Styling Sun Protective Clothing

I spend most of my day educating patients. What is common sense to me (someone working in healthcare) is often very foreign to the general public. My husband gets so irritated when I use medical jargon like he should know what I’m talking about. You say “mole”, I say “congenital compound nevus”, what’s the big deal?!?! Anyways, with Summer approaching I try to mention to all my patients to remember their sun smart behaviors, with emphasis on sun protective clothing and how to properly use sunscreen. Sunscreen is great but sun protective clothing trumps that. Think of sunscreen as your screen door that keeps most stuff out but sun protective clothing as your wooden front door that protects you from the outside elements even better. People always laugh at me when I say they should be wearing long sleeves and pants in August in Arkansas. But I don’t think they realize I do it in style. I might slightly stretch the rules, don’t we all? As I tell my husband often when he forgets to tell me, I make sun protective clothing look good. As you all know, I love local shopping. This Thursday, April 30th at 6:30 at TGIF’s (Friday’s Restaurant) Hazels Haven (one of my favorite local boutiques) is having a fashion show and those who attend get 25% off a new arrival item! I encourage you all to go have some fun and get a discount. I thought I would show you some of Hazels Haven pieces that I think are stylish and sun protective this Summer. Here are my go to Stylin Summer Sun protective picks.

1. A good wide brim hat. Protect your neck, ears and face with some shade in style. Hats are a perfect accessory to almost any summer outfit.


2. Maxi dress- I love maxi dresses during the hot summer months because they are cool and airy but protect your legs from sun exposure. If you pick one like this pink one from Hazels Haven shown below then just add a light kimono or get really fancy and carry an umbrella that can offer shade to your chest, face and arms. Anything not covered with clothing needs to be covered with broad band, water resistant, at least 30 SPF sunscreen every 2 hours while you are out and about.


3. Long sleeves and pants made with an airy material. These are so in style right now. I’m seeing them everywhere. Printed pants are cooler than jeans during hot days and make a statement.  Win-win!


4. Jeans- It amazes me that my step-sons will wear jeans in any weather. I mean he took jeans to the beach for Spring Break. I ain’t complaining either, my husband says  they are much cooler than they are sensible as teenagers.  I beg to differ, I tell myself they are protecting their legs from sun exposure because they are so smart and health conscience.  Pick a pair of “summer jeans” that are white or pale pink or just have a really worn look. Throw on a pair of jeans with a tee and a kimono or dress them up with heels and a tunic, either way you will be protected from sun exposure and looking hip!


All the pieces shown here can be found at Hazels Haven. May is Melanoma Awareness Month so go pick up some styling sun protective clothing to celebrate! Hope to see you all at the fashion show on Thursday, it should be a fun time! I would also like to take the time to mention that I have a 6 day old little girl and literally am having trouble keeping up with what day it is so you may find my posts over the next couple months don’t always fall on Sundays! haha, I’m sure you understand.

Until next time I can stay awake long enough to post on the blog, be skintastic, Nina







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