Tanning ain’t cool

I spent this weekend celebrating a very special bachelorette’s last fling before the ring in Sin City. My Las Vegas weekend was filled with lots of laughs (7 BFF’s ), Brittany Spears, shopping, eating and poolside fun. Yes, you heard correctly, I spent a day at the pool, I may be afraid of the sun but I don’t let it keep me from a good time! We had reserved a cabana and I planned to stay in the shade all day reading a good book, laughing with friends and obviously, sipping a lemonade with an umbrella decor. As most plans go, we had a small detour. We got to the pool and the “Cabana concierge” informed us that there had been a mistake and he gave away our cabana. There were no cabanas available. He offered us a cabana at a different resort, which appalled most of my friends. He then offered us a day bed with a credit for food and drinks. I informed him that it is Melanoma awareness month and not having a shaded area was bad for my skin health, he looked at me like I just grew a third arm, in disbelief. I’m sure he is used to people who enjoy laying in the sun and getting a tan, I mean he lives in the middle of the desert right? Well I’m not that girl, I like my skin how God made it for me. After a few tears, seven disgruntled women agreed to the daybed. Poor guy must have wished he called in to work that day. So with 8 spray on sunscreens and two powdered sunscreens in tow I realized being sun safe just got a little bit harder for the day. I asked for an umbrella immediately but apparently it was too windy. I applied sunscreen every two hours on the dot to myself and my 6 girlfriends. I set a timer on my phone and when the alarm when off my girlfriends just stood up, closed their eyes, held their arms out and started doing a little turn (which soon turned into a turning shimmy and shake) so I could spray them down with sunscreen. Just letting me have my way was much easier than any debate they may try to have with me. Plus, they all trust me with their lives so why not trust me with their skin? It actually was really fun and other people at the pool started coming over for sunscreen from us. Dancing in a mist of sunscreen every two hours livened us up and was actually a blast. I sprayed down our waitress, who then asked to be covered in sunscreen during our two hour timer check which then turned in to all the waitresses in the pool area which then turned in to the dancers which then turned into basically anyone who wanted sunscreen coming to our day bed. While at the pool we went through 11 containers of sunscreen. Now I have to admit that 7 women spraying you down with sunscreen might be what attracted the males to get sun smart that day but who cares if we saved at least one sunburn, right? The lessen learned is that tanning is a culture. At the beginning of the day Henry, the cabana concierge, thought that I was very strange for demanding shade and sunscreen but by the end of the day the pool party was where the sunscreen was, our day bed. We made staying our natural colors and not getting tan fun and that was contagious. People saw us having fun, being silly with sunscreen and that feeling is something humans are drawn to. Sometimes I get discouraged listening to young women talk about loving tanning beds and saying that tanned skin looks good but this weekend rejuvenated my goals for sun smart behaviors. People were loving it. I can’t wait until that is the culture we live in, that tanning isn’t cool nor beautiful, that staying sun smart is what all the cool kids do. ┬áSo I hope this summer you can all find a fun way to wear sun protective clothing, apply sunscreen, seek shade and avoid the hottest parts of the day. I hope you are proud of the beautiful skin you’re living in and keep its natural beauty. Let me know any fun tricks for sun safety you use with friends and family. Remember to use at least one ounce (that’s a shot glass) of 30 SPF UVA/UVB on your uncovered skin every two hours please!

Are you doing any airline traveling this summer? You MUST get a BOB! The powder sunscreen is awesome for getting through TSA because there is no liquid. YAY, one less thing to go in that tiny quart ziploc bag you are supposed to fit all your liquids into. You have to carry on sunscreen in case you get a window seat! Perfect Mothers Day Gift so come to the clinic and get one stat!

Thank you for following the blog and helping me change the culture of our youth to a place where the only way to want a tan is if it comes in a bottle. Hope you all have a blessed week! If I don’t see you all at the clinic this week then just remember, stay skintastic and love yourself. You’re all awesome!



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