The Truth About Why We Love Botox

Often times when I’m discussing Botox and Fillers I hear people say I don’t want my husband to know or my daughter or my best friend, which is fine. I want you to leave looking natural and refreshed, like you. My goal is that no one will be able to put their finger on exactly what you’ve done but they will notice something has given you a fresher look. But a little part of me also wishes that your loved ones would have no negative thoughts about cosmetic procedures.

Recently, while attending a conference, I heard a dermatologist tell a story about his young daughter. They were out to dinner when she told the waitress that her Dad needed to do Botox on her wrinkles. I laughed really hard. Kids have no filter. You can only assume that he has taught his daughter about Botox or she learned it from conversation. So that made me think about my daughter and I thought to myself “What will I tell her?”. Will I tell her what cosmetic procedures I have had done? What will my reasoning be as to why I had them done? Will I encourage her to get Botox one day, many, many years down the road? There are lots of things in our culture that change with time so who knows what the cultural norm will be in twenty years. But for right now these are the reasons I think we do cosmetic procedures. So this list is for all the nay sayers, all the loved ones of someone who feels like they can’t tell you about their cosmetic procedures and for my daughter who I want to be proud that her Momma feels beautiful. These are the REAL reasons why we have Botox and Fillers done on a regular basis.

1. Because we are confident- Contrary to people who think we do it because we are insecure. I consider myself to be humble but also confident. I almost stopped running during my run yesterday because I was so tired. I needed an energy boost so I had to turn my music up and dance/run down the street to my house to be able to keep going. Sure I’m confident enough to dance in the street. I like the natural beauty God gave me and I want to keep it that way, keep my confidence so I can continue to dance down the street.  So, I have Voluma and Botox.

2. Because we are powerful professionals- It’s a dog eat dog world out there. We all know professionals are competing in lots of ways. I am a professional and I want you to pick me as your professional skin expert. Your first impression of me is how I look and that may be how you pick me to be your skin expert whether you realize it or not. So I like to look professional, dress nice, wear make-up, fix my hair every morning and use skin care products. I want to keep that “well kept” appearance so I color my hair, brush my teeth, shop for clothes, get mani’s and pedi’s occasionally and of course, get Botox!

3. Because we want to prolong our natural beauty, NOT because we want to change how we look- We don’t want to look like someone else. We don’t hate our lips or hate our crows feet or hate anything about ourselves. We just want to enhance our natural beauty, prolong the things we do like about ourselves. You like your brown hair so you color it when it starts to turn white? Well same idea with Botox and fillers.

4. Because we deserve to put ourselves first for once- We work, we are moms, chefs, house cleaners, chauffeurs, nurses, book-readers, snugglers, wives, friends, daughters…… you get the point. We wear a lot of hats and usually we put everyone before ourselves. So this is one thing we can do for ourselves. One time we put ourselves first and give ourselves a treat. We earned it! And, especially for my daughter, please learn from me it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

5.  Because we are happy- We don’t get cosmetic procedures done because we are sad, depressed people. We are happy! We are blessed to be fortunate enough to consider cosmetic procedures. We wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, smile and get ready to conquer the world. I like to smile and not make crow’s feet, not have to notice something negative out of such an important part of my day. So yes, I have Botox.

6. Because we are hip- Yeah, we may be out of our twenties but we still got some cool! Botox and Fillers include some of the newest, greatest advances in cosmetic healthcare. We are ahead of our time!

Do you want to keep your cosmetic procedures a secret? Then do that. That’s perfectly reasonable. Do I hope that one day everyone looks at Botox the same as a manicure or hair color? Sure I do. I want my daughter to know that it’s a good thing to want to feel beautiful. Maybe this post hits home, maybe it doesn’t but I think the world should know the real reasons we real women have cosmetic procedures done!

I hope to see you all at the clinic this week! If not, please be dancing while you put on your sunscreen every morning! Cheers, Nina



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