Lovely Lustful Lips

Valentines day is just a week away. Valentines is full of chocolates, flowers, love and kisses. What everyone needs and wants for kissing is a perfect pair of smoochers. This week for filler February I want to celebrate filler in the lips. The filler choices for the lips are Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus. There is a new very thin filler for fine lines coming out this month called Restylane Silk. Belotero and now Restylane Silk are more for etched in very fine lines on the surface of the skin than volume loss and deeper lines. Juvederm Ultra is similiar to Juvederm Ultra Plus only Ultra Plus has a little more va-va-voom. In my personal experience my favorite is Juvederm Ultra Plus. I feel like it has a little more longevity overall, less initial swelling, easiest to manipulate and easiest to inject. We inject all of the aforementioned fillers. Deciding which filler best meets your individual needs should be done during your consult.

There are lots of things you can do with fillers in the lips other than just making them bigger. As a matter of fact you can do a lot with the fillers to make your lips more youthful without even putting the filler into the actual lip area but putting it around your lips. Here are characteristics of the lips and the area around the lips that I like to improve with fillers.

1. Lines around the lips- Usually for lines around the lips a filler and Botox combination is prettiest.We can stretch lines around the mouth and lips with filler.

2. Border of the lip- In our youthful years most of us have a strong border around the lips. As we age, the lips and skin around them just kind of meld together. Some women try to improve this with lip liner. When we give you a border around your lip it redefines your lips and turns the pink part back to where it once was while stretching the lines around the lips as well.

3. Volume in the lips- If your lips are just made skinny or you are losing the volume in your lips as you mature you probably just want some plumping. We can do this with filler in a very natural way. One of my favorite things to do is give you that sexy pout back naturally making the lower lip bigger than the top lip. If your top lip disappears when you smile we can make it more of a natural beautiful lip that sticks around for photo ops.

4. Cupids Bow- Have you lost your cupids bow(also known as tubercle)? Is your top lip flat all the way across where you once had strong columns under your nose(also known as philtral columns)? I can inject filler to give those columns back to you and to give you your cupids bow just in time for Valentines Day!

5. Turn your frown upside down- Do the corners of your lips permanently turn down? We know you don’t feel sad inside so we will use filler to make your smiling inner spirit match your lips. We can put filler in/around your lips and the corners of your mouth to give you support back and make those corners go back to where they once were.

This is a good picture to try to visualize what I’m talking about.

Photo courtesy of Allergan, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

If you get anything from this post then the take away should be that we can make your lips look very natural while using filler. Filler in lips doesn’t have to look done and fake. It can actually be done and no one even know what you had done.

Congratulations to everyone that ran in the Inaugural Fort Smith Marathon. You all have true grit! It was so inspiring to watch you all run by as my family enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Hope to see you all this week at the clinic with lots of love in the air!

Happy Valentines Day, XOXO, Nina


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