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Dr. Sandy after only one Ultrashape treatment.

Body Contouring

Dr. Sandy is joining us to talk about body contouring. This is the word we use to describe the non-invasive devices and procedures that dissolve fat, treat cellulite and tighten the skin.

Thank you Nina for allowing me to share my thoughts with your blog readers again. Most of you know that I love to exercise, especially run. Yet despite trying to do all of the right things, I still have annoying pockets of fat that will not go away. For years, I have been researching all of the available technologies for a non-surgical way to permanently get rid of fat. Earlier this year, Honey, Nina, Shelly and I really got serious in our exploration of these devices. This is really credited to Honey because she thought there were a few devices that really worked and had good science. We, especially Honey since she is such a research nerd, narrowed our focus to 3 devices—coolsculpting, sculpsure, and ultrashape/ultrashape power. We read a lot, talked with peers across the country, experimented with the various devices and finally chose Ultrashape. Our diligence in research has paid off because after a few months, the results that we and our patients are achieving have surpassed our expectations.

In addition to adding the Ultrashape to our practice, we have also offer Kybella, Velashape and subcision to enhance our figures. Here is the “skinny” on these 3 treatments.

Kybella—Kybella is an FDA approved treatment to permanently dissolve the fat under the chin. It is used to treat “submental fullness”. Since we were one of the first 10 clinics in Arkansas approved by Allergan to inject kybella, we have a lot of experience and are loving the results allowing patients to put their best chin forward. FYI, even Nina and her husband Jarrard have been treated with kybella. If you are interested, we have many videos where Nina and I inject kybella on the Johnson Dermatology Facebook page.

Velashape—Velashape is a wonderful adjunct to Ultrashape Power offering our patients (and us) a way to reduce circumference (the size of my thighs) and cellulite.

Real Johnson Dermatology patient results!
Real Johnson Dermatology patient results!

Subcision—Subcision is a minor surgical procedure we offer in clinic independently or in combination with sublative or velashape treatments. As opposed to the newer treatments and technologies we offer, we have been offering subcision since I graduated medical school 20 years ago. It is a tried and true treatment.

Johnson Dermatology patient after one subcision and sublative session.
Johnson Dermatology patient after one subcision and sublative session.

In case you were wondering how we compared the fat busting devices, here is a chart that we used. I would like to give one more shout out to Honey and Shelly for putting in so much time and energy for allowing us to make the no brainer decision to add Ultrashape Power to our clinic. My jeans and I thank you.image

My before and after 1 treatment with Ultrashape versus Nina’s before and after 1 treatment with Sculpsure

Dr. Sandy after only one Ultrashape treatment.
Dr. Sandy after only one Ultrashape treatment.
Nina before and 3 months after the one recommended Sculpsure treatment.
Nina before and 3 months after the one recommended Sculpsure treatment.

Thank you Dr. Sandy for sharing your knowledge with all my blog readers. I know everyone enjoys learning from you as much as I do. Please join us live on Johnson Dermatology Facebook tomorrow evening to watch a live Ultrashape procedure and participate in Q&A.

If you have any questions or would like a consult for any of the body contouring techniques please e-mail or call the clinic at 479-649-3376. Have a great week everyone!

Stay skintastic, Nina


Body Contouring is HERE!

Remember when you were a kid and you got your allowance and you could not wait to spend it? My parents would always say “it’s burning a hole in her pocket”. In the adult life I get the same anticipation waiting to see my kids faces on Christmas morning or waiting for my order from Nordstroms to arrive so I can try that new handbag on. It’s that exciting, exhilirating anticipation that makes new things so great! Well that’s pretty much how we feel right now at Johnson Dermatology about the UltraShape and VelaShape. They are new devices at our clinic that took ALOT of research and time to decide on so now that they are finally here, it’s like Christmas morning. Here is the down low:


What is it? Nonsurgical bodyshaping treatment that uses pulsed, focused ultrasound to eliminate fat cells without pain or downtime. Get a 25% fat reduction(up to two clothing sizes) in the area treated (thighs, abdomen, arms-wherever you have an inch to pinch).

Who is the best candidate? Ideal for people with stubborn fat or genetically acquired problem areas that maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. In other words this isn’t for weight loss, be at your goal weight then treat for contouring into the shape you desire.

How many treatments do I need? Three sessions 2 weeks apart and the results are permanent.

When will I see results? 4 weeks after your last treatment. So if you have your first treatment today then in 10 weeks you will have your final result.


What is it? A combination of infrared light, bi-polar radiofrequency energy and vacuum which cause deep heating of the fat cells and their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This results in skin tightening and an overall improvement in cellulite.

Who is the best candidate? Once again, this isn’t a weight loss device. Must have a BMI of less than 30. Great for that post baby belly, neck, flanks, buttocks, thighs and arms.

How many treatments do I need? We will plan to treat you with the initial 3 sessions two weeks apart but this machine’s results require commitment just like exercise and diet. We recommend one session for up keep every 3-6 months.

When will I see results? As early as 2 weeks after first treatment!

At Johnson Dermatology we recommend using both devices together for best results. You won’t believe some of the before and after pictures. If you have ever considered body contouring devices now is the time! We researched over 6 devices personally and weighed all the pros and cons at great lengths so we know we have the best device for our patients. If you want to get awesome results and still have money in your wallet for that new outfit you need to flaunt your results when you’re done then these are the pick for you.

Remember there is a special on these devices for the rest of August so you need to call for your free consult with Dani ASAP! Or e-mail her at if that’s easier! **Hint:the specials are  $400 and up in savings**

I’m so excited for another week celebrating our 10 year anniversary at the clinic. We have special gifts, a new dermatologist, new devices and we can’t stop the feeling of excitement and celebration!