Skin “Quick Fix”

Due to an ice storm and a sick baby its been a lazy Sunday of eating leftover birthday party food and watching the pre shows for the Oscars. Is it just me or does every single person at the Oscars have flawless skin? I mean flawless! And it didn’t become that way over night. I mean, I don’t think they had horrible rashes and acne yesterday. Obviously, they invest in their skin to keep it looking good. But realistically, one or two of them surely ran into some poison ivy while roaming the beaches of Belize last weekend, right? And pimples always find me the day before a big event, that happens to famous people too, right? So in honor of the famous and flawless, here are some tricks I think some of them have probably used this week for a “quick fix”.


  1. Acne- I tell my patients to allow 2 months of acne treatments before they see 50% improvement. You have to stick with a regimen to get results. BUT, if they had the Oscars this weekend I might offer to laser them with our pulsed dye laser. It would help calm that acne down before the big event. Bonus-we use it for redness too, killing two birds with one stone.
  2. Steroid injections-If Bradley Cooper came and saw me last week with a large, painful cyst on his neck, which was draining stinky pus and making it difficult for him to tie a bow tie around his neck without irritating it……. well he would still be the best looking guy at the Oscars! Seriously, I would inject it with a tiny bit of steroid to help resolve it faster and let him be partay ready! Steroid injections do come with risks however, so you should discuss and consider these with your dermatologist before you are injected.
  3. Make-up- Even the men are wearing make-up at the Oscars, for real. People forget how helpful make-up can be at covering up. Make sure you’re using it correctly and making things better instead of worse. Our cosmetic concierges at JD have lots of tricks. Did you know that if you have rosacea, using green tones will help cover your redness better? Shelly often picks out my make-up colors for me, Autumn is a brainiac with our products and Sharon is so easy to talk to. If you haven’t met one of them yet be sure to find them at your next visit to JD. They have a wealth of knowledge in skincare products to share with you!
  4. Rashes- Actors/actresses are rich and famous, not invincible. They get poison ivy, bug bites and psoriasis too. While I find it interesting that Kim Kardashian put her sisters breast milk on her psoriasis and found it to be helpful, most of us likely need an alternative. Make an appointment with your dermatologist. Don’t waste your time on trying five different over the counter remedies that may just complicate things and make the rash worse(like pink lotions). If you have a hot date, like the Oscars, in the upcoming days then even a small bug bite is not too small of a problem for me to spend time on with you, promise!
  5. Bruises- I bet at least one person has bumped into something this week and sustained a bruise right before the Oscars. Once again we can use the pulsed dye laser to help bruises go away faster. Another option is Arnicare, a homeopathic gel which helps reduce pain, swelling and the color of bruises. Give it a whirl.

Keep in mind no quick fix is as good as a regular routine skin care regimen. I hope you all enjoy this extra time stuck indoors with your families. Drink cocoa, stay warm and as always be skintastic!


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