Adventures of a Derm Girl

I didn’t post this weekend because I have such an exciting week this week! Today I am traveling to Washington D.C. for my favortie dermatology conference(Maui Derm). While at the conference I will listen to speakers that have some of the biggest names in dermatology. I will also get to meet and mingle with some of my dermatology colleagues from all over the US. I plan to learn what’s new in dermatology and how other providers do things in their practices. It’s an exciting time for me to learn and make myself a better provider. I initially became a nurse because I wanted to help people. I kept going to school so that I could better serve my patients with more knowledge. These conferences are a way for me to serve my patients skin care needs at the highest level. I decided that I shouldn’t keep all the excitement to myself, so this week I am going to do a “mini series” of all the exciting things I’m learning. Every day I will post a summary of what I think is relevant and exciting for my readers and patients.

To start things off I just read an article on my first plane leg about cosmetic procedures for men. Here is what I learned.

1. Men want cosmetic procedures too. The amount of men getting Botox and fillers is growing exponentially.

2. It is most important to a man to look natural and untreated. Even more so than for a woman, the article proposed.

3. Men don’t want to say they are having a cosmetic procedure. Men won’t say they want to look younger or get rid of wrinkles. Men say they want to look refreshed and less tired.

4. Men want cosmetic procedures to be able to compete with other men. Just like everything else, right? The article I just read discussed how men are getting cosmetic procedures to be more competitive in the work place. It makes sense to me.

5. Men have feelings too. Okay that wasn’t in the article, but why don’t I as a provider discuss cosmetics with men as much as women? They care what they look like too. They want to feel good. I need to consider how a mans appearance makes him feel, tap into that part of their skincare better. I’m sorry to all my male patients that I haven’t offered cosmetic procedures to, you deserve to feel your best!

6. Men have different facial structures than women and should be treated accordingly. I already knew this. I actually love treating men with Botox and Fillers because it is a refreshing change. I often times have men come to me because an injector made them look too feminine, I can fix that. For example, women have an arch in their brow and men have horizontal brows. You must take this into consideration when injecting Botox. I’ve fixed a few dudes who were looking a little lady like after injections elsewhere.

Fall is here which means christmas is just around the corner! If you have a man in your life that you think would like to feel refreshed then send him our way. Gift certificates for procedures are the best gift! Johnson Dermatology injectors are the experts and we promise to make him feel comfortable and keep him looking the best version of himself.

Stay tuned for more derm info the rest of the week!

xoxo, Nina


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