Drug Store Picks

I am often recommending to you medical grade skincare. Injectables, lasers and topical anti-aging products are all skinvestments that I feel are game changers in taking care of your skin over the years. However, there are also drug store skin care items that I use regularly and save a buck or two. Here are my money saving skin care finds.

  1. Vaseline. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I use this as my body emollient straight out of the shower. Game changer. Winter is approaching, get you a jar.
  2. benzoyl peroxide. This is an acne medication found over the counter. I saw a gel at Target this weekend for $3.49. If you have acne prone skin this is a great starting point for you. I pair it with my retinol at night since I’m a dewy acne prone kinda gal.
  3. Albolene moisturizing cleanser. $5.56 at wal-mart. People ask me how I remove my make-up. This is it. It’s only 5 ingredients: mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, ceresin and beta-carotene. Put some in your hand or on a cotton swab and it will melt your eye-make-up off for 1/4 of the price of those expensive make-up melters. I then use a cleansing cloth to wipe it all away.
  4. Cetaphil cleansing cloths. I use them to wipe away make-up(see #3) at night or when I need a quick cleanse. Not like a bird bath cleanse or anything. But after a work-out before running to the grocery store. Or washing my face after falling asleep on the couch while walking to my bed. They are gentle and non-irritating. Must haves for the working Mom or teenagers on the go.
  5. Maybelline super stay matte ink. This lipstick is not for the faint of heart. I swear I apply this stuff at 6am before work and it’s still perfect at 4:30pm with no re-application and more eating than any lips should have to endure(#whatsadiet). It’s not terribly drying although I do a dose of HA5 to my lips in the am before application to boost my moisture level. I recommend color heroin for a popping red that is great for Summer and can take you into the holidays. This isn’t a must-have unless your name is Nina Copeland and you can’t go without a lip color at all times. All times.

Go hit the drug store and try out some of my money saving faves. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, tell me on our Facebook page or our Instagram. Or you could send me a snap!

Love to hear from y’all! Keep it Skintastic, Nina


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