Imperfect Perfection

I got a pimple this week. I noticed it first but then after that other people noticed it too…… I’m sure! Still all week long as I treated others’ skin I continued to hear “I wish my skin looked like yours” or “make me look as young as you”. I thought to myself “can they not see this huge bright red pus-filled pimple on my face? Come on I look like I’m growing a horn!”. My impression of how my skin looked was different from those looking at me.  I have imperfections and I think I could look better most days. Its all about perspective. One person’s view of perfect skin is another person’s worst skin day. Two people walking down the street with the same mole may have very different ideas about how it looks. One person thinks it’s a beauty mark while the other is headed to the dermatologist to have it removed. Some people would rather have a mole and some people would rather have a scar. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

So why then do we all wish our skin, body shape, hair and outfit to be perfect. It’s impossible to be perfect, right? Should we just embrace our wrinkles and pimples and rock them out with confidence? Of course we should, be proud of the way you look, you’re the only one that looks that way. But we shouldn’t neglect ourselves either. We should still use our retinol nightly to keep our skin looking young and beautiful. Use it to make our skin look the best we can make it look. That’s the key, loving what you have while still striving to make it better.  If we never tried to be better our world would stop, we wouldn’t grow into anything new and thats just depressing.

I’m hardest on myself and I find most people are the same way. No one calls me fat except for me. Well, my patients this week have inspired me to stop being so hard on myself and agree that all I can do is work to be my best while enjoying what I already have. When I look in the mirror at that belly, I’m gonna love it and think to myself “I look good”, then go workout and eat healthy all day to make it a little flatter. I’m going to embrace my imperfections and use them to my advantage.

So this week I hope this blog will inspire you to embrace your skin imperfections and realize that you’re awesome even with that stretch mark, those extra five pounds, that discoloration on your skin, the enlarged pore or any other little imperfection you don’t like about yourself. Then, when you try to make it better, don’t feel guilty. The road to perfection is never ending but the journey is what makes us all awesome. Most people don’t feel guilty for working out to become skinny. So why feel bad about coloring your hair, getting a tummy tuck, botox or fillers? I don’t feel guilty for getting botox or removing my mole on my neck. And to the naysayers that think I should love myself without having to change anything I’m going to reply by saying I’m not changing who I am I’m just improving it, just like I am trying to gripe less at my husband. I’m not a bad wife, I’m a good wife, but I could always be a better wife. There will always be a better version of me that I am striving for and I love that about me, I hope you will love that about you too.

So here’s my first step in accepting my imperfections as mine; I’m gonna share with you on this very public internet site the things I used to hate about myself that I now am going to love because they motivate me to be better! Feel inspired, feel motivated and have a skintastic day! Hope to see you all at the clinic so I can be a part of your journey towards perfect skin!

First up…… my belly! I used to hate that spot where all my extra weight hangs out, but now I’m glad its there because before it gets too big it motivates me to exercise more and eat less ice cream, making me healthier!


 Next little imperfection I own, the scar on my knee created by a bicycle wreck when I was a little kid. Other kids called me “the hamburgler” because it looks like a hamburger patty. Well its not keeping me from rocking out my favorite mini skirt!
Lastly, the birthmark on my elbow. People often mistake it for dirt, weird! Instead of explaining its a birthmark I usually just brush away at it and cover my elbow. Not anymore, next time that awkward moment arises, I’m going to respond with “ugh, no crazy thats a birthmark, isn’t it beautiful!?!?!”
I won’t bore you with anymore of my imperfections but I do hope that I inspire you to love yours a little more! Talk at ya next week, stay skintastic!

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