It’s National Gratitude month. It is my favorite month of the year. At Johnson Dermatology we all put extra attention towards having an attitude of gratitude. For example, when a patient is 30 minutes late for their appointment we don’t stress or get angry but instead we think and then say “I’m so thankful that patient chose us to care for their skin, I’m grateful for patients”. We also celebrate all month with specials for our patients who have trusted us all year long. We do lots of other things to express gratitude all month and it is really fun! I’ve been thinking about all the things in my life for which I am grateful and thought “I’m so grateful to have a great injector”. I mean right here in Fort Smith, AR I have one of the top injectors in the United States. I see patients all the time who have been botched and don’t even realize they have been botched. They sit in my chair and say they want to look natural but when I point out their upper lip towering over their lower lip and the resulting duck effect they don’t see it and want more in their lips completely ignoring the volume depletion in their mid face. Their proportions are out of whack but in the mirror they don’t see it, they don’t see the angles we see and they walk out just as botched as they were before. We don’t look at ourselves from the side, we can’t see our profile in the mirror. We don’t watch ourselves make all the expressions we make all day. That’s why we have to trust our injector. That’s why a good injector is such a blessing. So today I’m thankful for a great injector that keeps me fresh and youthful but still looking like myself. Here are 10 signs that you should be thankful for your injector too….

1. The lady at the cash register at wal-mart doesn’t ask you where you had your lips done. If strangers ask where your “work” was done then they can tell you’ve had work and that’s not a good sign. Be thankful when no one can tell.
2. Your closest friends and family DO ask you where you had your work done. When you tell Aunt Karen at Thanksgiving that you’re thankful for Botox and then she asks where you go that’s a compliment, thank your injector.
3. Your husband doesn’t say anything the day you got filler in your cheeks. Now lips are one thing but cheeks go undetected by most men even the day of injections.
4. You get your lips done and your girlfriend ask you if you got new lipstick because that color looks so good on you. She knows you look good and maybe different but can’t tell what it is, thank your injector.
5. You got all the instructions on what to do when you leave the clinic. Your injector may have told you no heavy lifting or no extreme cold or no make-up. Whatever instructions she gave you be grateful because I can’t tell you how many people come to me from other injectors and I explain aftercare to them and they say “no one ever told me that before”. Sorry for you, now you can thank your injector.
6. You walk into your appointment knowing exactly what you want and walk out with something completely different but love it. You aren’t the expert injector no matter how many beauty gurus you follow on instagram. Your face is different than those pictures, you are unique and you need an expert injector who can assess your face and know what it needs to keep you looking yourself at your best. So if you look good and aren’t real sure how or why, thank your injector.
7. You didn’t use a groupon for your injections.
8. Your injector promises the best results, not the best prices. If you have a result driven injector rather than a money maker, thank ‘em.
9. Your injector addresses your concerns and gives you a plan. No good injector thinks they can inject you one time and then you are done and 29 forever. You need an injector that has a plan for you to age backwards, a friend for life. If you have that, be grateful for your injector.
10. You have fun at your injection sessions and look forward to them. If you aren’t excited for fresh Botox, you might need a new injector. If Botox days are just as good or better than hair days and the nail salon days then thank your injector.

So thank you Dr. Sandy for being such a great injector. I’m so grateful to have you as my mentor, my teacher, my boss, my friend and my great injector. What are you grateful for this year? Let me know on social media and use #gcw or #natinoalgratitudemonth or #gratitude30

Grateful for all my readers, Nina


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