Almost Spring Break!

It’s almost spring break. Who is excited? I am! It’s my first time to celebrate spring break in 8 years. I was in that chapter of life between graduating from grad school and having children in school. My oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and that means spring break is back baby! We are heading to the beach so I immediately started my wardrobe search. I’m so excited about some of my finds I just knew I had to share them with you! I added in a few of my tried and true beach must haves to the list.

  1. Blue Stone Sun Shields. This is my favorite new find this year. These are basically a visor that has a shield that you can pull down to protect your entire face from the sun. They come in the best colors. I’m not going to lie, I also love that people can’t see my face. I feel so incognito like I’m someone important hiding from the paparazzi when I wear it out. Go check ‘em out!
  2. Beachriot. My new favorite swim pants. Rashguards and swim shirts are fairly easy to find. Swim leggings are harder. Finding anything but black is even harder. Then I found beachriot who has the cutest swim pants ever. They run small so I would size up when you order. I got the leopard but plan to get more because I love the waistline. It sits in the perfect spot for slimming and it’s wide so it doesn’t roll down with activity. Promise you will still be fashionable with these on poolside.
  3. My kids favorite sunscreen. Sea Star Sparkle Sunscreen. It is SPF 50, water resistant, physical blocker with zinc oxide and broad spectrum so it meets all my requirements. It smells like cake and is FULL of rainbow glitter so my kids love it! They have other fragrances/colors but I’ve stuck with the rainbow. Might not be best for sensitive skin children due to the fragrance and all the glitter however, my kids never complain about how it feels on the skin. Find it here
  4. My favorite rashguards. The Seea is by far my favorite swim top. They have the cutest designs and it’s fashion first when you are dressed like a ninja on the beach. It’s what I’m wearing almost anytime you have seen me out. They are on the luxury side price wise but they always have sales and that’s when I stock up. Here is the link to one of my favorite designs that is currently on sale!
  5. Tinted Lip balm with sunscreen by Coola. This is one I haven’t worn all day. Just got it though and love one application. It comes in multiple colors so everyone can find a tint they like. It’s one of the only lipbalms I have been able to find that has a physical blocker. It has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I plan to pat a little on my cheeks while I am at the beach for a little blush look too.
Leggings:beach riot. Rashguard: The Seea Visor: Blue Stone Sun Shields
Leggings:beach riot. Rashguard: The Seea
Visor: Blue Stone Sun Shields

I hope you all have a Skintastic spring break! Let me know if you enjoy any of my favorite Skintastic finds by tagging @johnsondermatology



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