhead. If you did find that person I would like to think one day they probably will experience some degree of acne. That’s why we are hosting a huge “acne event” on Tuesday from 6-7:30P.M. We are going to have door prizes, acne lessons, live demonstrations, skin care products on sale and more. Suite One will be there with a pop-up shop so you can shop their new fall arrivals after hours! Sydney, their Fort Smith store manager will be there to talk about her experience treating her acne at Johnson Dermatology. Here are some of the acne treatments you will learn about.

  1. Pulsed dye laser- A no downtime laser that treats active red acne and red acne scars.
  2. Chemical Peels- What’s the difference in chemical peels and how we use them to treat active acne and scarring. Watch one LIVE!
  3. Clinical Trials- Learn about studies/clinical trials at the clinic on acne. You may be eligible to enter one of our acne trials and get paid to get your acne medicine and visits to the clinic!
  4. Skin Care products- Learn what products not to use and what you should be using. Then shop off our discounted table to make a custom skin care regimen for you, CHEAP!
  5. Free skin care consults all night personalized just for YOU!
  6. Blu-u light treatments- Find out of this painless, cost effective treatment for acne is right for you! Then WIN a free treatment as a door prize if you’re lucky!

It’s really going to be a fun night of skin and shopping so I hope no one misses it!!!! See you at the clinic Tuesday night November 1st @ 6pm! It’s going to be a blast!


Stay Skintastic! Nina