Get Your Sunless Spring Glow On

Spring is officially here. Nights of freezing cold and snow storms are gone and fresh flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass and butterflies are here! It’s time to put away winter clothes and start transitioning into our summer looks. With this past week being spring break I’ve heard lots of people mentioning how it’s time to get tan. Well you can get a beautiful spring glow without having to damage your skin. One of my pet peeves is when people say they only tan in the tanning bed a few times so they don’t burn this summer. That’s like saying I only smoke a few cigarettes so I don’t cough when I want to smoke a whole pack. It’s still an unhealthy habit. Here are some of my tips to transition your skin this Spring and get Summer ready safely.

1. Get rid of heavy mascara and go to light Latisse- The key to the Summer glow is looking light and fresh. Don’t worry about being in the heat and water sports and heavy black mascara giving you “black eyes” or that “I went to sleep crying instead of washing my face and woke up like this” look. Start your Latisse now and your lashes will be longer, darker and thicker so much so that you don’t need mascara this Summer.

2. Good-Bye heavy make-up, Hello light, airy make-up- I’m sad to say “Adios” to my bright red lips and black eye-liner but excited to say “Aloha” to my hot pink smoochers and light butterfly-kiss-capable lashes. It’s time to “lighten up” your look. Try Jane Iredale “Country Weekend” collection. It includes a peach lip and cheek stain, a soft eye shadow kit and an espresso gel eyeliner.

3. Lighten up your sun protection- I go from a thicker Elta MD sunscreen to the BOB in the Spring. The BOB stands for Brush on Block. It is a powder sunscreen that goes on clear, you won’t even know you are wearing it. I keep mine in my car cup holder so that I see it every morning before I pull out of the garage and just brush it all over.

4. Add some tint to your routine- Change your moisturizer to a tinted moisturizer like Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer or change your sunscreen to a tinted sunscreen such as Elta MD physical sunscreen. The Elta MD tinted sunscreen is oil free and great for acne prone skin. ┬áIf you really like that “sun kissed” look, then I like the Tanwise self tanner from Sally’s. We have a lot of options at the clinic so just call and get a free skincare consult to learn what’s best for you from one of our experts.

5. Time to peel and laser- Now is the time to get your peels and laser treatments in. You can’t peel and laser your skin when it is sun exposed because you run the risk of hyperpigmentation or discolored scars. Chemical peels can help acne scars, uneven skin tone, dark spots, fine lines and uneven textured skin. Get your peel now and you won’t even need colored cosmetics this Summer. We have four lasers now at Johnson Dermatology, real lasers, not fancy flashlights, so they work. We can treat brown spots, red spots, sagging skin, lines, tattoo removal, acne scars and more! Come in for a consultation and get your skin spruced up for Spring!

6. See ya Cellulite- Try SkinMedica’s newest product GlyPro firming lotion. This product helps improve the appearance of cellulite by hydrating that oh so soft spring skin. Warning: This product should not replace a healthy eating and exercise routine… hahaha, I couldn’t help myself.

It’s my favorite season of the year. Spring flower smells are in the air, it’s wedding season, it’s not too hot and not too cold, it’s just blissful! I hope you all enjoy your Spring! I would love to see photos of all of you in your new spring make-up and skin looks, so as always tag them with #Johnsondermatology so I can see all you pretties! Happy Week to all!

Stay sweet, skintastic and sunless spring glowin’, XOXO, Nina


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