Sublative, have you heard?

I have recently had so many questions about the different devices that we have at Johnson Dermatology. More specifically about our skin resurfacing options. Sublative is a procedure that we use at Johnson Dermatology for resurfacing of the skin. This is a device that looks like a “laser” or a microneedling device but it’s actually quite different. We use this to treat acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and uneven texture. What makes sublative treatments so unique is that it is the ONLY radiofrequency device cleared by the FDA for skin resurfacing on the market. Aging skin suffers from collagen destruction which causes skin laxity and overall deterioration in skin tone and texture. So the goal in treating aging skin (whichever mode being used) is collagen regeneration. Sublative is often confused with microneedling or skinpen and lasers because these are other devices that can regenerate collagen. Sublative uses radiofrequency delivered through small probes that do not penetrate the skin. Microneedling uses small needles that actually penetrate the skin. The advantage of sublative probes is less damage to the top layer of skin called the epidermis while still maximizing desired impact to the dermis (deeper layer of skin) for collagen regeneration. With epidermis intact there is less chance of complication such as infection. Infections after microneedling can be very difficult to treat so this is an example where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and you should always make sure your procedures are done with a licensed medical professional with expertise (and cleansing protocols). Lasers use light at different wavelengths, there are multiple different lasers with wide ranges of capabilities and downtimes etc. We have tons of before and after pictures at the clinic of real patients that have had SHOCKINGLY GOOD results with sublative for acne scars, eyelids, traumatic scars, sagging and wrinkles. Come and see for yourself!

In my opinion one procedure doesn’t fit all. Certain people have different expectations, different down time capabilities, different pain tolerances and different skin types. A personal consultation with an expert is key to finding the best fit for you. I don’t do facelifts but I do tell people they need them sometimes. I don’t do blepharoplasty but I do recommend them from time to time. My point is that my patients’ best outcomes is what is most important to me. I want what’s best for your skin and will help you achieve that goal whether with me or not, that’s my number one priority. Please remember that Dani, our cosmetic concierge is always available for free consults and Tasha our expert laser technician loves to talk lasers so if you have any questions we are only a phone call away. You may have noticed the clinic is growing and lots of exciting things are happening at JD. Follow along with us on snapchat at jdermatology where we are always snapping the daily going ons at the clinic and lots of procedures including injections, lasers, peels, make-up and much much more!

I missed you guys while I was at the beach, glad to be home! Have a great week!

Stay hip, stay happy and always stay skintastic, Nina





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