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Thank you Nina for allowing me to share some thoughts on your blog. I have been thinking a lot lately about my top tips for the skin. I have really been enjoying the regular snap chat skin tips that you are sharing. We all know that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the first organ that people look at when they look at us and judge us. The skin is very important when making first impressions. We all want to take great care of our skin. We want healthy, happy and beautiful skin. It is also advantageous in professional relations and business to have beautiful skin. Did you know that attractive people earn an average of 3 or 4 percent more than people with below-average looks? This is published information in the book “Beauty Pay: why attractive people are more successful” written by Daniel Hamermesh. The trouble is, who do you trust when it comes to the health and beauty of your skin? I think the answer is simple—your dermatologist, but then again I am biased. Dermatologists study the skin for at least 4 years in residency after medical school and college. We love skin. We look at skin all day. We promote healthy skin. Etc. I plan to give you my top practical solutions not just for beautiful skin but also for increased business success. These are some practical solutions to stay skintastic.

Be a nerd. Use science. Trust someone who loves skin. Trust someone who has read the textbooks.image

Make good choices. Eat well, Drink water, Exercise, keep stress low, get enough sleep, pray. All of the habits that are good for our body are also great for our skin.image

Keep your sunblock next to your toothbrush so you remember to use it daily. Good habits matter. Also choose a product that truly protects against UV radiation and environmental toxins as well as repairs damage.image

Invest in a good bikini. Protect your skin.image
Get your skin checked at least yearly by your dermatologist. Skin cancer affects 1 in 5 people. At Johnson Dermatology, we not only provide comprehensive skin care but we also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.image

Put your moisturizer in the shower. It is much easier to stay greasy when you apply a thick cream after you pat dry in the shower. Dry skin becomes unhappy skin.image

Ingredients matter. White petrolatum is a great moisturizer and treatment for irritated skin. Vaporizing rub is great for treating unhappy toenails and fingernails as well as many other conditions. Science, not cost, is what matters when maintaining skin health.image

Again, ingredients matter. I personally chose ingredients that I believe in to apply to my skin. I use retinol to reverse the damage I cause as well as to build collagen which in turn prevents wrinkles and skin cancer. I apply TNS growth factors to help keep my skin juicy and firm. I apply HA5 which helps my skin produce more hyaluronic acid and appear less red and scaly.image

I feel naked without a great lip color. I admit it that I like accessories. I chose a lip color that accentuates my skin and my mood.image
Most people will tell you the eyes are the window to the soul. There are many tricks to keep your eyes, and soul, looking young. Check out the April 17, 2016 edition of theskinnyonskin.net for practical ways to keep the eyes looking skintastic.image
Finally, we all need a little work every now and then to stay skintastic. Think of all of the previous suggestions as ways to keep your skin/car running and looking good. However even with great daily maintenance, we all need a little tune-up every so often. I personally rely on a regular schedule of laser treatments as well as injections of Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm ultra plus and Voluma to keep up my skin health and beauty.image

If you have any other questions or concerns about your skin, please contact us at Johnson Dermatology for an appointment or for a free consult with one of our skin care educators. I am so excited that our clinic team, technologies offered and buildings are growing. We now have 6 providers Dr Brad, Dr Amy (our dermatopathologist), Dr. Nelson, Honey, Nina (of course) and myself. We are here to help you and your skin. We would love to help you earn that extra 3-4% of income. Stay skintastic.

Thank you so much Dr. Sandy for being the best mentor. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with all of us! You always have the best guest blog post!


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