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What a deal!

Dr. Sandy is at it again!!! Who loves it when she guest post?!?!? This blog is a very important read for anyone considering cosmetic procedures! Enjoy.


What a great deal!? Or is it!? While scrolling on social media this weekend, a few sponsored ads appeared on my timeline. One was offering lip filler for $300 and the other was offering lip filler for $425. I am tempted to call and make an appointment. Wait! Hold the phone! I know better. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true. Since Nina and I are 2 of the 200 top injectors in the United States for Allergan, we know how much a syringe of filler costs. We also know there are different types of fillers. Heck, there are even different types of juvederm: volbella, vollure, voluma, ultra, and ultraplus. We also know that one can purchase Botox and fillers not from the FDA approved Allergan but from other countries or even from non approved or illegal sources. There are many reports of what can happen when one uses non approved products. An example of a catastrophe is reported in this article

I also remembered that in addition to the cost of the filler and the payment to the injector, there should also be some cost for the building, furniture, cleaning supplies, photographs, consenting process, anesthesia, chiller, ice packs, follow up to ensure satisfaction, etc. Man I really should call some of these places to find out how they are offering lip injections at so low a cost. Anyway, anyone who researches results knows that it’s not the “filler”, but it’s the “filler”. What that means is that juvederm in Nina’s hands is not the same as juvederm in someone else’s hands. The product chosen is important but even more important is the placement of the product and the technique. The injectors at Johnson Dermatology have more than 30 years of experience injecting. Not only do we have years of experience, we also regularly participate in advanced trainings as both students and teachers. We also inject each other. Nina injected my lips with vollure in November and I love it. Last week during a Facebook live video, we injected Dani (one of our cosmetic coordinators) with volbella to turn her frown upside down.

We know that you have many options of who to trust with your skin and your injections. We thank each and every one of you who continue to trust us repeatedly for the care of your skin. We also thank you for continuing to trust us with all of your skin needs. We don’t just inject you…we are honored that you trust us to treat your rashes, spots, acne, skin cancers, psoriasis, eczema, etc. We are honored you trust us with your full body skin exams, your laser hair reduction, your skin care products and regimens, etc.

In summary, you will not find advertisements for lip filler for $300 nor will you find the lowest advertised price at Johnson Dermatology. What you will find is our name on the building as well as an amazing, well educated, experienced, skintastic team dedicated to providing you with priceless results. You will find a team who wants to provide you and every patient with the most effective, efficient, (cost efficient), empathic and empowering care—after all, this is our motto. You will find a team that wants to work with you yesterday, today and tomorrow to help you be the most skintastic person you can be.

We are hoping to pass JD onto our kids someday…you don’t do that by offering filler at outrageously low prices. You build a legacy by offering the best results at honest fair and competitive pricing. Again, thank you for your trust….I hope we continue to earn and deserve your trust. Stay skintastic.

Have a skintastic day, S


Fort Smith Resolutions

Who has made their New Year Resolutions? I love this time of year when we look at ourselves and think about how we can be better. One year, 10 years ago I made my resolution to be positive about Fort Smith and make it my home. I was born, raised and educated in Fayetteville. I moved here late 2006 after becoming engaged to my now husband, Jarrard. He had been here for 20+ years and was a well known public figure for the FSPD. In Fayetteville I couldn’t go get gas without running into an acquaintance. In Fort Smith I had to go out to eat by myself if my husband was working and it felt like there were little to no yummy restaurants. It was a hard transition for a 23 year old. I had to resolute my negativity towards the move to make things better for myself. Now? Oh Now I LOVE this place. It’s growing into one of the coolest cities in Arkansas! I’ve made the best friends here and have fallen in love with some of our local small businesses. So this year while you try to reach your goals consider letting one of our local small businesses in Fort Smith help you out and you too will fall in love with this city.

If your resolution is…….

  1. Get in Shape. Check out Barre One. This is the best shape I have ever been in in my life. You might have heard of barre before but if you have not taken from Jennifer Glover you haven’t lived. She is the most motivating, fun and energetic instructor you will ever meet. The new and improved location is in Stonewood village across from Mercy hospital. Conveniently located for when I have a heart attack my first class back. Check out their Instagram for all the details @barreone.fs
  2. Eat Healthy. Try Perky Pantry. It’s our local version of hello fresh or blue apron. The recipes are much easier to follow, much quicker to cook and healthier. Consider coming to our event at JD January 16th at 5:30 and sampling their food. They will be offering 20% off a month of delivered meals that night only. Find out more at
  3. Drink more water. Having trouble getting that water intake you need down? Try Carrot Dirt juices. Maybe not water but definetely a drink that packs a healthy punch! Try Kale bro, their pineapple and kale juice that will give you island vibes during these winter months.
  4. Look your best. Become to comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt? No worries because Fort Smith is now home to some of the best boutiques in the state. Try Suite One or Hazels Haven, two of my personal favorites. Also, booming downtown now has Clothologie and The Valley Boutique which are so cute. While downtown check out the unexpected project, grab a cup of tea at Savoy Tea Co. or do an escape room.
  5. Take care of your skin. Okay so I’m betting this is a less popular resolution but your skin is your largest organ so you better bump it up on the priority list. Come get a skin cancer check called a full body skin exam at Johnson Dermatology. We specialize in skin cancer. Get a free skin care consult and find out what products are HONESTLY recommended by a dermatologist! Let one of the top 200 injectors in the United States inject your Botox, Fillers and Kybella. Come check out the largest laser center in the River Valley! Whatever your skin needs and wants are this year we can help you achieve them.

Whatever you have to resolute I hope you all achieve your goals! I hope you utilize everything Fort Smith has to offer you. I hope I get to meet you this year! Come see me and the cosmetic team January 16th at 5:30 at the clinic. We are going to do live Kybella injections, eat Perky Pantry and discuss all things skin! It’s going to be a fun party! Happy New Year!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Nina Marie