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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s been a year since my first post on this blog? What a blessing to be able to write about what I love and have people actually want to read it! Thank you all for trusting me with your skin and being a part of this blog community with me. Last year my first post was skinolutions, things I recommended you do for your skin in 2014. It only seems right that I make this a New Year tradition. Only this year I’m going to change it up a bit. Instead of giving you a list of resolutions you should do for your skin in 2015 I’m going to give you a list of resolutions of things you should NOT do to your skin this year. Take care of your skin in 2015 by not doing the following things.

1.Don’t Neglect your skin- Don’t let new, changing or growing moles go without being checked by a dermatologist. Don’t skip your yearly skin check. Don’t skip your skincare regimen. Your skin is your largest organ so you can’t neglect it. You gotta love it and take care of it in 2015.

2. Don’t tan- OMG how over is the tan fad? Flip through a magazine and all the models skin looks natural. No one looks like they have been in the tanning bed. Besides the fact that UV rays speed up the skins aging process, give you brown spots and increase your risk of skin cancer, it just isn’t cool anymore. There is a reason God made us the color we are, it’s beautiful. Nothing looks naturally orange except for Velveeta cheese dip and surely that’s not the look you’re going for?

3. Don’t scrub your skin- This year toss the loofa, apricot scrubs, washes with beads, brushes and whatever else you are scrubbing your skin with. Scrubbing irritates and inflames the skin, keep it gentle people.

4. Don’t forget your sunscreen. No explanation needed right?

5. Don’t put 53 steps on your skin- If your skin regimen takes longer to apply than the time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal, then you’re probably using too much stuff.¬†Over use of products can cause irritation to your skin. Simplify in 2015.

6. Don’t pick, pop and squeeze- Pimples that is. Pick the fun road to take, pop the Cristal and squeeze the ones you love. But PLEASE don’t pick at your skin. You can scar your skin, cause rashes and bigger problems. Resolute people, this is very hard to accomplish.

7. Don’t hate your skin- Do you know how many times a day I have to hear “I hate that mole” or “my skin is so ugly” or “I look so old”. #GIRLBYE to all that negativity. It’s time to love your skin. Come see me and I will help you love your skin again.

8.Don’t judge others’ skin- If someone wants Botox, empower them, don’t judge them. If someone wants a mole removed because they don’t like the way it looks, that’s fine. We all want to feel good about ourselves that’s why we do things to our appearance. Feel good about your own skin (see resolution 7) and help others feel good about theirs.

9. Don’t be mean to your nails- Don’t push your cuticles back. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails when you moisturize the rest of your body. Don’t pick nor bite your nails or the skin fold around them.

10. Don’t hate on your hair- Read my hair tips post for some extra tips. In 2015, don’t over heat your hair, don’t over wash your hair, don’t harshly brush your hair. Treat your hair gently this year.

THIS IS MY YEAR! I hope you all can say that with me. Here’s to an amazing, best year yet… 2015! Hope to see you all at the clinic this year.

Stay Skintastic, Nina



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  1. I’m not a fan. You should never do anything to your skin involving “physical exfoliating” ie harsh scrubs, beads, washcloths or razor blades. Use retinol instead, it is a passive exfoliator that gets rid of dead skin cells gently.

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