Ninas Top Ten Skin Types

I’m always reading lists on blogs and social media. “The ten worst types of Moms”, “Five things you must do on your honeymoon”, “Top ten colleges”, “Top cities to live” and so on. I mean David Letterman has a top ten everynight! I’m always drawn in to read these lists and find out what makes “the top” whether it’s a topic I’m interested in or not. So to join in on the list making fun I made my Top Ten Skin Types List. Enjoy!

10.  Naturally done Botox and Filler Skin Type- You know the kind where no one knows that you’ve had anything done except for you. People look at this skin type and say “What are you doing different? You look sooo…….. refreshed!” (I’m thinking of renaming this the “Nina got a hold of you skin type”)

9.  The Confident Skin Type- The person that gets a pimple and doesn’t pick and pop it to try to make it more socially appealing, just leaves it alone. Then goes to the prom and rocks out like before mentioned pimple doesn’t exist.

8. The Untouched Skin Type-This skin doesn’t get picked, popped, scrubbed, exfoliated, scratched, vigoursly itched nor irritated. It’s a calm and beautiful skin that any dermatologist can recognize.

7. The Retinoled Skin Type- I made that word up. “Retinoled” defined is skin that has been using a retinol for at least four months. This type has smoother texture and tone and is just a little closer to flawless.

6. The Imperfect Skin Type- This type of skin rocks a normal mole, is proud of it’s birthmarks, considers itself imperfectly perfect. This skin type is recognizable by most. It’s a first cousin to the confident skin type.

5. The Laser Hair Removal Skin Type- This skin has had its underarms, happy trail and bikini line lasered at least. No folliculitis here, no razor burn, no hard work shaving everyday and definetely no harsh waxing. This skin type is perfect for island life or anyone that lives a relaxed, chilled out lifestyle.

4. The Simple Skin Type- This skin has a very simple skin care regimen. No eight steps in AM and twenty steps in PM, no million dollar skin care budget, no fru-fru fragrances and no 234 products that most women own. This skin type may only use sunscreen in AM and Retinol in PM, simple but ahhhhhmazing.

3. The Natural Nails Type- Nails aren’t skin you say? Well they are a dermatologist specialty so they made my list (we do hair, nails and skin FYI). This type doesn’t push its cuticles back, doesn’t dig at it’s nails, doesn’t have fake nails that can damage the nail plate. This is just a natural nail with maybe an occasional polish. This nail looks healthy and to me that’s the most beautiful thing in the human body, our health.

2. The “Have it all” Skin Type- This skin has been lasered, peeled, sun protected, uses Retinol, Growth Factor, Lytera and moisturizer, has had Botox and Fillers and gets a skin cancer check at least once a year. This skin is the best it can be and makes me want to dance to Beyonce.

1. The Sun Protected Skin Type- You know this is my number one. No premature aging, no sun damage brown spots, no early wrinkles, no increased risk of skin cancer, no looking back with regrets and no orange peel look. You know, no UV damage is beautiful. This skin is the color God made it.

What skin type are you? Obviously these are my favorite skin types but just know all skin types are welcome to join one, if not all of these clubs. If you need help with that then I hope to see you this week at the clinic. Hope you are having as much fun on this Labor Day Weekend as I had making this list.

“Being called different is like being called limited edition. Meaning you’re something people don’t see that often. Remember that.” -unknown

Dance on World, Nina




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