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JD gift guide

Who is done Christmas shopping? If you are, what alien planet are you from? I mean how do you do it? Every year I find myself grabbing one last something on the 23rd. If you’re still looking for a few items, join the club. You’re in luck at JD because everyone has skin so you can’t go wrong. Something for everyone. Stop in and grab one of these for that special someone!

The perfect stocking stuffer: SkinMedica Facial Cleanser. On sale while supplies last for $20, usually $38. It’s a great facewash for teens, men, women, I mean anyone really.

The perfect skincare gift for someone that you have no idea what they like: SkinMedica holiday bags. They are a chrome bag great for traveling or just keeping make-up in. They have a travel size of skincare must haves in them so whoever receives it can start a full regimen. On sale for $100.

For that person you’ve been begging to use sunscreen all year: The BOB. Brush On Block. It’s a handle filled a powder sunscreen that brushes on clear. Men who refuse sunscreen because of the “greasy” feeling love this stuff. You can keep it in your golf bag or your motorcycle and it never melts and gets nasty. The best way to get your hunk in sunscreen? Buy it for him, buy the BOB, place it next to his toothbrush so he never forgets to apply. Works every time.

For the make-up lover: Jane Iredale brushes are 40% off. Guys. These are legit the softest brushes that have ever touched my face. I lurve them to the moon and back.

For everyone and anyone: Giftcards! While supplies last all giftcards over $500 will come in the holiday bag mentioned above! (That’s $100 of free stuff y’all!)

Merry Christmas everyone, Nina


Team JD

Last weekend I went to a grand opening party for a new salon in downtown Fort Smith called “Five Zero Four”. It was food, drinks, music, photo booth, some best friends and new friends. It was a night anyone would love. By far my favorite part of the night was hearing the new owner talk about her salon. She briefly spoke about the fact that the salon was her dream for downtown Fort Smith and she spent most of her time on the mic talking about her staff. She took the time to introduce every single one of her staff members emphasizing on all their strengths. She was beaming with pride as she spoke of how great each one was and how the teamwork is really what makes the dream work. It’s why I love Fort Smith, shopping small businesses and supporting great female business professionals in our community. That’s exactly what we have at Johnson Dermatology. It goes back to the old adage “you’re only as good as your weakest team member”. We have the best team at JD in all of Dermatology. It’s why you trust us with your skin. Not because you love me as your health care provider(although I know you obviously do) but because you love the gal on the phone that makes your appointment and you smile when you see the beauty that welcomes you into the front door. You’re amazed at how knowledgeable the team member that escorted you to a room was and you are impressed by the competency of the smart cookie at check out.  To top it off, they all enjoy their job and serving you. That’s why you trust all of us as a team. That’s what helps you choose JD. At our last cosmetic team meeting I asked the leaders what makes our patients choose us? What makes our laser team, make-up team, skincare team different? Why should Fort Smithians choose to trust us with their skin. Alice, our amazing lead laser technician wrote an entire blog post explaining why! That’s part of why our laser team is so special. They always go one step further than what the patient and Dr. Sandy asks of them. I would like to share with you why our laser team thinks you should trust JD. Proudly I introduce to you, via her writing, the lead laser tech of the largest laser center in the River Valley, Alice.

Why Choose Johnson Dermatology?

It’s the holiday season and everywhere you turn, businesses and companies are clamoring for your hard earned money by saying, “Choose us! We are the best!” Today, we have many more options to choose from on where we go to have laser treatments done. We also have MANY different laser/light devices to choose from and I know that can be overwhelming for many patients seeking treatment! Whether you are seeking medical and or cosmetic laser treatments, where you go can make a HUGE difference!
Before I was blessed to come and work for Johnson Dermatology, I was a patient here. My first thought when I decided to have a specific laser treatment done was, “I need to go see a Dermatologist.” That might just be the way I’m wired – I’m always the patient that if ANYTHING can go wrong, it happens to me – or it may have something to do with the fact that I’m overly cautious when it comes to having anything done to my face.
My second thought was, what Dermatology clinic do I use? The Dermatologist I had been using didn’t have any laser devices. I had been to Johnson Dermatology once before and I knew they had lasers, but I really wasn’t sure how well they did when it came to laser treatments. I had come in to see Dr. Sandy Johnson once before – the staff was nice and helpful, they were very attentive to me, but that was for a full body check to see if I had skin cancer – not to be treated by a laser that could potentially cause me harm.
When we’re looking for a service or a product we inevitably draw conclusions from things we hear from others, read on the Internet, and experience. “Word of mouth,” is a very powerful tool! We ask questions – Why this brand? Why this clinic? Why this service?
The REAL question is a matter of trust:

Why should I trust Johnson Dermatology for their laser services?
Physicians, just like companies, and their products/services have to earn a consumer’s trust. So, why, when I was a patient, did I trust Johnson Dermatology for their laser services? I loved their customer service, I truly had NEVER been to any doctor’s office before where they were so attentive to my every need, and I knew that, God forbid, if I did have a problem with my laser treatment that there would be a board certified Dermatologist to make things better.
Now that I am on the clinical side I can tell you MANY factual reasons why you should trust JD with your laser treatments. Here are just a few:
*We do over 2,000 laser/light treatments a year!
*We are one of the largest laser/light departments in the state of Arkansas! Why so many?? Because we want the best outcomes for our patients! Could we use an IPL device to treat for bruising? Yes, absolutely, but why would we do that when we have the best laser for bruising – a pulse dye laser! As Dr. Sandy says, “Why use a Swiss army knife to fix a problem, when all you really need is a hammer?”
*If you do have a spot that causes you, or us, concern we have a provider on staff that will look at it for you. You NEVER want to laser over an area that could possibly be cancer! For instance, we had a gentleman in here not too long ago that was in here for tattoo removal and he had a spot that caused us concern. The next time he was in the clinic for his tattoo removal, we biopsied the spot.
*At Johnson Dermatology, we have a combined 40 years of laser experience, with Dr. Sandy having 20 years alone! Did you know that Dr. Sandy studied and taught lasers in medical school? Dr. Sandy sat on the Arkansas State Medical Board for many years to advise the Board on lasers and their use. She currently is a national speaker on lasers as well.
*If you have a question – we are here to answer it. Part of our job as your laser provider is to educate you, so that you can have the best possible outcomes! Having laser treatments done myself, I know that having a laser treatment can create a lot of questions. We want you to ask us questions!
*Honesty and integrity – our providers and our entire staff take pride in our honesty and integrity to our patients. If you do not need a laser procedure done, I will tell you that you are not a good candidate for a laser treatment.
*Training – Our training does not stop! Trust me, laser technology is constantly changing! Because of this, Dr. Sandy and the entire laser team are constantly training as well as looking at different devices to give our patient the best possible outcomes!!
Why Choose Us? Because we’re The Best of the Best
For three years in a row we have been honored to receive The Best of the Best award. Ultimately, you as a customer have to make up your own mind about Johnson Dermatology. I know that trust is very hard to earn, and easy as pie to break. Trust is based on experience. It’s not our job to give you our trust; we’ve got to earn it.
Lastly, did you notice how many times I mentioned best outcomes for our patients! Obviously, we are patient focused – it is ALL about providing the best of care here at JD! So, I’m inviting you to let us earn your trust.


Isn’t she amazing? Come in and meet her and our laser team in December because the entire month we are offering a FREE laser hair reduction for underarms package with all purchases of a bikini package!

Have a happy holiday season, Nina
“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.” -Ifeanyi Onuoha