Spring Break Sun Safety

If you live in Arkansas then today starts Spring Break 2015 which means a lot of you are hitting the beach or the slopes. I know all you spring-breakers probably don’t have sun protection at the top of your priority list so I’m here to remind you to be sun smart. Have fun in the sun, just protect your skin.  Here are some tips, some you’ve heard before and some probably new to you. Also, I’m sharing some of my favorite websites for sun protective clothing!

1. It’s not all about sunscreen- wear your sun protective clothing, seek shade, avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day and wear sunscreen.

2. Do sunscreen RIGHT- this is harder than you think. You need water-resistant, at least 30 SPF, broad spectrum and preferably a physical blocker. Reapply every 2 hours while exposed to the sun. This can be difficult to remember. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. My favorite sunscreen is the Brush on Block or BOB, a clear powder that is applied through a brush.

3. Keep your kids sun protected- Less than 6 months old should probably just be kept out of the sun as much as possible, at least kept under an umbrella or in the shade and wear sun protective clothing. My favorite rash guard (think swim shirt) for my little girl is by Cabana Life (www.cabanalife.com). They have the cutest prints! If you’ve ever seen my daughter then you know she is very fashionable so you can trust these are for the fashion forward. Thankfully, they also have women and mens to get the whole family hooked up!

4. Stay Stylish with your sun protection- Big floppy hats aren’t just for the horse races, they are super in style right now and look amazing with summer dresses or a tee with bermudas and birkenstocks. I am very excited to try out my new Exostinger this year. It’s a 50-SPF “skin” that is made to protect your skin worn over a swim suit or under a wet suit, it’s total coverage. They come in awesome designs too! I struggled between the green leopard print and red leopard print. Can’t wait to show you my lake pics in my new suit!  Go to www.exoticwaterwear.com.au to find this australian based water wear company that ships free worldwide!

5. Don’t forget your sunglasses- Sunglasses aren’t just an outfit accessory. They also protect your eyes and eyelids from harmful UV rays. Did you know you can get melanoma in your eyes?

6. Add to your sun protection game with Polypodium leucotomos (PLE)- PLE comes from a fern and when taken orally it is thought to release antioxidants into the skin that reduce free radicals produced by sun exposure that can be damaging to the skin. In other words it helps fight sun damage of the skin, take it to help with brown spots, sun sensitive skin diseases and more just don’t replace your sunscreen with it. You can find a brand of this called Heliocare at www.heliocare.com.

7. See your dermatologist with skin problems- If you burn there are some sprays, creams and lotions that we can give you to help you through the pain and recovery process. Coming back from your vacay rashy? Let us help you. It’s not uncommon to get back from your trip with beach rashes, bug bites, contact dermatitis or even scabies from a hotel stay. I will be in clinic all week to help you out!

Hope you all have fun this week, enjoy yourselves!

See you soon, Nina



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