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Ever had a pimple?

I’ve always had acne prone skin. I get jealous when patients say “I’ve never been someone who gets acne”. But I must say you would be hard pressed to find someone who says they have NEVER had even one pustule, acne bump or blackhead. If you did find that person I would like to think one day they probably will experience some degree of acne. That’s why we are hosting a huge “acne event” on Tuesday from 6-7:30P.M. We are going to have door prizes, acne lessons, live demonstrations, skin care products on sale and more. Suite One will be there with a pop-up shop so you can shop their new fall arrivals after hours! Sydney, their Fort Smith store manager will be there to talk about her experience treating her acne at Johnson Dermatology. Here are some of the acne treatments you will learn about.

  1. Pulsed dye laser- A no downtime laser that treats active red acne and red acne scars.
  2. Chemical Peels- What’s the difference in chemical peels and how we use them to treat active acne and scarring. Watch one LIVE!
  3. Clinical Trials- Learn about studies/clinical trials at the clinic on acne. You may be eligible to enter one of our acne trials and get paid to get your acne medicine and visits to the clinic!
  4. Skin Care products- Learn what products not to use and what you should be using. Then shop off our discounted table to make a custom skin care regimen for you, CHEAP!
  5. Free skin care consults all night personalized just for YOU!
  6. Blu-u light treatments- Find out of this painless, cost effective treatment for acne is right for you! Then WIN a free treatment as a door prize if you’re lucky!

It’s really going to be a fun night of skin and shopping so I hope no one misses it!!!! See you at the clinic Tuesday night November 1st @ 6pm! It’s going to be a blast!


Stay Skintastic! Nina


Sunday Suncreen Only Skin

  • Where are my “The Walking Dead” fans?!?!? I’ve never been more excited for a season premier! For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, tonight we find out which of our beloveds has been murdered with a bat by the new evil (and smokin hot) character, Negan, introduced last season. There are so many ideas out there on who it’s going to be. Everyone has an opinion. Why it should be this character, why it won’t be that character, etc. etc. If you google “who dies in the walking dead season premier” literally millions of hits appear. No one actually knows, except the elite! The elite top team including the writers, cast, producers and team. They are the only people you could actually trust to know who is going to die tonight on the season premier, the ONLY ones.
  • Thats what I consider dermatologists, the elite skin team. The only ones you can really trust with the right answers for your skin. I am biased. I admit that. But it only makes sense that you let the people who have spent years studying the skin and using evidence based practices to learn what changes skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy. It’s easy and fun for me to go on the internet and read about all the walking dead season premier theories out there and trust me, I have! But when it comes down to it I really don’t know who is right until I watch the show tonight. Same for skin. You can go watch tutorials on YouTube and hit Pinterest with ideas for lotions and potions but you won’t likely know the real science behind the skin until you consult with a dermatologist. This is why I think a skin care consult at a dermatologist office is so important. Here are some benefits of a skin care consult at a dermatologist office:
  • 1. They are here to educate you on what’s healthy for your skin, not here to get a commission or just sell you their product.
  • 2. Dermatologists can sort through the overwhelming options for you and tell you what’s a must have and what’s a plus or minus.
  • 3. Dermatologists can tell you where to save or splurge. We recently snapped some of our favorites if you follow us on snapchat (jdermatology). We can work with any budget and tell you how to allocate your funds for the best skin changing regimen.
  • 4. Dermatologists can explain how to mix and match brands. We aren’t bound to a company we are working for so we can build a regimen from as many brands as needed. I love SkinMedica total defense and repair sunscreen for me but my kids don’t get that luxury product, they don’t need it. They get Target BareRepublic sunscreen.
  • 5. We genuinely love skin. Think about it. It’s not just a job for us. I went to school for eight years before I had my nurse practitioner license. I interviewed for 4 months in 6 different specialties, turning down 5 job opportunities before I chose skin and dermatology to do for the rest of my life. It’s not just a job, it’s a passion. It’s my happy place.

On Sundays all I wear on my skin is sunscreen. I feel great in my skin with nothing but a tinted sunscreen. Are you happy with your skin in nothing but sunscreen? Do you love where your skin is now? Do you trust the elite team to pick your skin care regimen? Don’t worry about your answers because we are offering free skin care consults now until November 18th with Bridgett and Dani to get you on track AND give you a $10 JD credit to use during gratitude week when everything is 20% off!! It’s a win win! Join me on Sunday Funday in sunscreen only skin! It’s the perfect day to break up with your make-up!


Stay Skintastic, Nina

Because it’s worth it

If you’re a parent you understand this idea of doing things that aren’t pleasant because of that one moment that makes it worth all the hard work. I remember when my first child was two weeks old and colic had set in. She had been crying for about 12 hours. My tailbone was broken from giving birth. My husband (a cop) was out working a homicide and I was home alone. Our precious little yorkie was shaking in fear and quickly his anxiety diarrhea was worsening. I was crying, baby was crying, it was thunder storming outside, I felt like I was in a scene of a comedy horror film. Our yorkie went from anxious to gastrointestinal bleeding, inside, on carpets only. I called my parents 45 minutes away at 2 AM for reinforcement. When my parents got there my 2 week old almost immediately fell asleep (making me infuriated) and I rushed off to the vetinary hospital where they ran $300 worth of test to tell me my dog was having an anxiety attack and just needed a shot to help him relax, REALLY?!? I cried all the way home exhausted trying to figure out how I would clean what looked like a murder scene off my carpet whilst driving while sitting on a boppy that I dreamed would help me breast feed but instead I used more frequently as a donut for my cracked tailbone. I got home and while I breastfed my baby girl I tried to think of how I could put her back in me for a month or so while I figured things out. Then she finished eating, smiled and snuggled her head against my chest. I could feel her angel breath on me and she smelled like everything good. I hadn’t slept in 24 hours but that moment of connection with my innocent baby was pure, was inexplainable and shockingly I thought to myself how the past 24 hours I would do a million times over for this feeling again even if just for a moment. I finally understood what it meant when people said “it’s worth it”.

Most things that are truly life changing take time, commitment, determination and hard work. When I got my APRN license in the mail all those years of sacrificing during school were worth the degree. All the struggles I’ve endured with my husband, worth it for 10 years of happily ever after under our belts.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you have a goal, take whatever path necessary to get to that goal because when you reach your goal you won’t be sorry. Same goes for your skin. Your skin cycle is 28 days so changing your skin simply isn’t going to happen over night. There are some things that I beg my patients to not give up on, it will all be worth it and here they are……

  1. Retinol. At first you might be a little dry, red or irritated when you start using retinol but once you get over the hump your skin will be better than ever. It’s worth it to have a little acne flare or peeling or dryness, promise.
  2. Sun protective clothing- It might be expensive. It might be “uncool”. But I promise you I hear at least 10 times per day from someone older and wiser than us that they wished they wouldn’t have collected so much UV damage over the years. On the contrary, never once has anyone told me “I wish I would have sun damaged my skin more in my younger days”. Not once. Less brown spots, less wrinkles, less chance of skin cancer, it’s just soooo worth it in the long run.
  3. Sunscreen- Pale is the new tan. It’s one of the cheapest anti-aging tools in my belt. It’s so worth it, see #3.
  4. Full body skin cancer checks- Melanoma caught early seriously could save your life. You might not like showing your birthday suit to a dermatologist, you might not want to take that time out of your busy schedule but if  we happen to catch a skin cancer that you didn’t even realize you had it will be worth it.
  5. Enjoying the skin you’re in. You will never regret loving yourself. Being confident in your own skin may be hard for some of us but I have been blessed to see people transform after they have found confidence in their skin. It’s the best part about being in dermatology. Finding that for yourself will be worth it, everytime, for everyone.

I hope taking time out of your Sunday to read my blog is worth it, thanks! Stay Skintastic, Nina

The World’s Changing Me

It’s Thursday and I’ve already learned so much this week it’s crazy. For those of you that follow JD on Snapchat (if you don’t we are jdermatology) you watched me talk about a nurse practitioner from North Carolina that changed me for the better. Here is the short version.

A group of nurse practitioners and physician assistants went out to eat dinner. Our waitress was super rude and cranky. Someone mentioned we need to get a manager but one of the NP’s said “No, don’t because I’m going to go ask her what’s wrong with her”. She went and pulled the waitress aside and asked her what was going on. The waitress told her she had a really bad personal problem before work and then got slammed all day at work just making things worse. The NP told the waitress to  let our table be the thing that swings her mood. She assured the waitress that we are fun, laid back, tip well and she can have fun serving us. The rest of the evening was perfect. We got to know the waitress, she was lovely, she enjoyed serving us and at the end of the night we thought she took great care of us. If we would of gotten the manager that waitress may not have been able to get out of her funk and we wouldn’t have had the great dinner experience. If we were lucky we might of received a free dessert. That NP taught me to be the change you want to see in the world and walk in someone else’s shoes.

Later this week I had a frustration at work. I sent out an e-mail that I’m sure offended some of my beloved co-workers. It was meant to be a playful way of producing change in the work place but after I sent it I felt a little mean, maybe even guilty. BUT, the next day I got to work and EVERY SINGLE co-worker had made the change that I asked. By that small change in actions they showed me they cared about my needs and wanted to be great for me, for the clinic. I really felt the love. It was such a small silly thing I asked for but it was amazing how happy it made me when everyone did it. I don’t think any of my co-workers even realize how much their efforts are appreciated but they still make those efforts. The moral of the story is small acts can make big smiles. Never underestimate the power of change you have on someones mood, maybe even someones life. My co-workers taught me appreciation and maybe learned my love language.

Then today I had a realization. Many of you have met most of the JD team, whether through social media or visits to the clinic. Some of the people on the team I talk to multiple times per day, some I have barely spoken to, unfortunately. I was laying on the UltraShape table being treated and I learned more about those girls treating me in those 30 minutes than our entire work careers together. I looked at them different, I related to them more, I understood them better. I work with my nurses so closely I feel like Bridgett is my sister sometimes, Alondra my third arm and Christine my own personal Ninja. But the people that I haven’t gotten so close with yet have so much to offer me too even from our distant working relationship. I just haven’t given them the time to impact my life. Going back to that waitress story, if you walk in other peoples shoes, give them a chance to show you their side you might learn something. You might understand something better, you might be a better person in this world. You will most definitely be glad you made time for someone, every time you do.

I hope this weekend you try to see someone else’s point of view, that a small act shows you something much bigger and that you get to know someone better. Make time to love, time to change and time for people. Or don’t, I’m just a skin expert giving life advice 😉


P.S. I wrote this blog on a whim at bedtime and didn’t proof read it so don’t judge my punctuation nor grammar. Ain’t got time for that, Goodnight!