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I’ve been injecting for about 7 years. When I first started injecting I had very few side effects or undesirable outcomes. I’ve had more this past year than any year before. Sounds backwards, right? I should be a more experienced injector now. Well, I am. I also inject over 100% more patients than I did 7 years ago. The more patients you inject the more likely one of them will have a side effect. That’s because any injector that injects long enough will eventually have a complication. It’s not a matter of if an injector will have a patient with a complication, it’s a matter of when. Now don’t get me wrong, a good injector that knows the anatomy of the face and puts safety first is less likely to cause a complication. However, an injection is never 100% safe with zero possibility of undesirable outcomes. I’ve had patients who have had complications. I also have prepared for how to treat those complications. Through continuing education and consulting with colleagues and choosing to practice in a Dermatology clinic that values patient safety I feel prepared for complications. At JD we keep hyaluronidase on hand at all times to be able to immediately dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers. We take MANY precautions to prevent complications like infection and vascular occlusion and bruising and swelling and more. Some complications happen immediately but many develop over a period of time. This is why it is very important to have a good relationship with your injector. At JD we have an after hours phone number that I encourage my cosmetic patients to call if they are having any symptoms that were not expected with their treatment. It is always important to contact your injector and follow up with them if you have any undesirable outcomes or fear you are having a complication. Often times patients come to me from another injector after being “botched”. The very first question I ask them is “did you go back to discuss with your injector?”. If they have and still don’t have desired results then I proceed but often times they come to me immediately and I recommend they allow their injector to “fix” the problem first. Because that’s usually how the patient has the best results. Botox and fillers can be forgiving. I have all my first timer patients come back and see me in two weeks for this exact reason. We want to make sure it’s perfect and usually if there is any small tweaking we would like to do we can achieve it at that visit. It’s easier for me to tweak my own injections because I know exactly what I injected and where I injected it. When someone comes from somewhere else, especially if it wasn’t a medical facility, it can be difficult to track down what was injected and where. I’ve had times when I didn’t know if the patient had silicone or HA filler or something else. This makes it difficult to know the best way to fix the problem. It’s also important to keep the same injector because we get to know the little things you like and don’t like. No one has the exact same anatomy. Yes we all have a nose but none of our noses look EXACTLY the same. We all have the same muscles in the face but they don’t move and look EXACTLY the same. So there is a science to injecting and an art to injecting. The more times you are treated by the same injector the better the art of injecting becomes for you specifically and results tend to get better and better over the years. Which is how we age backwards naturally at JD. If you’re still hanging on at this point, thanks for reading. The moral of the story is there is value in trusting your injector and building a long lasting relationship with them through good communication. I hope all my patients know I sincerely care about their results and their safety. I hope they all trust me to do the right thing to enhance their beauty and know that my heart hurts with every complication but that I promise to do everything possible to make it right. I hope that everyone that is injected understands the risk of cosmetic injections and the importance of an expert injector. The core specialties are Plastic Surgery and Dermatology and I recommend starting there for your search for the right injector for you and not on social media. Photos can be a trap. Lighting and angles and more really affect before and after photos and they can be deceiving on social media. Interview your injector during a consultation before you pull the trigger. Make sure they (and their staff)look natural and in line with your goals. Make sure they know how to treat complications. Do your research and then feel the vibe. There are some patients who don’t vibe with me and we agree together to not form a long lasting relationship. There are other good injectors out there. More often than not, we do vibe and we stay together for a long, long time. And that my friends is my favorite part of being in aesthetic Dermatology. The relationships with all my clients that will last a lifetime, of 29. Vibing at 29 years old forever. That’s the goal.

Stay Skintastic, stay vibing and stay 29 with me forever, Nina


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