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I promised a post about my new make-up skincare addiction. I’m not a foundation girl. I’ve worn powder foundation from time to time due to my acne prone skin. When I’m having a flare up, I want to camouflage it, who doesn’t? As I get older I find myself wanting a little something but I work hard on my skin and don’t want the feel of foundation covering my skin all day. These products we brought on at Johnson Dermatology changed my make-up and skincare game. Here are my three favorites in detail.

1. Total Eye. Game changer. Everyone’s favorite. This is a concealer, sunscreen and antioxidants to treat under eye circles and crinkles all in one. It comes in an easy to apply metal applicator that is mess free and doesn’t have that dingy sponge that’s on some concealer applicators. The sunscreen is 100 percent physical which I love. It goes on so smooth and leaves a luminous glow under your eyes. Pro tip: spread it where you put highlighter on your cheeks for a natural pop of that cheek bone when the light hits. Also use on upper eyelids as a base to eye shadow!
2. All calm. This is for those who suffer with redness. It is a sunscreen, color corrector and treatment for redness rolled into one! It makes a perfect primer for those that want more coverage or perfect alone for those that want light coverage. It’s all I wore today and my skin still looked like MY skin but that pesky hormonal outbreak was hidden away beneath the Colorescience perfection. Pro tip: Awesome for after procedures like pulsed dye laser because it covers the redness from the treatment AND protects you from the sun which can cause problems after a laser treatment!!
3. Even Up. This product is for people with brown discoloration or “sun spots”. It is a sunscreen, color corrector and treatment for brown spots rolled into one. See the theme here? These three favs of mine are all so cost conscience because you are getting three products rolled into one! I wore this all Summer and it’s the first Summer my melasma didn’t flare since I had my 4 year old. It covers brown spots but doesn’t look cakey so there is immediate satisfaction but the more you use it over time the better your skin looks naked. This is one you have to come in and try because it is so fluffy and yummy feeling. Pro tip: use this for sunscreen poolside or at the beach for easy coverage and great protection!

If you want to come check out any of these products just e-mail and she can set you up with a free consult with her or Liz. Tell them I sent you from my blog and they might even have a gift for you! If you are a make-up lover and want great naked skin too then these products are for you! I can’t wait for you to try them. Have a super week and please stay Skintastic, Nina