How to Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Today is the first day of November. Halloween is gone. Daylight savings has made our clocks fall back an hour. For all those stores that think this means putting out the Christmas decorations I would like to remind you the next holiday is actually Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because we are all celebrating giving thanks and there are no presents or other things that make us all forget the reason for the season. This month at Johnson Dermatology we are all concentrating on making Gratitude our attitude. We are working on not just being grateful but expressing gratefulness. Gratefulness for each other, our patients and all of our blessings. Sometimes it is easy to be grateful and sometimes it is difficult. Here are some reminder tips for all of us to be grateful and show gratefulness this month. Happy Thanks month.

1. Find the positive in negative. When one door closes, another opens. After kids running all around my house all day yesterday hyped up on candy I laid my head on my pillow and felt exhaustion and started to fret of all the cleaning that waited for me when I would awaken. I had to stop myself and instead I went to bed thinking of how grateful I am to be able to have a home full of healthy children to make a mess and lots of memories.

2. Accept the fact that some things just stink. If we didn’t experience things that put us in a bad mood or people who were not nice to us then how would we know how grateful we are to experience the wonderful experiences and people we do have in our lives.

3. Speak your gratefulness often. You may be grateful for your husband, your coworkers and your kids but if you don’t tell them how do they know? We live in a fast-paced busy world. I spend most my days taking care of patients, kids and home and I’m horrible at “stopping to smell the roses”. But when I do take the time to thank my husband or my boss and it puts a smile on someone else’s face, that’s when I realize just how grateful I really am for the people in my life.

4. Realize it could always be worse, always. Remember that your worst might be someone else’s best. Therefore there is always something to be grateful for, always.

5.Decide you are grateful. It’s really the better option. A mood is a mood. Sometimes we are in bad moods and sometimes we are in good moods. But we control our mood. We don’t control the circumstances around us oftentimes but we do control how we let it affect our mood. So you can be unappreciative of the cards you have been dealt or you can choose to be grateful. I choose to be grateful because it is on a happier island and I want to live on Island Happy, don’t you?

I’m grateful for an excellent job that I love. I’m grateful for the best patients. I’m grateful for  a loving family. I want you all to know I’m grateful you read my blog and trust me with your skin.

As a Thank you to our patients we will be celebrating with 20% off cosmetic procedures, products and lasers the week of Thanksgiving. I hope you all get to come to our clinic that week and enjoy all the fun things we have happening.

“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day–or to celebrate each special day.” Rasheed Ogunlaru

Hope your today is special, Nina

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