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Have you heard of Beliebers? They are obsessive Justin Bieber fans. Not just fans, but true lovers of Justin Bieber. Well Justin Bieber fans aren’t the only ones who can smash words! And then was born via my mind a Latiever. A Latiever is someone who is a HUGE fan of Latisse. For those of you that don’t know, Latisse is a topical medicine that thickens, darkens and lengthens eye lashes. The Latiever movement is coming so you may want to be one of the cool kids and jump on the bus now. I haven’t always been a Latiever and it took some time for me to convert. I am blessed with lashes that hit my glasses lens so if it’s not something I use, it just takes me longer to join the bandwagon. Here are the top reasons I became a Latiever and you should too.

1. My Mom’s testimony- So my sweet Mother has been through what we call the “Johnson Dermatology Mill”. She has had filler and laser and so on and so on. But Latisse is the one thing she is so amazed with. Quite frankly, it’s one thing that I am so amazed with on her. I think as a society we all focus on sagging and wrinkles but we don’t realize how much thin, short, sparse eye lashes age us. Mom’s new and improved darker, thicker, longer lashes took years off her eyes.

2. It’s the natural look- Okay, please tell me you look at people’s eyelashes when they are fake and immediately know they are fake. I mean either they just look fake or they fall off funny. Have you seen that girl at the club that worked up a sweat dancing all night causing her lashes glue to melt, her eye lashes are half on her upper eyelid and half on her eyeBROW. Just don’t be that girl. Latisse is still YOU, still your lashes. It’s natural beauty.

3. It’s time sensitive- Hours laying there while someone individually glues lashes to your lids and perfects your lids…… ain’t nobody got time for that! I have never had fake lashes placed so when one of my girlfriends recently told me it takes hours on hours, I almost fell out. Latisse is a simple topical application once a day, no biggie.

4. It’s cost conscious- I was at a benefit and roaming through a silent auction and saw this mascara with fibers that lots of people are using right now. It said the value was $150 and my jaw dropped. For mascara? Really? With Latisse you won’t need that fancy mascara and you won’t have fibers and thick mascara flaking off on your eyelids and cheeks. As a matter of fact with Latisse some of you can axe mascara all together. We have some killer Latisse packages at the clinic right now so call and ask about them!

5. It’s simple and easy- You just drop some liquid on your lash line once a day. No 5 step applications of mascara, no applying your own lashes then mascara, no going to a salon and getting lashes for hours and no icky goop on your eyes and skin around your eyes. I’m a simple girl and I like to keep it that way.

Would you like to learn more about Latisse? We have a Latiever group of women at Johnson Dermatology who would love to teach you! Autumn, JoAnna, Shelly, Dr. Sandy, Honey and I are here to give you admittance into our club with all the info your heart desires. Come see us at the clinic and become a Latiever. Disclaimer: Latisse does require a prescription so you need to be evaluated by one of the providers to make sure you’re a good candidate.

One of my favorite packages is sublative laser tightening around your eyes, TNS eye repair (growth factor) and Latisse. It’s a crazy deal that will tighten all that crinkly skin around your eyes and give you that youthful look you’ve been trying to get back. Hope to see you at the clinic soon.

“I opened my eyes one day and realized the world is full of beautiful girls” -Justin Bieber

Stay Skintastic, thanks for stopping by, Nina


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  1. I do love this stuff. It was easy and really delivered. I haven”t had much in the eyelash department in years. I now have lots and have told all my friends to try it. Nina”s proud mom!

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