Gratitude Week

This is my favorite week of the year. At Johnson Dermatology we offer all our patients who have trusted us with their skin 20% off all cosmetic procedures and products. It is a week of giving thanks. We thank our patients, we thank each other, we think thoughts of thankfulness. This leads to appreciation and gratefulness that we may have taken advantage of in previous weeks. We feel happy and content. It is one of my most satisfying weeks of work throughout the year. Then, when the work week is over we have Thanksgiving day and it is just a perfect celebration with family. It is the calm before the storm of Christmas hustle and bustle. I just LOVE Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it. In celebration of that I wanted to tell you some of the things that I’m grateful for at JD this year.

1. I’m thankful for knowledge sharing. I’m thankful that Dr. Sandy has taught me so much about aesthetic medicine. Do you know how many people are trying to be injectors and have nothing more than a one week class? Dr. Sandy has given me 7 years of constant guidance.  I’m thankful to industry partners who offer me training from the best injectors in the world. I’m thankful for experts who share their knowledge with me through trainings like Dr. Steve Yoelin (my injector idol) and Dr. Arthur Swift and many more. I’m thankful to colleagues who share their knowledge with me like Noreen Bollinger who told me over drinks one night that she was going to force me to like cannulas and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge with me.

2. I’m thankful for good skincare. Skincare that has science behind its proven results. I now use a sunscreen that protects not only against UVA/UVB but also against blue light, infrared light and pollutants! I use retinol because it is the tried and true workhorse of any skincare regimen. I use Pepup, HA5, Lumivive, TNS recovery and Element 47 spray  and my skin thanks all of these products.

3. I’m thankful for devices. I’m thankful for the YAG laser because I no longer have to tend to my upper lip hair, my bikini line hair, my underarms, my feet nor my belly hair (I’m Maltese we grow hair everywhere). I’m thankful for UltraShape and Velashape that tightened that post baby belly bulge without any pain, numbness nor downtime. I’m thankful for PDL that treats my occasional acne prone skin problems. I’m thankful for PICO that tightened the skin on my neck.

4. I’m thankful for access to an expert injector, one of the largest laser centers in the state and a great team right here in Fort Smith. I believe in Fort Smith and I am thankful for all the great amenities that people take for granted.

5. I’m thankful for my team. I could not see the patients I see this week without Alondra, Margaret, Christine, Brooklyn and Katelin right by my side. I could not give our patients a great experience without the laser team and front/billing office team. We could not see the cosmetic volume without Honey and Dr.Nelson and Dr. Brad’s teams seeing more medical patients. It really does take teamwork to make the dream work and I’m so thankful for the entire Johnson Dermatology team.

I’m thankful for so much more but this post just cannot be that long! What are you thankful for? What are you celebrating and giving thanks to this year? Does giving thanks and feeling gratefulness make your life better like it does mine? Does it change your soul this time of year? Do you feel more clarity? I wish you all the best holiday!

Monday November 25th we will have a walk-in Botox clinic at 6 pm. We will have LOTS of vendors and snacks and you can come for free consults and purchase products at 20% off. Of course Dr. Sandy and I will be injecting Botox 20% off all night as well, no appointment necessary.  If you live in the River Valley please come by and celebrate with us!

Thankfully, Nina



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