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Hi, my name is Nina and I am a blog stalker. I just love following blogs and getting to know people I have never met. It keeps me pretty cool too(so I tell myself). You learn about what all the hip kids are doing. It’s how I keep my little girl so fashionable. Why my step sons think I’m not old and dorky. Why I have been “no-pooing” (not using shampoo).

One of my favorite bloggers is Allison from Her IG feed is awesome too @allisonpants. She is a super cool Mom with an adorable daughter named Lemon. About a month ago I was perusing my IG feed and saw that her daughter, Lemon, who is just a few months older than mine was suffering from Molluscum Contagiosum. Molluscum are bumps on the skin caused by a virus. When I see this in the clinic my initial reaction is “oh no big deal, just molluscum”. They always go away eventually, they are very common and not necessarily harmful to your health. For these reasons, I traditionally have put them directly in the “no big deal” category. And then Lemon got molluscum and changed my view forever.

I realized how it was the worst thing going on in Allison and Lemons life at that time.  That it was stressful, hard to treat, and that it tried to steal away some of Lemons joy. Molluscum Contagiosum were not falling in the “no big deal category” for this family I loved (via internet).  If it bothered someone as down to earth, laid back and flat awesome as Allison and Lemon then it really does affect people worse than I ever dreamed. I was reminded that when I walk out of the room of a patient who has life threatening melanoma and into a room with molluscum, I can’t compare them. One will surely go away without harm and one could kill but they are both quite possibly the worst thing in that person’s life at that given time. So I’m sorry to all my patients that I haven’t empathized with about their skin diseases. I didn’t mean to make you feel like your bumps weren’t a horrible thing to have. From now on, I promise to show more sympathy to all my patients’ skin problems, life threatening or not. Thank you Lemon for reminding me where my heart was when I started dermatology and where I need to keep it. I honestly care about my patients’ skin and their health. As a thank you to Lemon here are some facts and tips on Molluscum Contagiosum.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Little flesh-colored bumps that grow on the top layer of skin caused by a virus. They look like tiny belly buttons. They are very common in kids ages 1-10 years old and will all be gone in about 2 years without any treatment.


How to get rid of the little buggers quicker?

-Be sun smart- Sunexposure and tan decreases the skin’s immune system which in turn makes it more difficult for the immune system to recognize the virus and get rid of the bumps.

-Don’t pick, scratch or shave over the bumps. This can spread the virus/bumps to other locations on the skin.

-Don’t quarentine your child. We all come into contact with the virus all the time through touch or sharing hand towels or whatever. Some people come in contact with the virus and don’t get the bumps while some people do get the bumps. Basically no worries, chances are kids are gonna either get it or not get it no matter what.

-You can see your dermatologist about once per month for treatment to try to get your skin to recognize the virus quicker. At Johnson Dermatology we use liquid nitrogen, cantharadin (blister beetle juice that doesn’t hurt), prescription creams and extraction regularly to treat the bumps. On average kids need 3-6 monthly visits before the molluscum are gone for good.

-Treat them everyday at home to make them go away quicker. I usually tell people the easiest (and likely cheapest) thing is to get a bottle of clear nail polish and paint the bumps daily. Other at home methods include salycylic acid, apple cider vinegar, vicks vapor rub, duct tape and more. Just pick whichever one you will actually do daily.

I’m sorry that sweet little children have to deal with Molluscum Contagiosum. I am now more sympathetic to all my kiddos and parents who suffer with these bumpy skin nuicances.  Just remember, your child is still beautiful, loved and healthy. Hope to see you all in clinic this week!

Remember “Little girls with dreams become women with vision” -unknown

Peace, Love and Sunscreen,  Nina


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