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New! New! New!

Can someone please tell me how the Summer is over? Why did I pick up my child from the last day of kindergarten and send her to the first day of first grade in the blink of an eye? Who is with me? Why are the years getting shorter? Why have I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve blogged!?!?!? So many exciting thing happening at JD but I am going to try to shove them into one post right here!

1. Colorescience gamechangers- I have to do an entire post about all our new Colorescience products next week but for today I want to tell you about All Calm. It is a three in one product that has antioxidants that treat redness, color correction and a 100% physical sunscreen. So basically it’s your make-up, skincare and sunscreen all in one easy step. My redness is usually crazy during the Summer and this year it’s been non existent because of this product.
2. Dermal Infusion. I just peed my pants a little bit with excitement! You may know about hydrafacial, a device that sucks out and cleanses the pores while infusing serums. Well dermal infusion is that PLUS a diamond tip that offers microdermabrasion during the treatment. So you get exfoliation, extraction and infusion! It feels like a cat licking you and the satisfaction of looking in that bottle at the end and seeing what came of your skin is as good as being first in line at your favorite store on Black Friday! E-mail to get scheduled or set up a consult or learn more or just to say “hey girl!”.
3. New neighbors. Okay so this isn’t really something new at JD but it’s exciting for our community, especially south Fort Smith. Premier Pediatrics opened a pediatric walk-in clinic directly in front of our clinic. What a game changer for the River Valley pediatric population! It’s going to keep lots of babies from being forced to go to the ER. Plus, Dr. Wilkinson is my kids pediatrician so selfishly I’m in love with the proximity! You can contact the at 479-763-3050. Also moving in right next door is Riley Farm Dental &Braces! So basically you can come to Our parking lot and have your teenagers acne treated, braces placed and get a physical without moving parking spaces! I have an appointment with Cynthia to get my teeth cleaned there so I will share my experience with you guys soon! I already love Dr. Sparkman though and I asked a few of my dental hygienist friends about his work and they said it is the BEST! So basically nothing but excellence when you turn into Riley Park Dr.
4. New Nurse Practitioner. You didn’t hear? Scarlett Bone joined JD to be a sub-Investigator in all the clinical trials JD has to offer. What a great thing research is to our community. Clinical trials could give someone suffering a new drug that helps them more than anything we could have prescribed and at no cost to the patient. The medications and the healthcare offered during clinical trials are a great option for people who have “tried everything” or delayed their care because they didn’t have health insurance. If you are interested in a clinical trial e-mail because she is currently enrolling for atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, psoriasis and hidradenitis supportiva.
5. New and coming soon! TNS Advanced Plus! This is the breast milk of growth factors recreated! No formula is exactly like breast milk because breast milk can change to your babies needs. Well we needed TNS to smooth our skin quicker. SkinMedica listened and the new formula will show results in 4 weeks instead of having to get through two entire bottles of the stuff! I’m so excited because who wants to wait longer for results?!?!

Who wants in on all the action?!?!? E-mail for a free skincare consult, e-mail for more info on dermal infusion, e-mail for more information on studies and don’t e-mail me….. JK if you need anything else you can always e-mail me!!!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Stay Skintastic, Nina