The Bittersweet

I get induced on Tuesday with my second daughter. Our plan is for this to be our last (hopefully God agrees with our plan). It has been such a bittersweet weekend for me. I’m excited to give birth to another child but less than excited about the actual labor. I can’t wait for Charlee (my 2 year old) to have a sister but I’m sad she won’t get the attention of an only child. It’s amazing thinking about getting my body back to its old self but depressing thinking about how I will never feel a little miracle kicking and growing inside of me again. All weekend I have been trying to cherish every moment of just the three of us. I’ve been taking pictures of things that aren’t good photo ops just because I want to remember that exact moment. We went out to eat dinner last night just the three of us and as I watched my husband carry out my daughter I almost came to tears taking a picture of it, thinking we will have two next weekend, it will never be just the three of us again. Happy tears, but so bittersweet.



Change is difficult, it doesn’t come natural to us humans. We really are creatures of habit. The only way to get through change is to appreciate the bitter and then focus on the sweet. Because happy people always let the sweet outweigh the bitter. In dermatology we see this a lot. For example, in acne we get rid of all the “blackheads” and pustules and “bumps” but then once your acne is clear the discolorations or scarring are more apparent because they aren’t camoflauged with acne. Your acne is gone, SWEET! You have discolorations and scars now, BITTER. Happy people are just excited their acne is gone and that’s what they focus on while we treat their scarring with laser or whatever other treatment. Sad people just get discouraged that their skin doesn’t look like the Proactive infomercials and give up on their skin. We see it often after cosmetic procedures like Botox and Fillers. We fix the “big” problems like deep lines and then all the patient can notice is the tiny small fine line left behind. Happy people are so excited that the Botox and Filler fixed the big problems they came in for. Sad people just focus on the fine, tiny line they never noticed before and feel dissappointed. So this week when I have my baby I’m going to role model after all my happy patients. All my patients that know how to be satisfied, happy people just by how they deal with the bittersweet situations in life. I admire those positive thinkers that always make the sweet take control of the bitter. Part of why I love my job is being around all you people that inspire me to make my life better. I love all you patients that teach me lessons like how to deal with change and the bittersweet. I know you didn’t get a lot of skin advice this week but I hope you all will consider this post to be sweet.

This is my last post pregnant and I can’t wait to talk at ya next week with a wild sleep deprived post! See you Monday if you need any last minute skin stuff, Nina






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