Sunday Suncreen Only Skin

  • Where are my “The Walking Dead” fans?!?!? I’ve never been more excited for a season premier! For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, tonight we find out which of our beloveds has been murdered with a bat by the new evil (and smokin hot) character, Negan, introduced last season. There are so many ideas out there on who it’s going to be. Everyone has an opinion. Why it should be this character, why it won’t be that character, etc. etc. If you google “who dies in the walking dead season premier” literally millions of hits appear. No one actually knows, except the elite! The elite top team including the writers, cast, producers and team. They are the only people you could actually trust to know who is going to die tonight on the season premier, the ONLY ones.
  • Thats what I consider dermatologists, the elite skin team. The only ones you can really trust with the right answers for your skin. I am biased. I admit that. But it only makes sense that you let the people who have spent years studying the skin and using evidence based practices to learn what changes skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy. It’s easy and fun for me to go on the internet and read about all the walking dead season premier theories out there and trust me, I have! But when it comes down to it I really don’t know who is right until I watch the show tonight. Same for skin. You can go watch tutorials on YouTube and hit Pinterest with ideas for lotions and potions but you won’t likely know the real science behind the skin until you consult with a dermatologist. This is why I think a skin care consult at a dermatologist office is so important. Here are some benefits of a skin care consult at a dermatologist office:
  • 1. They are here to educate you on what’s healthy for your skin, not here to get a commission or just sell you their product.
  • 2. Dermatologists can sort through the overwhelming options for you and tell you what’s a must have and what’s a plus or minus.
  • 3. Dermatologists can tell you where to save or splurge. We recently snapped some of our favorites if you follow us on snapchat (jdermatology). We can work with any budget and tell you how to allocate your funds for the best skin changing regimen.
  • 4. Dermatologists can explain how to mix and match brands. We aren’t bound to a company we are working for so we can build a regimen from as many brands as needed. I love SkinMedica total defense and repair sunscreen for me but my kids don’t get that luxury product, they don’t need it. They get Target BareRepublic sunscreen.
  • 5. We genuinely love skin. Think about it. It’s not just a job for us. I went to school for eight years before I had my nurse practitioner license. I interviewed for 4 months in 6 different specialties, turning down 5 job opportunities before I chose skin and dermatology to do for the rest of my life. It’s not just a job, it’s a passion. It’s my happy place.

On Sundays all I wear on my skin is sunscreen. I feel great in my skin with nothing but a tinted sunscreen. Are you happy with your skin in nothing but sunscreen? Do you love where your skin is now? Do you trust the elite team to pick your skin care regimen? Don’t worry about your answers because we are offering free skin care consults now until November 18th with Bridgett and Dani to get you on track AND give you a $10 JD credit to use during gratitude week when everything is 20% off!! It’s a win win! Join me on Sunday Funday in sunscreen only skin! It’s the perfect day to break up with your make-up!


Stay Skintastic, Nina


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