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There is literally so much information I want to give you all about filler and I can’t fit it all into just one month! A one on one consultation is really priceless. Every person’s face is so different from the next. With that being said, I thought I would give some filler facts this week to end filler February with a bang (and information overload).

1. Your face is not 2 dimensional and that’s why filler looks so natural. Don’t look straight at your self in the mirror and analyze yourself. Look at all your angles. Put a mirror in front of you and look down, left and right very slowly. Filler can put your curves back where they used to be, bringing back a more youthful appearance.

2. Filler is adding volume to your face but makes you look slimmer. It’s kind of like getting breast implants makes your waist look smaller. When your curves are in the right spots it gives a beautiful, natural enhanced image not a pudgy look you may have previously feared.

3. Traditionally, Botox is the gateway drug to filler but this is all wrong. If you’re getting Botox you should probably be getting filler too. Think about years of Botox to your forehead preventing lines at rest and nothing to the lower half of your face. Eventually your upper face is not going to match your lower face(ie your forehead looks 30 and your lower face looks 50). To naturally enhance your image throughout the years you will likely need a combination of botox, filler, skin care, lasers and peels.

4.  Symmetry is beautiful. When you look in the mirror, is your left side flatter or wrinklier than your right side? Is your upper lip uneven from right to left? Is your right eyebrow lower than your left eyebrow? Filler is an awesome way to create symmetry.

5. Filler has complications. Don’t take filler lightly.  Filler can be injected into vessels or around blood vessels which then causes a blockage of blood flow which can then essentially cause your skin to die causing a wound. You want to make sure that whoever is injecting you A-has medical training of facial anatomy  and B-has the knowledge and capability to handle complications (able to get you prescription nitropaste, hyalurinadase, get you into a hyperbaric chamber). Basically, just let me inject you! Just kidding…… kinda. But seriously, my general rule is no needles should go in your body for any reason unless in a doctors office.

I hope you all enjoyed “Filler February” and the knowledge I have to share about fillers. With any luck you will all come see me in the clinic this week to say hello!

Now can we mention the Oscars? I mean there is some seriously good looking skin. Tim McGraw wins best male Botox for sure, did I inject him? And have you noticed how pale everyone is? I mean no one has a fake bake tan, obviously sunscreen has been used to get these flawless skin looks! I’m loving it! Bradley Cooper, will you marry me? Enjoy the Academy Awards with some hot cocoa tonight and stay warm!

Enjoy this snow! Have an awesome last week of February, talk at ya March 1!




4 thoughts on “Filler Facts

  1. Hello Nina,I attended your seminar ,Thank you so much for sharing your time!You gave a great demonstration on Juvederm lip injection.I am considering having my lips injected .I forgot what the special included.I think it was Botox and Juvederm?I don’t remember the price and what it included.Could you send me the info and when the offer expires? I also wanted to tell you ,you have a beautiful pregnancy glow!!! I also wanted to ask you your thoughts on Clarisonic and how often you should use it. Thank you for your time!Gena Hayes

    1. We have a limited number of coupons for people that want Juvederm, Voluma and Botox. If you get all three then you get a coupon for $250 until supplies last. What you saw me inject at the demonstration is $600. Prices range when you do full image enhancement from patient to patient depending on amount used. I would recommend you make an appointment for a private consultation so we can decide what you need/want and pricing at that time you can reserve a coupon for future injection or get injected that day. I use my clarisonic daily, my favorite brush is either the acne brush or the sensitive skin area brush. Hope this helps! Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any other questions.

  2. Nina,
    I can’t remember what you told me the filler special is… Can you remind me what was included and the price.

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