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With Father’s Day right around the corner we are celebrating men the entire Month of June. I personally find it much easier to convince a woman she needs good skincare than a man. I’m sure all men have their own reasons for not having a daily skincare routine but these are the ones I most commonly hear.

  1. It feels gross. Men say this to me all the time. Unlike women who can’t remember what it’s like not to put skincare on their face. This is one of the reasons a powder sunscreen is so easy for me to convince men to use.
  2. It runs in my eyes because I’m so hardworking. Oh I forgot, women don’t sweat or swim or work hard. Men! You too can find a luxury product that won’t sweat into your eyes boys! Probably just been picking the wrong products. I know it’s hard to believe that the sunscreen you picked up in the gas station on your way to the lake wasn’t an educated choice.
  3. I’m a man’s man. Some men want to feel like a lumberjack, bear hunter, NFL quarterback or anything else that’s major masculine. They feel like using skincare makes them more feminine. I’m here to tell you that some of the most masculine men I know use skincare. I have a patient in his 70’s that cuts his own firewood, only wears cowboy boots and could likely go Mike Tyson on half the 40-something men I know and he has a dang good skincare routine. It is 2018, men wear pink and tight jeans! Plus, Deion Sanders is a Botox Rep for goodness sake. Taking care of your skin is for everyone these days!

I’m sure most men that don’t have a good skincare routine could find multiple excuses as to why they don’t but the fact is that skin is our largest organ. We should all take care of our skin. If men don’t step up to the skincare plate they are going to look older than women in general. They will have more brown spots, more wrinkles and more skin cancers(if we can get these women out of tanning beds).

Now comes the good part. SkinMedica (my own personal favorite skincare line) has developed a regimen just for men. It is made to help with razor bumps, redness, discolorations, wrinkles….. okay everything, it literally does it all. It is TSA friendly and comes in a man’s man travel case. It’s easy, no 22 steps for the men. They think they don’t have time for that. Well, ain’t nobody got time for that but that’s a whole different post. It’s 4 steps in the AM and 3 steps at night. The first step is cleansing so I feel like it doesn’t count. I mean if you don’t at least already wash your sweaty face at night we have other issues to discuss( BO 101). Here are the products included in the kit and what they do.

  1. Facial cleanser. It’s gentle and gets the job done. That’s all you need to know.
  2. Recalibrate applied all over face and neck. This is a new product to SkinMedica and real powerhouse of the regiMen. It’s potent ingredients target the needs of men. It helps with post shave irritation, ingrown hairs, oil production and overall healthy look of skin. It feels weightless and when I rubbed it on my hand I felt a cooling effect. I’m not gonna lie, I might have put some on my bikini line after shaving and it was so calming. Not that I wear a string bikini or anything, just for home scientific research. When I recommend a product, not only does it have to have the science to back it up but I have to like it. So when you are testing a product for men, you get creative. What can I say? This will be most men’s favorite!
  3. HA5! Ladies, how many of you have husbands stealing your HA5?!?!? It is the best feeling product on Earth, hands down. It makes your skin look flawless. I can’t leave the house without it on because it gives you a dewy, matte look. How is that possible? I don’t know. Just try it, it speaks for itself. It smooths the skin over time with its secret weapon algae and vitis flower extracts. It smooths it almost immediately with 5 different hyaluronic acids(the stuff in Juvederm fillers). Best thing to rid his wrinkles…… until you get him on the Brotox bandwagon anyways.
  4. Sunscreen. SkinMedica did a lot of research to find men’s favorite sunscreen. This one is for oily skin (men tend to be more oily than women). It’s lightweight, won’t run in their eyes nor get stuck in the scruff! A sunscreen men won’t complain about?!?!? Count me in!

The night regimen is steps 1-3.

This is a great gift for Dads and will retail for $225 but don’t miss the introductory price of $199. And if you are an Elite member get 10% off that! And did I mention you can use your brilliant distinction points? Or how about signing up for a subscription of the stuff in clinic and get 20% off! We will ship it to you free at the interval of your choice! You can delay shipments anytime and cancel whenever! Could we have made it any easier or any more cost effective?!?!? I think not. Click Here to purchase now….. just trust me.

SkinMedica says regiMen is “the mans answer to skin that wins”. Ummm okay. You know what I say? “Man up, take care of your skin or before you know it people will start thinking you are your wife’s Dad. Who will be the masculine man when that happens?” (Dr. Sandy helped me with that, obviously).

Lots of specials for men at the clinic this month. E-mail to learn more about regiMen. E-mail to find out how men are getting $500 off UltraShapePower for permanent fat destruction this month!

Stay skintastic, Nina