6 Skincare Products You Don’t Share

I have had some serious BFF time this weekend and it was great! Don’t you just love seeing your best friends? Even if you see each other everyday or once a year you just click together and always have the best time. The type of friends that you can say anything to, that would be there for you for anything and that you share everything with! These friends are the best! Well there are a few things that you can’t share even with your best friend. Some things are not meant to share. So todays post is all about the skincare products you shouldn’t share.

1. Razors- When shaving, as you know, there is a risk of cutting the skin. Even if you can’t see blood on the razor you could still be spreading bacteria and viruses such as hepatitis C, MRSA and warts. Your best friend may not know they even have bacteria or viruses to spread so just play it safe and don’t forget your razor at the next sleep over. ¬†Alternatively, recommend she get some laser hair reduction! It will change her life and she will thank you later.

2. Make-up- Your brushes should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks if you are the only one using them. If your friend must use a brush you should consider washing before and after. Mascara can spread active pink eye, lip stick can spread active cold sores. Etc, etc.

3. Nail clippers- You can cut the skin and spread bacteria, viruses and fungus. Plus, do you really want someone else’s toe jam tool rubbing against you?

4. Antiperspirants- Deodorants work by killing stinky bacteria but antiperspirants work by causing a dam and decreasing the sweat. So if you share antiperspirants you can also be sharing bacteria and fungus that’s living on your skin.

5. ¬†Hair care products- Brushes and hats can spread head lice. Head lice don’t discriminate. If you shared a brush with your BFF and then she called you the next day and told you her kids have head lice how would you feel? Itchy! My scalp is itching right now just thinking about it.

6. Bar soap- You ever heard of MRSA? It’s a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to lots of antibiotics. Even if it is an antibacterial soap you could be spreading what we call a multi-drug resistant bacteria. There are many people in the community that carry MRSA and have no idea. One booty per bar please.

There are lots of skincare products you should share with your friends and the best one is sunscreen. Always carry a bottle/tube/jar of sunscreen with you and share with anyone that will put some on. Sunscreen and sun protection can decrease risk of skin cancer, discolorations and premature skin aging. Who wouldn’t want to share that?!?!

Hope everyone has the best week ever this week!

Stay Skintastic, Nina



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