National Botox Cosmetic Day

It’s National Botox Cosmetic Day! You didn’t know? We have been celebrating all day with LOTS of Botox injections. You might even be able to hop on the website and purchase a $100 gift card and get $100 gift card free! Best BOGO ever! As you may or may not know there are four wrinkle reducers FDA approved in the US. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau are how they are commonly known. To celebrate Botox Cosmetic Day I wanted to tell you why you might want to choose Botox!

1. It is the tried and true. It has been FDA approved the longest (almost 20 years) so it is what injectors have the most experience using. Consistent results you can trust.
2. It is the only neuromodulator that is FDA approved for horizontal forehead lines and crows feet. The injector can use the other ones off label but they haven’t been studied in that location. We can show the science behind why we use the amount of units we use and why we choose the location when it comes to Botox.
3. Brilliant Distinctions. A loyalty program that has more coupons, rebates and programs then any other neurotoxin.
4. Botox points accumulated in Brilliant Distinctions can be used on any of the Juvederm fillers, kybella and coolsculpting.
5. In my opinion Botox has the best molecule size and manufacturing process. The tiny details count when we are talking about our faces.

If you would like a free consult to see if you are a candidate for Botox please e-mail and come see me! I LOVE Botox!!!

Hope your National Botox Cosmetic Day was as skintastic as mine, Nina


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