Botox isn’t for Freezing

When patients call and schedule an appointment with me for Botox, they often times don’t get Botox. Why? Because what they were really making an appointment for was an unwanted appearance of something but they weren’t sure what procedure would remedy the problem so they assumed it might be the ever so popular Botox cosmetic. Maybe a line or wrinkle they didn’t like, maybe sagging skin or maybe they feel they look angry or tired when they don’t actually feel that way. I always address the issues and where we want to enhance beauty and then I recommend filler, botox, devices, lasers, topicals, surgical consults or all or none of the above. People don’t ever initially come in for Botox and say their complaint is that their face moves. Most people like their face to move naturally. If you have met me you know I like to make facial expressions, I don’t want my face to not move. However, I don’t like the lines that some of my facial muscle movements make in my skin. This is why I love Botox and I think it is so fun to inject. When I inject Botox I’m not just thinking about how to make the line go away but I’m also taking into consideration how that relaxation of the muscle can change the shape of the eye or the length of the forehead or the placement of the eyebrows or the shape of your smile. For example, if someone does not like a line directly above the tip of their eyebrow I usually do not use Botox. Botox in this area can drop the eyebrow and flatten it or even cause eyelid ptosis (dropping of the upper eyelid). I tell clients to keep the line or use topicals, laser or filler to enhance the beauty in that area while getting rid of the unwanted wrinkle. What’s interesting is my longtime patients will sometimes say “freeze me” I don’t want any movement at all. That is because they have become addicted to the smoothness of the skin that Botox gives when they are moving less. They get the impression that less movement will mean less wrinkles. That might be true but it also may mean less beautiful results. The real reason we all get Botox is to enhance our beauty. So this is my PSA. That person you know who took injectables too far and looks fake, (they aren’t my patient) they became obsessed with chasing the line and “freezing” the face. Don’t do that. Get yourself an injector who is an expert at beauty, not a line chaser. If you go in and ask for Botox and they didn’t recommend anything else for your skin then eventually you will look Botoxed. Your forehead will be 29 and your lower face might be 49 and that looks Botoxed every time. Don’t become obsessed with that one little line. Remember the reason you started getting Botox. To enhance your beauty. Not to be frozen or filled up. These are the keys to looking naturally injected. Small tweakments over the years. What is so ironic about this post is when I am due for Botox I often tell Dr. Sandy to freeze my whole face and raise my brows to the Gods. I’m grateful she knows what I ACTUALLY want and injects me to perfection. Just one more reason to find an expert injector. An expert injector enhances your beauty and knows what will look good even when it’s not what you asked to achieve.

Want to come naturally age backwards with me? E-mail and set up a free consult. I would love to help you meet all your skin goals. Once you get a little Ninamen C I hope you feel more beautiful, not frozen.

Stay moving, stay beautiful, stay skintastic, Nina


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