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Injection Aftercare Affair

For those of you who have been injected with neurotoxins or fillers you know there is a list of things that we tell you to do or not do.  How important are these requests we make? I’m not really sure. I mean some of the things I feel strongly about and some of them I just don’t really know how much of a difference it makes. These things we ask you to do are kind of like telling your kids not to say a cuss word. I mean if they do say a cuss word when they bang their knee chances are nothing REALLY bad is going to happen. Bad things can happen such as you getting embarrassed, teachers thinking you aren’t a good parent, someone around hears and gets offended, your child gets a mouth full of soap, your child grows up to be a gangsta or worse. If your 3 year old does happen to fall down in the grocery store and say “****$%^” no one will die, no one will be traumatized for life and your 3 year old will survive (although she may not feel she will survive while in time out). As a matter of fact, some people may even get a laugh out of it! My point is you should do all the things we ask you to do but in some/most cases it won’t be the end of the world if you forget. Here are some of the aftercare that I recommend after injections.

1. After you have filler placed in your lips: Avoid salty food such as chips, cheeseburgers and fries. Try to eat lots of cold things like milkshakes and popsicles. This helps decrease your swelling. If you are prone to cold sores, ask for a prescription for Acyclovir or Valtrex to prevent getting a cold sore. The “stress” on your lips can trigger an outbreak.

2. After neurotoxins (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport)-No rubbing, bending over or laying on your face like during a massage, they say you could move your neurotoxin. Make your expressions for about an hour after injection, they say this gets the neurotoxin into the muscle.

3. After any injection of any sort- No heavy lifting, hardcore working out or any activity that makes you strain. A needle has been in your face, you’re at increased risk of bruising and straining can worsen your bruising.

4. To decrease bruising (if bruising does occur)- Return to the clinic so that we can laser you free of charge to make the bruising go away quicker. Use some Arnicare up to four times a day. This is a homeopathic topical gel you apply that works very well at getting rid of bruises quicker. Eat pineapple, another homeopathic remedy used to treat bruising.  We also have special cosmetics to cover bruising so if you do bruise ask for an appointment with one of our cosmetic concierges to teach you the tricks.

5. Above all else-keep in contact! We want to know how you are doing. We will call you and check on you but if you have any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail/call me or one of my nurses. We want you to have a good experience and love your cosmetic treatments as much as we do!

Are you interested in learning more about injections? Would you like to see someone get injected so you will know what to expect? How about the excitement of seeing the immediate effects of youthfulness with filler injection? Want the chance to ask me anything while I inject? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! I will be doing live injections tomorrow night at our open house at 6pm. The open house is from 5-7pm and will also include a live demonstration of our new sublative laser. But wait, there’s more! Who waits until black friday to have a sale? Not us! We are thanking all of our patients for their support the next three days by making all products and procedures 25% off! OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER! I hope to see you all tomorrow night, it’s going to be really fun! I’m excited incase you can’t tell!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don’t see you before then. Thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and taking care of your beautiful skin. XOXO, Nina



Skin Win for the Fans!

This weekend was a big one for all of us Arkansans. The hogs broke their SEC losing streak by taking home the boot, beating LSU 17-0. Being a fan is an interesting role. It’s really a destiny. I mean how do most people become fans of their favorite team? It isn’t by choosing which one wins the most. It’s usually some sort of destiny. Either we grew up in a home that loved a certain team, went to our favorite team’s college, grew up in the home state of the team, married into a family who loves the team….. the list goes on. Once we have found our destined team to love that’s it, you don’t really get to change, win or lose. So when the Hogs had lost 17 SEC games in a row fans didn’t start becoming OU fans. Hog fans just kept cheering on and encouraging their team, through thick and thin. Even though this seems tough for a losing team, that one big win makes up for all the losses. No one was posting on social media last night and this morning about what a horrible couple seasons the U of A has had. My feeds were covered in tweets and posts about how awesome the win was and how proud everyone was to be a HOG! It felt like the entire state was in a good mood just from that one win!

Do you know who the biggest fan of your skin is? Me, your dermatology provider. It’s what I think every health care provider should be for their patient. As a healthcare provider I promise you I am your number one skin fan through thick and thin. When you get an infection after a procedure, I’m down in the dumps. It feels like a big loss against LSU instead of a win. When you feel amazing after your Botox and Vitalize peel I feel like you just won the Super Bowl. I’m so proud, ecstatic! When things don’t go well for your acne with the first few medications we try it feels like a loss but I know by the end of the season, after we have tried some changes like peels or laser treatments, it will feel just like that LSU game, just like that big win to break the losing streak! I know it will be worth it! But you know what’s hard about being your number one fan? When you won’t let me help you win. Sounds weird, right? Here are the tips I would like all my patients to know that will really help all your health care providers be your biggest fans while winning!

1. Don’t make me a fair weather fan. Fair weather fans only cheer for their team when they are winning. If I treat you for a rash and the treatment doesn’t work, don’t cancel your follow-up appointment. Let me see you back so we can make changes to our treatment plan. Usually I haven’t used all the tricks in my hat. I might do more testing, get more aggressive with treatment, send you to a specialist or maybe even for a second opinion. I’m not too proud to know when I have used all the tricks in my hat and I will tell you because I want my team to win, whether I’m the coach or not.

2. Be honest. If you don’t like the play that was just called then tell me. If I prescribe you something and you have no intention of using it then tell me that. If you can’t afford the medicine when you get to the pharmacy, let me know. If you won’t take the pill because you don’t like the side effect profile, let me know. I may start with what I think is the best plan but we need a treatment plan that you like too, that you can stick to. If you don’t use your medicine, it doesn’t work. Some people can’t handle the truth but I can. Let me know what you want.

3. Trust me. There are some things in which my expert training has me believing very strongly. Do you tell your plumber how to unclog the toilet? No, you trust him to do it, especially if he was successful in the past. I have been successful numerous times in the past when it comes to skin. Even though it is hard sometimes to trust something you don’t believe in sometimes all I need is a chance to get that win. Give me a chance to make an impossible catch as a receiver, a hail mary as your quarterback or recover that fumble because usually, it makes for the best win. You just have to trust me!

Sorry this was a long post! I just want all of you to know that I am your biggest fan. Win or lose I’m here for your skin. Whether you need a quarterback, a coach or just encouragement let me help you win with your skin!

Exciting things are coming to Johnson Dermatology the week of Thanksgiving so make sure you follow our business page on Facebook! Until next time, hugs, Nina


Fancy Facial Face

If you follow my blog then you have recently read about who I think the skin experts are. If you haven’t here it is in short, Dermatologists and their crews. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other people out there who know skin well. I think a common misconception is when it comes to facials. I have patients come in with acne on a regular basis and complain that they don’t understand why “nothing works”and that they “get facials all the time”.  I think facials are like massages. If you hurt your back, a massage won’t cure a pulled muscle but man it sure does feel good and help you along the way. There are dangers with facials in the wrong hands. I still don’t like scrubs, beads and harsh products on the skin. I see facial aftermath nightmares from time to time in the clinic and it frightens me for our patients. There are also things I love about facials. As a matter of fact, I got one this weekend. You should just be careful about what your expectations are with facials. Be picky about who you go to and let treat your skin. Ask your dermatologist who is a good aesthetician and what procedures you should or should not have done to your skin while at the spa.  My favorite aesthetician is opening a spa this week, Amanda Wade at The Violet Room. It is across the street from the Electric Cowboy, next door to World Class Fitness. She will take good care of you. I’m very confident in her skill set. Here is my list of why you should get a facial with Amanda and what to expect.

1. It’s relaxing. How often do we stop and relax in this busy world we live in? Stress isn’t good for your body or your skin. You deserve a little pampering, trust me.

2. Extractions- “black head” gently removed. Extractions can go way wrong in the wrong hands. Someone who isn’t trained properly could try to drain or extract a cyst, make it inflamed or worse. Beware that without good skin care regimen you will just be spinning your wheels in the mud but this is a nice service Amanda offers.

3. Your skin feels good when you leave. After all the cleansing, massaging, enzymes, lotions and potions your skin will feel so soft when you leave. It’s soft, moisturized, plump and flat out luxurious.

4. Don’t expect an acne cure or a prolonged effect- I don’t care if it is a prescribed medicated cream or an enzyme put on during a facial, a one time application isn’t going to CHANGE your skin for the rest of your life. Your skin has a little life cycle of its own which is why it needs a constant regimen of care and upkeep. Change your skin with a skin care routine using products and procedures that work (consult your derm for this).

5. Don’t go get your first facial the day before your wedding. What if you have a flare from irritation? What if you are allergic to one of the products used? Trust me this could turn out bad, probably would be fine but don’t take a chance. If it’s the week of your wedding come see your dermatologist on Monday for a quick fix that works for rashes, acne, etc. Although, the best way to prepare for your wedding ready skin is seeing your dermatologist at least 6 months in advance.

It’s hard to sift through all of the people out there who recommend treatments for your skin. Let me help you. Let your dermatologist help you. I had a facial on a cruise once and the rest of the week my face looked like a piece of pizza. Yes, I’ve done it too, fallen for false advertisement from someone I shouldn’t have trusted, who wasn’t an expert.

I am so thankful that Amanda has opened The Violet Room. It is a relaxing atmosphere and now there is someone to whom I can send my patients and whom I trust with my skin. Someone who I know will treat my patients well and take good care of their skin. Amanda is a talented aesthetician who knows her qualities, skills and limitations. Knowing your limitations in your role can sometimes be your best asset for your clients and patients (and that goes for all health care providers too).

I hope you all follow Amanda’s lead this week and follow your dreams. I’m thankful we live in a free country where dreams come true. Thank you to our Veterans for that.

Happy Week, Nina

P.S. Here is Amanda Wade’s contact info at The Violet Room Spa,, 479-310-5310



I’m Thankful

I love working at Johnson Dermatology. I love taking care of people’s skin. I love our patient population. I love learning something new everyday. I love my co-workers. I love being able to say “This is my dream job”. But it’s not just the job that I do every day that I love. I love the practice, the mission, the “Johnson way”. The Johnsons are so committed to our community, our patients and their employees. They are the kind of people that make you want to be a better person, not just a better employee. We (well really Dr. Sandy) have declared this month a month of Thanks at Johnson Dermatology. We are encouraging each other to be thankful and more appreciative of what we take for granted on a day to day basis. So just like Johnson Dermatology is about more than just skin, this blog is about more than just skin too. Today I want to declare what I’m not usually thankful for at all. I want to encourage all my readers to be thankful for not only your beautiful kids, awesome job, or hot boyfriend but also for all of your problems too because it could always be worse. Here are my problems that I am trying to change from feelings of frustration and anger to feelings of thankfulness and appreciation. I would love to hear some of yours too.

1. When I go through Mickey D’s and my order is wrong I’m not going to be mad and complain of incompetence. This month I am going to be thankful that I am able to afford a meal not just for myself but for my entire family. According to in 2013 14% of American households were food insecure. Arkansas was one of only 8 states that sat significantly higher than average at 21.2% food insecure households.

2. When my husband does some man thing that makes me want to cuss I’m going to take a deep breath and be thankful that I have an awesome husband who treats me well and whom I still love. On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country every DAY. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, Intimate Partner Violence and Age of Victim 1993-9, October 2001.)

3. When my daughter makes a mess while I’m cleaning another one I’m not going to cry with pregnancy hormones about why I can’t keep my house clean. I’m going to be thankful I have a roof over my head to make messy. I found on that, on any given night, as many as 4,200 people in Arkansas have no place to call home.

4. When telemarketers call my house in the middle of a new episode of The Walking Dead I am going to not scream at the top of my lungs “pause it, pause it” followed by “take me off your list so help me God!”. I’m going to turn to my husband and thank him for the security system that keeps our family safe AND requires a land line (I might keep a little smirk with this one).

5. When I am in the pediatrician’s waiting room with a cranky 1 year old for over an hour I’m not going to get mad about the wait. I’m going to be thankful I’m not the person in front of me that has a very sick child that is requiring extra attention from my Doctor. I’m going to be thankful that my provider skipped a lunch break or bathroom break to try to catch up after that one very sick patient that took an extra 30 minutes and put him behind all day. (You guys are all welcome to use this one at Johnson Dermatology, although I hope you never have to wait for one of us).

6. When someone drives in the passing lane at 10 miles under the speed limit and I’m already running late I’m not going to give them dirty looks as I pass by with feelings of significant road rage. I’m going to be thankful that I have a car, that I was born in 1984 when we were past the wagon age and horse and carriage stuff. Thank you for a car!

I personally take the simple things in life for granted and should be a more appreciative person. This month I’m going to make a real effort to be more thankful and to let the people around me know I’m appreciative of all my blessings. Hope you get into the spirit with us a JD.


Until next week, Thank you to all my readers, I appreciate you more than you will ever know!!! Nina