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Gratitude Celebration Week. GCW. My favorite week of the year at Johnson Dermatology.  We spend the entire month of November at JD trying to show an attitude of gratitude. We tell each other and our patients what we are grateful and thankful for and focus on our blessings. The week  of Thanksgiving we thank all our patients that trust us with their skin throughout the year with 20% off all cosmetic products and procedures. So today I want to tell you what you need to hurry in and stock up on this week!

  1. Laser hair reduction package. Other than just the savings, laser hair reduction is safest when done without any tan or color from the sun. Since most people need 3-5 treatments once a month, now is the perfect time to start. Be ready for Summer without a razor!
  2. Jane Iredale magic mitt. This is everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer. It’s a very gentle make-up removing cloth. Come in and stock up for the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift to give all your gal frands!
  3. Botox. We all know botox is valued by the hands that it is in. Never have Dr. Sandy and I offered $8/unit Botox from our hands. Normally $12/unit, this week it is $10/unit and for elite members it’s $8/unit. It would be near impossible to find EXPERT hands letting Botox flow out of their needle at this low of a price. All I can say is, if you snooze you lose.
  4. PRP. This is a procedure Dr. Nelson does for hair loss. He draws your blood, spins it down and injects the good stuff into your scalp. Initially you need 4 treatments and then you need maintenance treatments every 3-6 months. My advice? Get your initial treatments at a discount! Come in this week for 20% off! Without that initial sticker shock start up will be easy and maintenance treatments a breeze.
  5. TNS essential serum. I call this stuff the breast milk of skin care products, no formula can exactly replicate it. These growth factors will give your skin life again. The antioxidant side will not let your skin go dry and dull this winter. It’s also the highest priced item I recommend for skin care. That’s why you should get it now, while it’s 20% off. Get the new larger size for even more savings! It’s a skinvestment you won’t regret. Glow girl!

Dont know where to start? Overwhelmed with what to do for your skin with all these options? No worries. I got you covered. E-mail or for a free consult and let us get you to your skin goals!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to read my blog. I’m so grateful for you all.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nina




Want the upper hand?

Having the upper hand usually means having an advantage in a situation. Unfortunately in skin, aging of the hands usually doesn’t have the upper hand. Many of my patients complain their hands look much older than their true age. This might be because we are better at applying skincare products to our face than hands. It might be because we drive frequently putting our hands in the sun’s harmful rays while our faces stay shaded. Protruding veins and tendons tend to develop over the years as we lose the fat layer in our skin and our skin thins. Luckily, we have great treatment options for the hands. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Creams, serums, lotions. If you apply good skincare to your face pump it into the back of your hand first and apply from there. Whatever product you have left over on your hand just rub it in. SkinMedica total defense and repair sunscreen is a great hand option because it prevents premature photoaging and has antioxidants that repair Brown spots.
  2. IPL. While not a true laser, the intense pulse light device is one of my favorites for hands. It has great results with treating brown spots and it helps to tighten the skin as well. We recommend 3-5 treatments for optimal results.
  3. Radiesse. This is a filler that lasts 6-12 months in the hands. If your concern is crinkly skin and protruding veins and tendons then this is the option for you. It’s a quick in office procedure with immediate results and no real downtime.
  4. ATV. This laser is great for specific brown spots that are driving you nuts. Great for people who don’t need the entire hand treated but just one or two spots. Very effective in results and cost.
  5. Chemical peels. Although I do have this tool in the JD toolbox, in my opinion the lasers and devices we have are more controlled and offer the best results for the hands. I will commonly use a TCA peel for actinic keratosis on the arms and hands which need to be treated for medical reasons rather than solely cosmetic. This brings us to the point of how important it is to have your skin evaluated by a dermatologist before cosmetic procedures.

Don’t neglect those pretty hands. E-mail for your free consult ASAP because our Gratitude Week Celebration is coming up and all the procedures and products discussed here will be 20% off!

Feeling grateful, thankful and blessed, Nina