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Illuminate the New year with Lumivive

One of the reasons Johnson Dermatology is unlike any other dermatology clinic is our team. There are many reasons, in my opinion, we give some of the best skincare regimen advice around. Our skincare products are scientifically researched and proven to produce change in the skin, we have tested them all out personally before offering them to patients and we aren’t in a pyramid scheme nor commission situation where we get personal financial gains from you buying our products. Brooke is the star that runs the skincare product show. She has had multiple advanced level training courses and spent months learning about skincare from Dr. Sandy, Honey and myself. If you haven’t met Brooke yet I highly recommend you e-mail her at for a free consult. My favorite new product at JD right now is Lumivive. It has made all my glow dreams come true. I have had so many compliments on my skin since I started this system. I asked Brooke to write a blog about Lumivive to help convince everyone they will love this product as much as I do!!!

From Brooke, our skincare concierge extraordinaire:

Let’s take a minute and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have a smart phone?
  2. Does your skin look tired or stressed?
  3. Are you lacking the glow in your skin?

If you answered YES to all three of these questions, you NEED Lumivive in your life.

So, what is Lumivive?

Recharges – Amplifies – Defends

Lumivive is the booster and game changer in your skin care regimen. It has 27 daytime anti-oxidants and 32 nighttime anti-oxidants that complement the products you are already using containing anti-oxidants. It does not replace any Skin Medica product. Lumivive is a dermal bio-barrier multitasking skin care that doesn’t wash off, wear off, or needs reapplication. When used daily, your skin will have a longer lasting barrier against blue light, LED light, and pollution. Lumivive stays on for 12 hours a day at a minimum. It’s a simple morning and night single step routine that will give you the glowing radiant skin results everyone wants as early as fourteen days – that’s 14 days! Lumivive defends during the day and detoxifies (repairs) and recharges at night.

The Lumivive AM is going to defend during the day against blue light and pollution. Working in a dermatology clinic, we know that tanning bed are two words we never say. Did you know that we all carry a tanning bed in our purse or pocket? Yes, that new tanning bed is called a smart phone! Did you know on average a person is exposed to blue light for about 10 hours per day. YIKES! This isn’t just our phone, it’s a bundle of tablets, computers, tv screens, LED and fluorescent lights. Blue light accelerates the aging and damaging of our skin and can also cause dark spots, wrinkles, saggy or loose skin. Not only on a daily basis are we exposed to blue light, but we are also exposed to pollution. The Lumivive AM will defend against pollution during the day. Pollution has the tendency to make our skin look tired and stressed. These are two types of modern-day threats that are hurting our skin during the day.

The Lumivive PM is going to be recharging your skin overnight. We recharge our bodies by sleeping, but how do we recharge our skin from the damage that has occurred that day? Lumivive PM! While your body recharges at night with sleep, Lumivive PM will repair and recover your skin. Lumvivie PM will give your skin the power it needs to resist the damage that we can encounter during the day. As we age it becomes more difficult for our skin to recover from any damage.

Lumivive will help your skin be radiant and glowing. These products are bundled together and easy to use. If you’re wondering if it’s for all skin types, you’re in luck! It’s perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. If your skin cannot tolerate a retinol, most people can use a retinol while using Lumivive. We all know everyone should be on a retinol! Overall Lumivive helps with what we are exposed to in today’s world. This is a must for anyone whether you already have a skin care regimen or if you wanted to try a regimen for the first time.  Lumivive will be what your skin thrives on to defend, protect, and give you that natural glow. Take on the challenge and try the Lumivive. Take a picture before you start then two weeks later. New year, new you!

Brooke is going to be offering bounce back coupons and free gift with purchase with Lumivive in January while supplies last. So don’t delay! E-mail and set up your free consult. I promise you will love Brooke and Lumivive as much as I do!



The Amazing Lab

JD’s laboratory has another fantastic post for you to read! This particular post is addressing one of the most common skin cancers, squamous cell carcinoma. Now this one tends to be more aggressive than the one from the previous post, basal cell carcinoma.

There are cells in the epidermis called squamous cells and they are responsible for producing the keratotic barrier between your skin and the outside world. In the malignant form, these cells can travel down into the skin and in some cases develop what we call “keratotic pearls.” The squamous cells even produce keratin to the point they grow outward from the skin to form “horns.”

The first image shows one of the ways squamous cell carcinoma can appear on the skin. The second image is to show what normal skin is supposed to look like under the microscope. The third set of images is what we call a “frozen sections.” It’s a biopsy of a suspected skin cancer that is tested in the lab in under an hour for fast results so the providers can discuss treatment options before you ever leave the clinic! That’s one of the things that sets JD apart from other clinics in the area. The fourth set of images is the same biopsy but stained with our much slower stain for “permanent sections” which provides clearer imaging

The pink dense material seen at the top and in the circular structures (the pearls mentioned earlier) is the keratin produced by the squamous cells which looks drastically different from the strand-like keratin seen in the control sample. The light purple cells surrounding the pearls and at the base of the large pink growth are the malignant squamous cells.

SCC Biopsy Site





Takes One to Know One

At our clinic we practice what we preach. Or we try to anyways. We have a strict no tan, no smoking policy. All of our team members have a skincare regimen and most of them have had laser or chemical peels or injections to have a healthy skintastic face to put on everyday. We try to encourage each other to take care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally and intellectually as well. Many of our employees work out together and diet together. We encourage each other through e-mails often. Our team received an encouraging e-mail from our office manager Shelly recently. She was one of the original JD team members and has helped Dr. Brad and Dr. Sandy build JD from the very beginning. Her before and after photos impress me because she looks younger, healthier and more skintastic then she did 12 years ago! With her permission she allowed me to share the e-mail she sent our team.


I wanted to share with all of you as a follow-up to our meeting on Friday my own skincare journey. From the beginning of my joining the team in 2006 I have suffered from melasma. When I go outside I have to be extremely careful. By this I don’t mean only sunscreen protection with SPF. As many melasma sufferers experience, my condition worsens with heat and I love to be outside, but I am thankful for having access to such results driven skincare. I wanted to share with you the power of all of our tools when combined. As many of you know, I rarely have in-office treatments and mostly rely on my at home products. Recently, I dedided to work on me and wanted to share my results. The first photo I wanted to share because it was before I started the Lytera which combined with retinol made a remarkable difference in my skin. I am a firm believer in the power of our physician grade products and procedures. I have labeled the photos to help you better follow the journey. I especially would like you to look at the difference between the first and last photos and the last two photos which I think really speaks to the packages we are offering patients which include skincare, lasers and injections. It truly is the 3 combined that gave me the final results you see in the last photo which I am happy to say was taken this morning with no make-up. I am excited to say that my pigment really isn’t visible today. I also have experienced for myself the results the full package may achieve and wanted to share so you may see the impact it can have for patients.




This is the photo from 2011 before I began using lytera and had tried multiple products.



Before Chemical peel #1 in 2014



After chemical peel #1 in 2014 before peel #2



09/20/18 Before my 1st pico treatment for pigmentation


This morning no make-up after 2 pico treatments and cosmetic injections.


 Shelly Sparrow

Clinic Manager

Johnson Dermatology

WOW! Shelly had 3 syringes Voluma in her midface and forehead, 32 units Botox in her glabella and forehead and 1 syringe Juvederm Ultra in her lips before the last photo. Her skincare regimen is geared toward hyperpigmentation and is below.

AM- lumivive am, lytera, ha5, td&r, colorescience all calm or even up (alternate)

PM – aha/bha cleanser, tns recovery, lumivive pm, retinol, lytera, ha5

If you would like to learn more about Shelly’s skincare regimen or want a free skin care consult tailored to your needs please e-mail to schedule.

Hope you all have a skintastic week! Nina