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Johnson Dermatology has a new girl on the cosmetic team, Dani. Dani is our cosmetic coordinator. She has worked at Johnson Dermatology for years and has a passion for cosmetic dermatology. Being one of the largest injectors in the state, we had a need for someone special to take care of our cosmetic patients. We want to insure they get the experience they deserve when choosing Johnson Dermatology to make their skin represent how young they feel. Dani is Dr. Sandy’s and my right hand gal when it comes to cosmetic patients.  This week she is also taking over social media at Johnson Dermatology. She will be posting before and after pics, videos of me injecting, videos of laser treatments and much more.

My new obsession on social media is snapchat. So we are launching a snapchat and instagram for the clinic this week. I’m going to make our snapchat a way for you to see what’s going on at the clinic every day and you don’t want to miss it. If you don’t already, then go now and like our facebook page (Johnson Dermatology) and follow us on insta @johnsondermatology and snapchat username jdermatology. Please snapchat me what you want to see and I promise I will try to make it happen. To kick off Dani’s social media takeover this week I asked her to write a guest blog post. My favorite thing about Dani is her way of explaining things to patients. By far my number one concern from cosmetic patients is they want to look natural. Natural enough that no one can tell they have had botox or fillers or laser. I try to explain that sometimes more procedures look more natural than less but Dani explains it better than I do. So here it is….. thank you Dani for the amazing example of why more can be less.


Authored by Dani Serbout, cosmetic coordinator of Johnson Dermatology

As the holidays are approaching, the cosmetic world will get busier! Everyone MUST be holiday ready!  Working as the Cosmetic Coordinator at Johnson Dermatology it is at the utmost importance for me to educate my patients that more, is better! You don’t do yourself justice by having fabulous full lips while being paired with those “elevens” between your eyebrows.  We must look fabulous from head to toe and from forehead to collarbone. My favorite gift to myself is my Botox. I have been injected with Botox for the last two years and I absolutely love it but I would not dare go without my Latiesse or my Retinol which help me continue to look young and refreshed all over. So without further adieu, I have paired some of my cosmetic procedure favs!

1. Botox and Skincare-Botox is great for lines in motion and by staying up to date on your Botox it not only helps with those lines in motion it also helps soften those fine lines you have at rest. However, if we are going to have that smooth looking forehead from our botox we must have that even skin texture and tone, as well.  That is where the Retinol comes into play. Retinol is “the little black dress” of skin care. Every woman, especially those investing in injectables, should also be on a Retinol. It helps not only with skin texture and tone but with big pores and fine lines as well; helping to ensure my skin is looking as fabulous and smooth as my forehead!

2. Botox with Latiesse for refreshed eyes. My all time favorite to pair with my Botox is Latiesse.  More is better, right?!  My Botox helps with the areas around my eyes so why would I not also give my lashes attention as well! Longer, thicker, fuller lashes keep you looking young and beautiful.   So I always spoil myself with Latiesse! {Nina commentary-If your lashes are sparse and thin but you have no crows feet it is a dead give-away to me that you get Botox. Everyone is shocked at how much younger they look with darker, thicker, longer lashes!}

3. Botox AND filler! As we age we will begin to lose volume in our cheeks. That volume falls to form those folds around our mouth and nose that no one tends to like!  So as we continue our Botox, we must also keep an open mind towards filler injections. We can’t have the upper half of our face looking beautiful and our lower half looking 5-10 years older(dead give away that you get Botox).  AGAIN, this is where more is better!  We must fight those folds and wrinkles just like we do our elevens and crow’s feet! We must lift those folds and put that skin where it belongs and give those apples back to our cheeks!  We must keep ourselves looking refreshed from forehead to chin not just in one area.

4. Last but not least! The FDA has recently approved a fantastic procedure, Kybella, to help us get rid of that “double chin.” As the holidays get closer and the cookies and cakes get sweeter, we tend to gain some of those cookies and cakes under our chin. No worries though, Kybella is here to save the day!  We can now get rid of that double chin!  We must understand, however, that the permanent fat cell reduction of our double chin may leave us with the heavy jowls so there again more is better! After that great Kybella experience, we can also lift those jowls and once again give those cheeks back their apples!

So as the holidays near and you turn your focus to looking great for the Christmas and Thanksgiving festivities, remember MORE is BETTER! Happy Holiday shopping y’all!

I can’t wait to get snapchats from you guys telling me what you want to see on social media this week! I also can’t wait to see all the fun before and after pics and videos that Dani exposes to the world. Great things are happening at Johnson Dermatology this Holiday season and you don’t want to miss it, social media is our link to keep you in the loop, don’t miss out!!!

Happy Fall Y’all, xoxo, Nina


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  1. Dani, I am having Kybella done Nov 13. Of course I am nervous about the needles. Can I have any kind of “calm me down” medicine before hand?

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