Oh the places filler will go!

I think in our society we associate fillers with big lips. Although lips, wrinkles, folds around the mouth and cheeks are areas commonly injected with fillers, there are other locations where we can do some very unique things with fillers. Let me enlighten you about the possibilities of fillers.  Make sure your injector is a highly trained core provider for safety because there are fillers that shouldn’t be used in certain places while others can be. Here are some of my favorite unique locations and tricks we can do with fillers.

1. The hands- If you don’t like the way the back of your hands are getting wrinkled or hollow looking then we can use Radiesse there.  We generally use one syringe per hand and it really smoothes out the back of the hand and gives a more youthful, natural appearance.

2. The nose- Is your nose bridge bumpy? Too wide without enough definition? We can use filler there to make a smoother, more defined nose.

3. The earlobes- Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? No seriously, if you put your earrings in and there isn’t enough volume in the ear lobe to support the earring then your earrings could hang weird. We can put a very small amount of filler in the ear lobe to allow enough structure to support earrings again and give you that plumper, more youthful earlobe back.

4. The temples- Have your temples sunken in making your eye sockets protrude around the brows. This can age you drastically. We can fill the temples which can lift the brows and take away that aging sunken look. This is a very natural anti-aging trick.

5. Scars- Depending on multiple factors of the scar, such as age of the scar and characteristics of the scar, we can sometimes fill scars like we would a wrinkle to make the scar look better. If you have lost volume or there is a divot when you run your finger over the scar then you may be a good candidate to put filler in your scar and smooth that area back out.

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Enjoy the Super Bowl, don’t let your blood pressure get too high cheering on your favorite team! And if you do get red faced, go read a couple posts back about facial redness treatments!

XOXO, Nina



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