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Haven’t we all wondered why there is no “dislike button” on Facebook? I can only assume it’s because disliking something feels mean and gives negative connotation. I guess that’s a vibe Facebook doesn’t want. They want a place of happiness, positivity and (most importantly) all are welcome here.

Even if we don’t want to admit it we all feel the need to be liked. Last night at 8:30 PM as I was checking out at the grocery store my 2 and 4 year old daughters were climbing all over the carts and pulling at me and being toddlers. The woman behind me said “oh they are so sleepy, huh?”. If I responded truthfully I would have told her how they never go to bed before 9 on weekdays and 10 on weekends. How they climb all over the place and act more like apes than humans most public places. Explain that they only mind other people and my voice goes directly in one ear and out the other. But that’s not what I said. I wanted her to like me and think I was a great Mom not a terrible Mom that had her hooligan toddlers out past bed time. So, I just laughed and explained how they took their time at the restaurant for dinner so we were out later than expected and my sweet innocent kid’s were just worn out and ready for bed. Not a lie, but the truth twisted into a way this random stranger would still like me.

This need to feel liked drives us to act a certain way. It’s why I sometimes avoid product reviews on my blog. I don’t want the people that sell the product or make the product or use the product to not like me. I have realized this is a disservice to my readers. I don’t recommend things based on feelings, money or friendships. I recommend products and procedures based on science. I have a masters degree in the science of nursing. I am literally specifically trained to practice evidence based (scienctifically founded) nursing. So since Bridgett and I have been reviewing products on snapchat we have had multiple requests for the Rodan and Fields review. I thought it was more fitting to put it in a blog but if you want a quick review on any product whatsoever, just snap us (@jdermatology) and we will shout it out.

The unblemish regimen was most requested so that’s what I’m going to address today. If you like this review and want to learn about another regimen they offer just ask me in the comments.

According to the Rodan and Fields website the Unblemish regimen is $120 before shipping. Here are the products/steps with my review.

  1. Sulfur wash. I think sulfur wash is a fine wash for acne treatment. This one however has 40 ingredients (I counted) and one of them is alcohol which is drying. Another is red dye which can trigger perioral dermatitis. And then there is fragrance (yuk) which can irritate and inflame the skin. I would pass.
  2. Second step is a toner. I generally do not recommend toners. No offense to this specific toner I just find them to be more drying and irritating than helpful. I pass on all toners without prejudice to any specific toner.
  3. The third step of the regimen is the “dual intensive acne treatment”. Its active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide 5%. Benzoyl Peroxide is an ingredient that I recommend all my acne patients use if they have never had an intolerance before. Here’s the thing about this specific one- it’s got over 40 inactive ingredients that are unnecessary in my opinion. Number one inactive ingredient is water, number three is benzyl alcohol. This is 2 chambers of 0.76 ounces. Now here is my real problem. Go to Wal-Mart and get equate brand benzoyl peroxide gel 10% and it only has 6 ingredients! Simple basic- gets the job done for $3.13 in a 1 ounce package. I mean….. you pick.
  4. The final step in the regimen is an oil control lotion broad spectrum SPF 20. Now that just annoys me. If this is a truely dermatologist made brand then why only SPF 20? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF of at least 30 and most derms agree. I’m thinking in my head “girl if derms really put their minds into this, they at least would have gotren the sunscreen right!”….. c’mon sunscreen is like the peanut butter to our jelly, the fries to our cheeseburger, get it together!

Overall I do like that this regimen has a benzoyl peroxide and that it is only 4 steps. I don’t like that there is no retinol. Any derm expert will tell you that after benzoyl peroxide you should be on a retinol or prescribe you a retinoid if you have acne and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding. I also don’t like the price point. In my opinion you can get the same active ingredients MUCH cheaper. I don’t enjoy talking about products I don’t recommend. It makes me feel like I am gossiping behind people’s back. But I consider all my readers my friends and I am just giving you my opinion. I follow the American Academy of Dermatology guidelines for treating acne which is evidence based. There are lots of opinions out there and I hope mine doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I must say that particular sunscreen hurt my feelings though. I do hope that my opinions help someone’s skin. Someone who might read my blog and go to wal-Mart and get some equate BPO and have less acne for $3.13. If I help just one person, then it’s worth the few that may not like me. We do everything with a purpose, right? Sometimes it can’t just be so that you like me.

Happy Easter, hope you’re hoppy with this blog, Nina



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  1. Awesome! Thanks Nina. I’m going to make sure my sis reads this she has been on the fence with her decision to purchase these products or not. Of course I told her she just needs to come see you ?

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