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The World’s Changing Me

It’s Thursday and I’ve already learned so much this week it’s crazy. For those of you that follow JD on Snapchat (if you don’t we are jdermatology) you watched me talk about a nurse practitioner from North Carolina that changed me for the better. Here is the short version.

A group of nurse practitioners and physician assistants went out to eat dinner. Our waitress was super rude and cranky. Someone mentioned we need to get a manager but one of the NP’s said “No, don’t because I’m going to go ask her what’s wrong with her”. She went and pulled the waitress aside and asked her what was going on. The waitress told her she had a really bad personal problem before work and then got slammed all day at work just making things worse. The NP told the waitress to  let our table be the thing that swings her mood. She assured the waitress that we are fun, laid back, tip well and she can have fun serving us. The rest of the evening was perfect. We got to know the waitress, she was lovely, she enjoyed serving us and at the end of the night we thought she took great care of us. If we would of gotten the manager that waitress may not have been able to get out of her funk and we wouldn’t have had the great dinner experience. If we were lucky we might of received a free dessert. That NP taught me to be the change you want to see in the world and walk in someone else’s shoes.

Later this week I had a frustration at work. I sent out an e-mail that I’m sure offended some of my beloved co-workers. It was meant to be a playful way of producing change in the work place but after I sent it I felt a little mean, maybe even guilty. BUT, the next day I got to work and EVERY SINGLE co-worker had made the change that I asked. By that small change in actions they showed me they cared about my needs and wanted to be great for me, for the clinic. I really felt the love. It was such a small silly thing I asked for but it was amazing how happy it made me when everyone did it. I don’t think any of my co-workers even realize how much their efforts are appreciated but they still make those efforts. The moral of the story is small acts can make big smiles. Never underestimate the power of change you have on someones mood, maybe even someones life. My co-workers taught me appreciation and maybe learned my love language.

Then today I had a realization. Many of you have met most of the JD team, whether through social media or visits to the clinic. Some of the people on the team I talk to multiple times per day, some I have barely spoken to, unfortunately. I was laying on the UltraShape table being treated and I learned more about those girls treating me in those 30 minutes than our entire work careers together. I looked at them different, I related to them more, I understood them better. I work with my nurses so closely I feel like Bridgett is my sister sometimes, Alondra my third arm and Christine my own personal Ninja. But the people that I haven’t gotten so close with yet have so much to offer me too even from our distant working relationship. I just haven’t given them the time to impact my life. Going back to that waitress story, if you walk in other peoples shoes, give them a chance to show you their side you might learn something. You might understand something better, you might be a better person in this world. You will most definitely be glad you made time for someone, every time you do.

I hope this weekend you try to see someone else’s point of view, that a small act shows you something much bigger and that you get to know someone better. Make time to love, time to change and time for people. Or don’t, I’m just a skin expert giving life advice 😉


P.S. I wrote this blog on a whim at bedtime and didn’t proof read it so don’t judge my punctuation nor grammar. Ain’t got time for that, Goodnight!