JD gift guide

Who is done Christmas shopping? If you are, what alien planet are you from? I mean how do you do it? Every year I find myself grabbing one last something on the 23rd. If you’re still looking for a few items, join the club. You’re in luck at JD because everyone has skin so you can’t go wrong. Something for everyone. Stop in and grab one of these for that special someone!

The perfect stocking stuffer: SkinMedica Facial Cleanser. On sale while supplies last for $20, usually $38. It’s a great facewash for teens, men, women, I mean anyone really.

The perfect skincare gift for someone that you have no idea what they like: SkinMedica holiday bags. They are a chrome bag great for traveling or just keeping make-up in. They have a travel size of skincare must haves in them so whoever receives it can start a full regimen. On sale for $100.

For that person you’ve been begging to use sunscreen all year: The BOB. Brush On Block. It’s a handle filled a powder sunscreen that brushes on clear. Men who refuse sunscreen because of the “greasy” feeling love this stuff. You can keep it in your golf bag or your motorcycle and it never melts and gets nasty. The best way to get your hunk in sunscreen? Buy it for him, buy the BOB, place it next to his toothbrush so he never forgets to apply. Works every time.

For the make-up lover: Jane Iredale brushes are 40% off. Guys. These are legit the softest brushes that have ever touched my face. I lurve them to the moon and back.

For everyone and anyone: Giftcards! While supplies last all giftcards over $500 will come in the holiday bag mentioned above! (That’s $100 of free stuff y’all!)

Merry Christmas everyone, Nina


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