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Announcing Filler February

This is more of a public announcement post than anything else. This is my last post for January 2015 and in February I plan to do a filler series. Each Sunday I will post different topics and information related to fillers. I want to know what you all want to hear about in particular. What questions you have or what you would like to learn more about. If you can post in the comments and let me know I will be able to make this an awesome Filler February. The reason I chose to do a “filler” series is because it sounds good with February. Just kidding, it’s because I love filler. I love filler in my Mom, me and my patients. I love injecting filler. It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding procedures that I do in dermatology.  I want everyone to love filler as much as I do. I want filler to be associated with natural beauty and not people that look fake. I could almost guarantee you know someone that has had filler placed and have no idea. Here are some of the reasons I’m a filler advocate.

1. It looks so natural. When done properly, with good technique, by someone with a good eye, whose goal is to keep your natural beauty, it really does take a few years off of YOU and doesn’t change the way you look.

2. Little to no down time. With a facelift you go under and have more pain and “out of commission” time. I got my filler, went and saw patients 10 minutes later (undetected), cared for my 1 year old and went and worked out the same day (you really should skip strenouos activity but I am a bad patient).

3. It’s cost effective. You can get a syringe of filler to fill the lines around your lips that lasts for 6-18 months for $600 at Johnson Dermatology. That’s as little as $34 to $100 a month. Heck, you can tell your significant other to not send flowers this year because they wilt. Just put that money towards your filler. Don’t watch your lips and flowers wilt this year. Watch your lips stay sexy , pouty and youthful and forget about semi-romantic bouquets.

4. It’s minimal pain. We have so many tricks for pain relief. I have literally never had anyone refuse a repeat treatment because of the pain. We ice first to numb the area. We can put on a numbing cream if you like. We have multiple distraction techniques. Most of the fillers come mixed with numbing medicine so after the first few sticks the area is numb anyway. Lips are more tender so we can do a dental block like going to the dentist first. Plus, there is the whole no pain, no gain idea (just saying, woman up).

5. It’s instant. I hand you a mirror and you can see the magic happening instantaneously. Most people will ask you if you got a new haircut or new lipstick but you will know what is really giving you that extra va-va-voom.

Some things I would like to talk about in February are which fillers are my favorites, unique places for fillers (like the hands and nose), pre-, peri-, and post- procedure care, before and after pictures, the different types of fillers and more. I really need help slimming down my topics so if you guys can let me know what else you would like to learn from Filler February let me know by e-mail or in the comments.

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.” -Salma Hayek

Have a great last week of January 2015! Nina


A Birthday Boy’s Skincare

Today is my husband’s birthday. Jarrard is an amazing husband and Father. I really did good for myself. Most men don’t really take care for their skin like they should however,  being married to me, my man has to do something to keep up with all my young, hot, flawlessness. So here is what I have my red-toned rosacea man use for skin care.

1. Wash with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser- I like the foam cleanser but he says it feels too much like washing with water and the daily cleanser has a little more substance. It’s a gentle cleanser so it doesn’t irritate the skin and cause inflammation which can cause him to be more red or get folliculitis (little red bumps) in his beard area.

2. SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex- This is a moisturizer. It is made for people who suffer from redness. It works very well, some claim better than prescriptions I have given for redness. The best part about it is that it is luxurious. It doesn’t irritate or dry out the skin like some prescriptions for redness are known to do, it does quite the opposite and CALMs your comPLEXsion (corny what I did there?).

3. Mirvaso- This is a prescription cream for redness. You put it on in the morning and it kicks in in 30 minutes, works at its best in 3 hours and lasts for 12 hours. The longer you use it the more the decrease in overall redness over time. This one should be used with a moisturizer and the amount you use should be gradually increased as tolerated. If you are interested come see us at the clinic and we will spend some time with you on how to use it so that it is a success for you.

4. PDL- Pulsed Dye Laser works great for things that are red. Jarrard had 5 treatments one month apart initially and now gets a touch-up about every 6-12 months (or whenever I drag him to the clinic, hold him down and do it).  We use the PDL laser for vascular lesions, acne, rosacea, red birthmarks and much more.

5. What he is about to start- Soolantra. Soolantra is a mix between some pig SOOie and cilantro. No seriously, Soolantra is a new topical cream for rosacea patients. Its active ingredient is ivermectin which we have traditionally used as a parasitic. Demodex are generally harmless mites that live in all of our skin and some believe are more abundant in those with rosacea. That parasitic effect paired with its anti-inflammatory effect make it the perfect candidate to solve the problem of red bumpy rosacea issues. If you’re a rosacea patient you are going to want to be one of the first to try this new to the market cream. Should be available within the next few weeks, eeeek, excited!!

This skin regimen is great for those of you with redness or rosacea. If you ever wondered why my husband is so good looking, now you know, it’s because of me and my skin care skills. If you want to talk more about any of these products and tricks come see us at the clinic this week, we want to see your smiling face!

Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous, with love, Nina

6 Skincare Products You Don’t Share

I have had some serious BFF time this weekend and it was great! Don’t you just love seeing your best friends? Even if you see each other everyday or once a year you just click together and always have the best time. The type of friends that you can say anything to, that would be there for you for anything and that you share everything with! These friends are the best! Well there are a few things that you can’t share even with your best friend. Some things are not meant to share. So todays post is all about the skincare products you shouldn’t share.

1. Razors- When shaving, as you know, there is a risk of cutting the skin. Even if you can’t see blood on the razor you could still be spreading bacteria and viruses such as hepatitis C, MRSA and warts. Your best friend may not know they even have bacteria or viruses to spread so just play it safe and don’t forget your razor at the next sleep over.  Alternatively, recommend she get some laser hair reduction! It will change her life and she will thank you later.

2. Make-up- Your brushes should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks if you are the only one using them. If your friend must use a brush you should consider washing before and after. Mascara can spread active pink eye, lip stick can spread active cold sores. Etc, etc.

3. Nail clippers- You can cut the skin and spread bacteria, viruses and fungus. Plus, do you really want someone else’s toe jam tool rubbing against you?

4. Antiperspirants- Deodorants work by killing stinky bacteria but antiperspirants work by causing a dam and decreasing the sweat. So if you share antiperspirants you can also be sharing bacteria and fungus that’s living on your skin.

5.  Hair care products- Brushes and hats can spread head lice. Head lice don’t discriminate. If you shared a brush with your BFF and then she called you the next day and told you her kids have head lice how would you feel? Itchy! My scalp is itching right now just thinking about it.

6. Bar soap- You ever heard of MRSA? It’s a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to lots of antibiotics. Even if it is an antibacterial soap you could be spreading what we call a multi-drug resistant bacteria. There are many people in the community that carry MRSA and have no idea. One booty per bar please.

There are lots of skincare products you should share with your friends and the best one is sunscreen. Always carry a bottle/tube/jar of sunscreen with you and share with anyone that will put some on. Sunscreen and sun protection can decrease risk of skin cancer, discolorations and premature skin aging. Who wouldn’t want to share that?!?!

Hope everyone has the best week ever this week!

Stay Skintastic, Nina


What NOT to do this year

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s been a year since my first post on this blog? What a blessing to be able to write about what I love and have people actually want to read it! Thank you all for trusting me with your skin and being a part of this blog community with me. Last year my first post was skinolutions, things I recommended you do for your skin in 2014. It only seems right that I make this a New Year tradition. Only this year I’m going to change it up a bit. Instead of giving you a list of resolutions you should do for your skin in 2015 I’m going to give you a list of resolutions of things you should NOT do to your skin this year. Take care of your skin in 2015 by not doing the following things.

1.Don’t Neglect your skin- Don’t let new, changing or growing moles go without being checked by a dermatologist. Don’t skip your yearly skin check. Don’t skip your skincare regimen. Your skin is your largest organ so you can’t neglect it. You gotta love it and take care of it in 2015.

2. Don’t tan- OMG how over is the tan fad? Flip through a magazine and all the models skin looks natural. No one looks like they have been in the tanning bed. Besides the fact that UV rays speed up the skins aging process, give you brown spots and increase your risk of skin cancer, it just isn’t cool anymore. There is a reason God made us the color we are, it’s beautiful. Nothing looks naturally orange except for Velveeta cheese dip and surely that’s not the look you’re going for?

3. Don’t scrub your skin- This year toss the loofa, apricot scrubs, washes with beads, brushes and whatever else you are scrubbing your skin with. Scrubbing irritates and inflames the skin, keep it gentle people.

4. Don’t forget your sunscreen. No explanation needed right?

5. Don’t put 53 steps on your skin- If your skin regimen takes longer to apply than the time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal, then you’re probably using too much stuff. Over use of products can cause irritation to your skin. Simplify in 2015.

6. Don’t pick, pop and squeeze- Pimples that is. Pick the fun road to take, pop the Cristal and squeeze the ones you love. But PLEASE don’t pick at your skin. You can scar your skin, cause rashes and bigger problems. Resolute people, this is very hard to accomplish.

7. Don’t hate your skin- Do you know how many times a day I have to hear “I hate that mole” or “my skin is so ugly” or “I look so old”. #GIRLBYE to all that negativity. It’s time to love your skin. Come see me and I will help you love your skin again.

8.Don’t judge others’ skin- If someone wants Botox, empower them, don’t judge them. If someone wants a mole removed because they don’t like the way it looks, that’s fine. We all want to feel good about ourselves that’s why we do things to our appearance. Feel good about your own skin (see resolution 7) and help others feel good about theirs.

9. Don’t be mean to your nails- Don’t push your cuticles back. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails when you moisturize the rest of your body. Don’t pick nor bite your nails or the skin fold around them.

10. Don’t hate on your hair- Read my hair tips post for some extra tips. In 2015, don’t over heat your hair, don’t over wash your hair, don’t harshly brush your hair. Treat your hair gently this year.

THIS IS MY YEAR! I hope you all can say that with me. Here’s to an amazing, best year yet… 2015! Hope to see you all at the clinic this year.

Stay Skintastic, Nina