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Hello skintastic blog readers of Nina.  Yesterday, I was asked to give my opinion for a segment on KFSM Channel 5 news.  A woman had a pedicure and got an infection.  She wanted to warn others so she posted it on Facebook.  There were so many comments and shares.  It was also sent to KFSM and they were encouraged to investigate it.  That is why they contacted us at Johnson Dermatology.  As dermatologists, we are the medical and cosmetic experts of the skin, hair and nails.  If you have any issues with your skin, hair or nails then we would love to see you and try to help you become and stay skintastic.


The link to the segment is http://5newsonline.com/2018/03/26/woman-claims-she-got-infection-from-nail-salon-in-fort-smith/   Unfortunately you cannot hear my commentary on the segment so I thought I would write about it instead for all of you.  I would like if you would please let us know who your favorite person or place is to have your mani-pedis.  We are also interested in your other comments.  Please share this blog as well as your comments and tag us on Instagram or Facebook #johnsondermatology.  We will give one person on Instagram and one person on Facebook a free sunblock.  After all, while everyone may not want a mani-pedi, everyone needs to use sun protection every day.


Here are my comments.  I would like to say that I follow all of these rules when I get a mani-pedi but in this case, please do what I say and not as I do.  I do not always follow all of this advice.  #trueconfession

  1. Do not shave for 24 hours before your mani-pedi.  Shaving will cause small nicks in your skin that can be a portal for infection.  Also, do not get a mani-pedi if you have any cuts or breaks in your skin.  Again, infection can enter through these nicks, cuts.
  2. Choose a person or place where you can easily see their business license AND their certificate from the Arkansas State Department of Health (or your respective state).  If you really want to be thorough, research them to see if they have any prior citations or violations.
  3. Make sure their facilities are clean.  I usually like to check out the bathroom, the ceiling tiles and their sink areas.  I like to see their autoclave and sterilization equipment.
  4. Make sure they clean the sinks and all tools used. I like to see them open the sterilized bag of tools in front of me.
  5. This one may bother a lot of you AND it always upsets the person taking care of me, but…. DO NOT let them trim, push back or manipulate your cuticles in any way.  Your cuticles are there to protect your empty space between your nail plate and your skin. It also protects your nail matrix which is where your nail grows.  If you look at the picture of the nail of the woman in the story, she has lots of white lines on her nail.  This is from repeatedly damaging her nail matrix by manipulation of her cuticles.  The pus on the side of her nail is also from manipulating the lateral nail fold and allowed infection to enter.
  6. Whenever possible, bring your own tools, instruments, supplies, polish, etc.  That way you know they are clean and only used on you.
  7. If you like the care they give you, then please tip well and tell your friends.  Most of us are quick to complain or give a bad review.  Do you know that it takes on average 7-8 good comments to overcome every negative comment?  I think we can all make the world a better place by trying to use more positive language and compliment others.  My mom always told me to compliment loudly and in public; criticize or constructively comment quietly and in private.
  8. In order to have 7 positive comments to my first negative or “do not” comment, I will give some advice to keep your hands and feet skintastic.
  9. Keep a jar of Vicks/mentholatum by your sock drawer.  Apply the vicks to your feet and nails regularly before applying your socks.
  10. Keep some hand cream in your purse/murse.  Apply it after you wash your hands. Apply it before you drive.  Moisturize it into your skin around your nails to keep them well hydrated.  I try to apply a sunblock to my hands and face before driving anywhere more than 30 minutes

Hope this helps to keep you skintastic.  Remember to share the blog and your comments for a chance to win sunblock.

Stay Skintastic, Dr. Sandy!


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