It’s been awhile since I’ve given you guys the basic skin run down. I’m feeling nostalgic coming off a vacation and excited to talk skin. I couldn’t pick just one topic today so I thought a good old fashioned round-up would be nice. Below are my most frequently asked questions.

Q: What’s a good sunscreen?

A: Any sunscreen that has at least a 30 SPF, water resistant, broad spectrum and either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in the ingredients. Drugstore options I use are Pacifica or bare republic. High end options I use are SkinMedica TD&R(if you didn’t guess that you don’t read my blog enough) and Elta MD.

Q: What make-up won’t make me break out?

A: A mineral based powder foundation. Sorry you gotta ditch that thick creamy stuff. Some say talc and silicone are ingredients that trigger acne. Try Jane Iredale if you like high end. That’s what I use when I want full coverage. A good drug store option is physicians formula.

Q: Does Latisse work?

A: Yes. That’s all, yes it has been scientifically proven to lengthen, thicken and darken lashes.

Q: When Botox wears off do your wrinkles come back worse?

A: No. I mean I’ve never let mine wear off enough to find out personally (I’m addicted) but logically speaking, no. As a matter of fact one treatment of Botox will make wrinkles better than never getting it at all because for those 3-4 months you weren’t etching lines deeper into your skin with muscle movement. Think of it like working out. If you exercise once a week you won’t be in As good of shape as if you work out everyday but it’s better than not working out at all that week. Botox once per year will result in less wrinkles at the end of the year than if you never had it but getting it 3-4 times per year will have the BEST results.

Q: Do fillers hurt?

A: It’s a needle, not a massage. I would love to tell you absolutely no pain whatsoever is involved but that’s just not true. The truth is that it’s just not a big deal. Hurts less than getting your blood drawn in my opinion. Just like beauty, pain is in the eye of the beholder. Some say it doesn’t hurt, some say it does but NO one has ever not had it again because it hurt too bad.

Q: Can I tan before my vacation so I don’t burn?

A: No. Benefit does not outweigh the risk. A tan gives you an SPF of 4 so guess what? You will still burn. Plus you will be at increased risk of getting melanoma(a cancer that kills) because of your tanning bed use.

Q: what is a good lotion?

A: Vaseline for the body. YASSSS! I like to put mine on in the shower and let hot water run over it then after pat dry rub it all over warm and soft. I use HA5 for my face and recommend it for you if you want a super moisturizer that erases lines within 15 minutes and has anti-aging benefits. I recommend a plain equate, cetaphil or cerave to my acne prone teens for face.

Q: Where do you get your sun protective clothing?

A: I was shocked how many people asked me this at the beach!!! Pale really IS the new tan! Www.theseea.com and www.cabanalife.com and www.swimzip.com and I will use the athletic section at Target as swim wear sometimes too.

Q: How can I not get sun during the Summer when I do so much outdoors?

A: You inevitably will get some but be smart. I spend a lot of time at the lake, my kids love pooltime and the beach. I take my kids to the waterpark frequently. I spend a lot of time in the sun but I am sunsmart. I seek shade. Avoid the hottest parts of the day outdoors. Wear sun protective clothing including hats and sunglasses. I always wear sunscreen and reapply appropriately.

Q: What skincare should I use that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

A: Sunscreen every morning and retinol every night. Those are my must haves. Splurge on the retinol so that you can use it successfully. The SkinMedica retinol is $82.31 with tax. That will last you 3 months. Without having to buy any other products, you’re saving. Go right now and pull out all your skincare products from your bathroom that gave you little to no results. Guarantee you it’s WAY more than you realized you were spending. Be smart when you invest in your skin!

Q: Are you a doctor?

A: No. I am a licensed health care provider practicing in Dermatology for the past 5 years. I’m trained by board certified dermatologist and work very closely with them, they are literally steps away at JD. I know my limitations. If I don’t have the answer I will try my hardest to find it for you. I love Dermatology, I love skin, I love cosmetics, I love my community and most of all, I love my patients. Thank you to all my patients who have trusted me and let me do what I love every day. It’s not work to me, it’s fun.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask me shoot them in the comment section or better yet on JD snapchat (jdermatology). Currently we are reviewing sunscreens on snapchat in a sunscreen series. Thank you  so much for reading my blog, it means the world to me. My successes and happiness are because people like you believed in me, trusted me and then came along for the ride.

Life is good, skin is Skintastic, keep it that way,




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