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Can we please talk about how it’s not even lunch time yet and I already can’t wait to blog about what I’ve learned?!?!? I’m on my first pumping break (I’m a breastfeeding working Mom and I love it) and I just had to share some of the mind blowing moments I’ve already had today.

My “Light Bulb” moment- The iPad has nickel in it. Nickel is a common product that causes contact dermatitis of the skin. For example, people that get a rash from the metal button on their pants. Some kids still rash and can NOT figure out where they are coming in contact with nickel. Most kids have ipads or devices that I never thought to tell them get covered if nickel is your problem. DUH, lightbulb went off, don’t touch your ipad if nickel doesn’t like you.

My “Thank God” moment- Pimecrolimus is a non-steroidal medication that we use often in kids with eczema or facial rashes that we can’t use steroids on for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, it has a black box warning that it can cause lymphoma leukemia. Parents don’t like that. We derm people still believe it is safe and use it often. Today they reviewed a HUGE study that followed children for MANY years and found that there is no increased risk of cancer with the use of pimecrolimus. So now you don’t just have to believe me, there is good data that shows it is safe to use. (they are trying to get rid of the black box warning, will take an act of God)

My “Game Changer” moment-Early introduction of peanuts may decrease the likelihood of peanut allergy in high risk infants. We reviewed a study which results revealed in high risk kids(ones most likely to be allergic to peanuts) given peanuts at 4-6 months old had less allergies to peanuts then babies that didn’t have peanuts when they reached the age of five. Seems like we’ve always been told the opposite so this is good to know.

My “Natural Girl” moment- I always love learning about treatments that are for the organic, nature lovers that use alternative therapies. Probably because I am one of those people. Lindioil is an extract of the Indigo naturalis plant that was studied against olive oil and found to be a good treatment for nail psoriasis (something that can be difficult to treat). Plus, you can get it online for $11!

My “Why Not?” moment- They reviewed a study that showed patients on isotretinoin (Accutane: a medicine used for severe acne) had less initial flare and less side effects if they took Clarinex with their isotretinoin. It’s fairly inexpensive and low risk to take a couple claritins a day. Why not have my Accutane patients take it if it could make their experience on Accutane better?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the info I have gotten today to bring back to the River Valley and save some Arkansas skin!

Love your skin today, you’re going to be in it for awhile, Nina

Disclaimer-this post has not been proofread, I’m on a schedule here people and I can’t miss a thing!


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  1. Do you know where you found lindioil? It was recommended for our son for nail psoriasis and I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve found a few creams that use indigo naturalis, but would really like to try the lindioil.

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