This week I thought I might hit my stress breaking point. Have you been there? When everything goes wrong? In the past 7 days my husband has started working evening shift, my daughter got a perforated ear drum, we lost her ballet shoes (found them later), I got an abscess, I cut my hair shorter than I planned to and then my Saturday girls night plans got cancelled due to weather! I mean really? I cried more than once. Then I had a long group text with my girls, spent a weekend relaxing with my husband and regrouped. I realized that if I kept crying about how much my luck was down right now I would just feel worse. I looked around and realized how blessed I am in this life. I have a roof over my head, a family that I dreamed of, friends that are family and a job I love. I live in a country where we are free. I can express myself and rule my life. And that’s what I’m going to do, feel how I want to feel, have the good attitude I want to have and be in the good mood I want to see in other people. What does this have to do with skin? Nothing really. Except that you should take that attitude with your skin too. Here are some tips…..

  1. If you want fuller lips- go get ’em. Don’t let anyone tell you your goals should be changed. It’s YOUR goal, not theirs.
  2. If you have always suffered with psoriasis(or other skin probs) and want to be clear, take action. Pick up the phone make an appointment and tell your dermatologist. Take control of your situation. Don’t suffer before you investigate if there are answers. Don’t settle on less than you deserve.
  3. If you “hate” your acne don’t tell yourself that. Go see a dermatologist. Then tell yourself what you do like about your skin, that it heals quickly, that you don’t have stretch marks, that you love the color of your skin, that you love the dewyness- whatever it is focus on the beauty you do see.
  4. Dont compare yourself. We are all different. Not better nor worse, different. Unless you are realizing how blessed you are. Sometimes seeing others’ misfortunes helps you appreciate what you do have.
  5. Unwind. We are all harder on ourselves than how others see us. You might think your skin is ugly but someone thinks it’s beautiful. Always. Guaranteed.

Tomorrow night at Mercy Fitness Center on Dallas Street in Fort Smith from 5-7pm is the UltraShape Power event. There will be special package pricing, giveaways and more! You don’t want to miss out. Go to Johnson Dermatology Facebook page to watch the live video we did Friday too! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Stay Skintastic, Nina



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