Make-up 101

I frequently get asked what a good make-up is for skin. Unfortunately this is a complicated question. Just like I don’t treat all acne EXACTLY the same there are some general rules I always follow for everyone. I thought it might be helpful for you guys to know some of my make-up rules.

  1. Sunscreen in make-up is not important to me. There’s rarely ever a high enough quality sunscreen in it and no one is going to re-apply their make-up every 2 hours while out doors so you’re going to need a sunscreen anyways. Try the BOB, a brush on powder sunscreen that won’t budge your make-up. I keep mine in my car and apply on the way to work. Throw in purse for during the day, doesn’t melt. No mess, no wrinkles, no brown spots, no problem.
  2. If you have acne prone skin use a mineral based make-up. There are powder foundations that will still get you full coverage! Don’t believe me? Make an appointment with Margaret on September 12th as part of our Millenial Madness Month and get some specials and free make-up application including color match. E-mail before slots fill up.
  3. On the other hand, if you have dry skin a BB cream may be a good option for you. More mature skin really needs a good moisturizer before any make-up application. I recommend HA5 because it will plump the skin and make your make-up go on much smoother.
  4. Avoid the fancy-shmancy- gimmicky stuff. If it promises something you’ve never seen make-up do before, it’s probably a gimmick. If it has tons of fragrance and colors and additives it might irritate the skin flaring acne, rosacea, redness and worsening fine lines and dullness.
  5. Avoid high alcohol content make-up removers. They tend to dry the skin out and cause irritation. Especially around the eyes where the skin is very thin and already easily irritated. Try some Vaseline or lotion on the eyes then wipe away with a gentle wipe like Cetaphil cleansing cloths.
  6. Prep lashes with a moisturizer. Mascara can dry out lashes. I use the Jane Iredale PureLash. It’s a moisturizer in a wand that you just swipe on before mascara. It keeps my lashes happy and doubles as an extender. Winning.
  7. More mature lips should go for satins or creamy lip sticks and lip glosses. The newer matte lip stick fad is cute but the drying affect of some of the matte liquid lips will make lips appear more wrinkled. The teenagers have it all don’t they?
  8. Make-up will always be better with good skincare. Want to hide enlarged pores? Redness? Acne? Rosacea? Blackheads? Let us treat your condition first and then make-up won’t be doing the job alone. You will enjoy make-up more when you are enhancing your skin, not just covering it up. There is a difference.

We arent a spa but we sure have a great aestitician. Margaret is excited to be my new cosmetic coordinator and her years of experience at JD make her the perfect fit to the cosmetic team. Be sure you make it in September 14th so you can enjoy make-up, get to know her, get a free skin care consult and maybe even save some coin!

Have a great week skintastic followers, Nina


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