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Sorry Sunburn

Have you heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  That is so true when it comes to sun damage…. it’s much easier to prevent it then to “fix” it. That’s why you should read my post about sunscreen and sun protective swim wear before you need this sunburn post. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of sun burns in my social media feeds lately. Everyone is on Summer vacations and spending time at the pool so it is the season of the sunburn. Here are some tips for treating those uncomfortable sunburns.

1. For swelling, pain and discomfort take what you might take for a headache. Consider something like tylenol or motrin.

2. Take cool showers or baths-The cold water can feel soothing.

3. Moisturize- Most important after that cool shower. Pat yourself with a towel but before completely dry lather up in a good moisturizer such as vaseline to lock all the moisture from the shower into your skin.

4. Use over the counter hydrocortisone- Try to stay away from “the -caines” and other over the counter lotions and potions that promise pain relief, they can irritate the skin and make things even worse.

5. Drink lots of water- When the skin is burned it pulls water from the body into the skin so you need to hydrate.

6. Protect your skin- Twice as important when you are burnt. Wear long sleeves and other sun protective clothing and sunscreen if you go outside.

7. Leave blisters alone- The skin forms blisters with second degree burns to heal and protect the skin from infection. If you pop the blister and pull the roof off the top of the blister you are opening up your skin barrier to infection. Just let them heal.

I hope none of you need my sunburn tips but if you do I won’t judge. I understand how hard it is to sun protect. The struggle really is real. If you are miserable come see me in the clinic and there are some prescriptions we can give you to get you through that sunburn. Hope your weekend was as good as mine was!

“The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you!”, xoxo, Nina


My Sunscreen Collection

One of the most frequently asked questions I get during the summer months is what sunscreen to use.  The general rules are at least 30 SPF, UVA/UVB or broad spectrum, water resistant and try to get a physical blocker versus a chemical sunscreen.  Sunscreen is for areas of your body that aren’t covered with sun protective clothes and should be reapplied at least every 2 hours. Here are a few of my favorite sunscreens you should give a try.

1. Total Defense and Repair by SkinMedica- This is my new obsession. It’s the latest and greatest sunscreen. It protects not only against UVA/UVB but also against infrared rays which makes it the first of its kind. It also has antioxidants to repair damaged skin which makes it anti-aging. It’s like a two in one! It comes in clear and tinted. I have stopped using powder in the morning and only use the tinted sunscreen. It is NOT greasy and feels so smooth going on. It’s the number one sunscreen for the face that’s out there right now in my opinion. Find it at Johnson Dermatology.

2. BOB or Brush on Block- This is a powder sunscreen. It is so easy to put on kids and you don’t have to wait for it to dry. The brush has a powder sunscreen in the handle. You click open the handle and the powder releases through the brush. I love it because I can keep it in my car and purse without it getting hot and melting or exploding. It doesn’t run in your eyes and it goes on clear. Find it at Johnson Dermatology.

3. Bare Republic- This is a natural mineral sunscreen. I use the aerosol container spray. Spray sunscreens have gotten some bad publicity because a)you could inhale them and b) it’s hard to get good coverage. But who can deny how easy they are to cover large areas. I use this spray when I’m in a hurry. It’s really good for the feet but I wouldn’t use it on the face. It doesn’t go on clear so you can see where you are applying it and it isn’t greasy. Found mine at Target.

4. Babyganics- For those of you who want a spray sunscreen that isn’t in an aerosol can. This is a mineral-based sunscreen for kiddos. It’s advertised as “tear free, non-allergenic, no PABA, phthalates, parabens, fragrances or nano-particles”. I don’t get the whole “tear free” idea because my kid cries if she gets water in her eyes but whatever. It sprays on a little bit thicker than the aerosol can does so it’s easier to make sure you are getting good coverage. Find it at Target.

5. Elta MD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen- This is a good facial sunscreen for those of you that don’t want to splurge on the anti-aging properties and luxury of the SkinMedica Superscreen (#1). It’s made for acne-prone skin so it goes on light. I use it on my neck and chest where I don’t want tinted sunscreen to rub on my clothes. It’s my weekend “I’m just sitting in the shade by the pool and don’t care what I look like” go to facial sunscreen. Find it at Johnson Dermatology.

My sunscreen collection
My sunscreen collection

I hope you can all have fun in the sun this summer with your sun protective clothing and sunscreen. I know I will! If you have any questions you’re always welcome to come into the clinic and talk to one of our cosmetic concierges about the sunscreens we offer. I hope to see you all at the clinic before the Summer comes to an end.

Keep it skintastic, Nina

Sun Protective Swimwear

Last week I talked about my struggle with sunscreen and why I love sun protective clothing. But sun protective clothing doesn’t come without its own set of problems. Number one problem is finding it. It’s easy to find a bikini in almost every major clothing store but a swimsuit that covers you up is a whole other story. Then you have to find stuff that is fashionable. I want to be covered up like a 1930’s farmer but I sure don’t want to look like a 1930’s farmer (no offense intended).

old farmers

So I don’t want to leave you hanging. This post is all about my favorite sun protective swimwear. And before you say it’s hot let me tell you that it’s not! Once wet it really keeps you cool. Plus, most of these fabrics are made to keep you cool!

First up is my favorite line by Seea, their vintage rose fabric is to die for. You can find all these pieces at

seea vintage rose rashguard

The best long sleeve swimsuit, it is sooo cute, pair it with the matching leggings and you're good to go!
The best long sleeve swimsuit, it is sooo cute, pair it with the matching leggings and you’re good to go!
......and the back, all the heart eyes!
……and the back, all the heart eyes!
These leggings with the rashguard above would be so adorable together!
These leggings with the rashguard above would be so adorable together!

Next is UV Couture sun protective clothing line. My favorite is their new “dainty” collection which is bright, light, colorful florals. I just ordered these leggings, perfect for yoga, running, swimming or any sun sport! Available at

rose leggings uv couture


You all know that I have a long sleeve pant zip up swimsuit in red cheetah. It is from and they ship to the US for free! Next on my list from them is this green leopard piece. How is that not hot?!?!?

stingersuit  by exotic waterwear


If you are a shark tank fan you may have seen Swim Zip on there. They have kids, womens and mens swimwear. It is all super cute! It’s hard to find long pants for kids and they have some really cute one pieces. Go get one at

girls swim suit swim zip


Are you into really colorful fun prints during the summer? I know I am! Here is another pair of leggings that are awesome for swimming and all other sun sports from they have so many amazing prints it will be hard for you to chose!

photo (1)

And last but not least my girls favorite swimsuits are from Cabana Life. Right now they are having an awesome sale so head over to to get you some steals! This womens rash guard can be worn as a shirt or a dress and has a matching kids rash guard if you’re into mommy and me styling (which I totally am). To top it all off it’s on sale for $44 which is a total steal!

photo (2)

I hope this post helps you find your way to some styling sun protective swimwear. Enjoy your summer safely with me!

Hope to see you all at the clinic this week! And just as a reminder I will be doing live injections at the “lunch and learn” this Thursday at the clinic so call and reserve your spot before they are all full because it is going to be really fun! I am going to do a full face correction LIVE and we are all going to enjoy some food together during a Q&A!

XxXx, Nina

The Struggle IS Real

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend. I spent most of the weekend playing outside with my little girl and her best friend by the pool {insert gasp here}. Whenever I educate patients about sun protection and their skin being more tan than I like to see I often times get the response “well I spend so much time outside”. Whether it be from a farmer or a lake goer or a beach vacationer I often times wonder if they think I live in a drawer. I like outdoor activities too! I even own a boat and often spend weekends on the lake! And guess what?!?! I hate having to constantly worry about applying sunscreen. It’s such a pain. I wonder if trying to quit smoking is as hard as sun protection? Do you know how hard it is to put sunscreen on a two year old? I imagine it’s similar to trying to win a mud wrestling match. The point is that the sun protective struggle IS real. I understand that what I ask you to do to protect your skin from the sun isn’t easy. Sunscreen application most definitely is not easy. That’s why I love sun protective clothing. It’s so easy. That’s my number one reason to wear sun protective clothing but here are some other good ones.

1. It’s fashionable- I wear a red leopard neck to toe swim suit. What’s hotter than skin tight red leopard? I’m serious.

2. It’s cool. Not cool like vanilla ice, cool as in temperature. When the sun is beating on your skin it can get pretty hot. When you have a wet long sleeve rash guard on it cools the skin and feels so good.

3. It’s clean- Sunscreen can be messy. It can explode in your purse, it can get in your eyes, it can get on your clothes. I mean I love the stuff and would still rather put on a long sleeve shirt than have to lather my arms in sunscreen.

4. It’s cheap- Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen nor apply often enough to adequately protect from UVA/UVB rays. It takes a lot of sunscreen to get through even one day by the pool in a bikini and the cost of sunscreen can quickly add up. Buy one long sleeve, long pant swim suit and it lasts all summer….. probably more than one summer!

5. It’s fun to shop for! What woman doesn’t love to shop for clothes? Shop for cute cover-ups on-line and in store, it’s really a treat with all the new options! Here is a photo of me in my Exotic Water Wear swimsuit (find it at and my girls in Cabana Life (find them at looking good covered up!


Happy Independence Day to all! Hope your fun in the sun was spent safely! See you all at the clinic this week for all your skin needs!

xXxX, Nina